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20 iron rules of a good company

The company all staff living platform, personal interests can also not conflict with. Once the light reprimand punishment, Troubles start inside the house., while dismissal leave. Hit the boss or everybody’s jobs, who also don’t want to have a good day.

1,The company’s interests above everything else

2, The team is supreme

The team is the lifeblood of all sectors, in the era of market economy in which team forces support industrial entities, unless you are a moon hollow from an alien land

3, Use the boss’s standard to ask yourself

A person’s salary, bonus allocation cut, although associated with job performance, but they eventually realize the source of acquired in the boss’s business interests. So to honor and expand to seek their own interests, it is necessary to request their own boss to standard. In the team, your supervisor, your customers that is your boss, your attitude must go beyond them, otherwise you will always be their blame.

4, Do things in front of you

What is the standard of dedication? There’s only one standard, and that’s what you do before or after someone else

If the boss thinks of something you do, you do it, but it’s not in front, there’s a boss. If you haven’t thought about it, you’ve done it. It’s great!

Similarly, comparison and supervisor, colleague, look at their own efforts is behind or in front of a big stall. Facing the management and logistics personnel, to prick the wronged very uncomfortable, but you know, you can do in front to criticize, if you want to change the situation.

5, Response is the best embodiment of personal value

Personal value based on need for your team! So, whenever the boss issued a proposal or team when people seek work support, make a positive response is necessary. For the first time, as it relates to your value.

6, Go along the principle

You can only accept it in the direction of principle, and can’t resist it. If you intend to stick to it and expect something to happen

So, how do you do things well? Simply, follow the company’s stated principles, don’t deviate, don’t be swayed by people, including your supervisor’s instructions

7, First of all, professional spirit, after talent

There are all sorts of people in various sectors, but some people are not essential, because they do not have the professional spirit, they cannot be relied on, they are just some ellipsis in the Department, will be doomed to disappear in the only search results model and program.

Because professionalism is the service itself, the service is not only for the customer service, but also for their colleagues around the service

8, Norm is authority, norm is a kind of spirit

Some people can never regulate things, because they never think of it as necessary, so they are always suppressed and their achievements are always denied

Norms are a kind of spirit, a valuable habit, which is the reason why it is not easy to develop. However, without norms, there is no authority, norms means that you not only know how to behave and do things, but also know how to do them well

9, Initiative is efficiency, initiative, initiative, initiative

Active people is the most intelligent person, is the best partner in the team, is everyone wants some friends. Always remember, initiative is the best teacher. You can help us in difficult times, is active rather than luck.

10, Anyone can become a teacher

Because of the fear of making mistakes or to find the psychological sense of security, people want someone to rely on, can give advice, this is right, the problem is there are always wrong will lead as the only teacher. Not to mention that as the leadership of the teachers often do not love this stupid kid a painful lesson, in fact any team can become your teacher, as long as you humbly ask for advice, rather than to reach Quxianjiuguo. Because you only need knowledge, rather than a teacher.

11, Three elements of work, plan, goal and time

Always have a plan, always know the goal, and never forget to see the time

12, Don’t explain, but result

In a competitive society, interpretation is meaningless in many cases, which means that you want to shirk or ask someone else to take responsibility

If you don’t want to see the final result, the first thing to do is to change the process as much as possible. Always remember: performance speaks, achievement speaks

13, Don’t invent the results, roll up your sleeves and do your work

Don’t scare yourself with dire consequences or frighten others, first of all to roll up their sleeves to work. The only way to know whether the result is really terrible, experience shows that more than 95% of the terrible speculation because of work roll up their sleeves and disappear naturally.

14, Prevarication is invalid

In the face of failure, in the face of mistakes, everyone knows the worst way is to shuffle, and prevarication in the team is invalid

The team is like a chain, always like a chain of sand, will make other people feel particularly uncomfortable, and will make people deepen the impression of your mistakes

15,Simple, simple, simple

Don’t exaggerate, don’t bluff, but do not look for shortcuts. New problems crop up unexpectedly. is the primary way to improve work efficiency. The same thing, if you can accomplish more simple than others, is good.

16, Doing one hundred points is the responsibility

One hundred points is the perfect performance, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, the pursuit of perfect service. Do not think that this is a high requirement, if you can achieve one hundred points, but just completed the task

17, A person should be low-key, work should be high-profile, not upside down

A low profile person can keep healthy air around you, and you can win support and reputation by doing things in a high profile

18,Communication can eliminate all obstacles

Communication ability is the minimum quality of employees. Don’t be afraid of small trouble in communication. If you don’t want to face greater trouble, you must communicate, you must coordinate everything around. Smooth will not fall from the sky, it is the result of communication

19, Practitioners are the first propaganda machine

As the enterprise mobile advertising window, whether through or into the high streets and back lanes in urban and rural areas, you must be a crossing a water song, spare no effort to do the company and the product of the trumpeter, this is your most basic task. Of course, encouraging people to encourage yourself before!

20, Always keep forging ahead and keep an open mind

Modesty is to have an open mentality performance. In a sales department, earn the most expensive is the two kinds of people, a people the courage to forge ahead, the harvest of their own, failure is the boss or the boss, more importantly, the people put their back to the boss or the boss to take care of the other. A person is to have an open mind, they are modest, they can accept the opinions of others, so their success is much faster than others, the natural harvest is also large.


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