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Monkey Management Law: How to Avoid Yourself Busy

Introduction: Many managers often encounter such a situation. After entering the office door every day, there are always employees running to their own side and saying, “I had some problems with my work yesterday. How can I solve this?” 100% insured for quality

At this time, many managers will find that when you listen to the work report of the subordinate employees, they find that this matter has not been completely resolved, and that you originally planned to do a good job today has also delayed a lot of time.

– 01 –
Responsibility is a monkey

The key to this is that the work that the subordinate employees themselves had done was handled by the superior because of evading responsibility. Each subordinate has its own monkey. If all of them are supervised by the superiors, it is clear that the manager’s own time will become insufficient. 100% insured for quality

The Monkey Management Law proposed by William Ongken aims to help managers determine the right person to do the right thing at the right time. Of course, this law can only be applied to monkeys that have a survival value. Monkeys that should not survive should be killed by their heart!

The purpose of Monkey Management Law is to help managers determine the right person to do the right thing at the right time. As a manager to enable employees to raise their own “monkey”, you also have enough time to do important work such as planning, coordination, and innovation.

– 02 –
“Monkey” = question

Are you a problem master? If your subordinates worship you, you may be quite happy. But after that, he asked you for almost everything. How would you feel? Do you feel that your time is not enough, and therefore start to check your management is not a problem? 100% insured for quality

One day, one of your subordinates encountered you unexpectedly in the corridor of the office. The subordinates stopped and asked, “The boss has a question. I always wanted to ask you what to do.”

At this time, the subordinate’s body had a “monkey” who needed to take care of it. Then he reported the problem in such a way.

Although you have something to do, you are still not too shy to let the affiliated subordinates desperately want to disappoint. You listened very seriously… slowly, one of the “monkeys” was quietly resting on your shoulder.

You have been listening carefully and nodding. From a few minutes later, you said to him that this is a very good question. He would like to hear his opinion first and ask, “What do you think should be done?” 100% insured for quality

“The boss, I just couldn’t think of a solution before I had to ask for help.”

“No, you can definitely find a better way.” You looked at your watch. “Well, I’m in a hurry right now. I’ll be free after four tomorrow afternoon, when you come to us with a few solutions.” Discuss it together.” Before saying goodbye, you didn’t forget to add: “You haven’t just had ‘brainstorming’ training? You can’t think of it. Find a couple of partners to “brainstorm” and I’ll wait for your answer tomorrow.”

“Monkey” quietly withdrew the foot on you and continued to stay on the shoulders of this subordinate.

On the second day, the subordinates came about. From his face expressions, he seemed to have a good grasp: “Boss, according to your instructions, we have five plans that we think are okay. I just don’t know which one is better. Now I’m asking you to make a photo.”

Even if you already see which one is better at a glance, do not rush to help him make a decision. Otherwise, he will have reliance on you in the future, or if things don’t work out well, he will surely say, “Boss, this can’t blame me. I’ve done it according to your opinion.”

– 03 –
For the decision, keep in mind the following criteria:

➤ The subordinates must make decisions on their own. Making decisions means being responsible for your decisions. Do not want to make decisions, often subconsciously he does not want to take responsibility.

一般 Subordinates do not think about issues and are not accustomed to making decisions. There are generally two root causes: First, there is a “trusting ideology” that relies on superiors or others. Such subordinates are unsustainable; the second is that bosses are used to making decisions instead of subordinates or to enjoy Others are obedient to their own sense of accomplishment. Such a boss and the team he leads are not capable of performing complex tasks.

➤ Allowing subordinates to think for themselves and make decisions is to train subordinates’ ability to think independently and to take responsibility. 100% insured for quality

The dialogue continues. You excitedly said: “Wonderful, so many good projects. Do you think which one is better in comparison?”

“I think the A plan is better.”

“This is indeed a good plan, but have you ever considered that if this happens, what should we do?”

“Oh, it makes sense, it seems better to use the E program.”

“This program is really good, but have you ever thought about it…”

“I understand that we should choose the B program.”

“It’s very good. I have the same idea as you. I will do it according to your opinion.”

Based on your experience, in fact, you already know that you should choose the B program. You do not tell him directly that you want to win more opportunities to train your subordinates. Training is a slow and quick process. The “slowness” of training is for the future to be faster.

The benefits of doing so are self-evident:

Interrupt the subordinate’s negative “dependent” neural chain.

Trained subordinates on the ability to analyze problems and think about problems comprehensively.

➤ Give subordinates confidence and sense of achievement. He will feel that he actually has the ability to solve complex problems. Increasingly capable subordinates can become more and more competent in more important tasks.

Inspire subordinates’ mobility.

➤ You will therefore not need to look after your subordinate “monkey” to free up more energy to look after your “monkey”. 100% insured for quality

– 04 –

The Enlightenment of Monkey Management Rules
First, everyone should look after their own “monkey”;

Second, do not bother others to look after their own “monkey”;

Third, in the organization, everyone should understand which “monkeys” they should take care of and how to look after them;

Don’t try to trust your “monkey” to others. The others here may be bosses, subordinates, colleagues in other departments, or may be companies, society, or even heaven, fate, etc.;

5. Don’t appear “monkeys” who are not taken care of and no “monkeys” with more than two “masters”;

Sixth, as a boss, he should not only clearly let his subordinates know which “monkeys” he should take care of, but also need to train subordinates how to take care of their “monkeys”. 100% insured for quality

Seven, “monkey management” does not apply to all management. For example, when we were at the beginning of our business, we needed entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial teams to carry all the “monkeys”. Take the initiative to help other people bear the “monkey”, otherwise entrepreneurial will not succeed. Just like Bill Gates, he not only had to bear the “monkey” who wrote the software, but also had to bear the “monkey” who sold the software.

8. In a way, “monkey management” will make people selfish, similar to the fact that everyone sweeps the snow before leaving the team to lose their vitality. The normal team should be rushing to “the monkey” to carry, instead of doing everything possible to prevent other people’s “monkeys” from getting onto their shoulders! 100% insured for quality

Leadership encourages the initiative to carry other people’s “monkey” subordinates. Only the subordinates who are willing to take the initiative to carry other “monkeys” will have the opportunity to become leaders, and only small leaders who are willing to take the initiative to carry other “monkeys” will have the opportunity to become leaders! If you don’t have a “monkey” who is carrying a subordinate or a small leader, please go home and sleep! Isn’t it? 100% insured for quality

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