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The first domestically produced car was in Japan, and it became the world’s number one car brand 80 years later!

What is the first domestic car? assembly automation Many people will say "red flag" and "dongfeng" Not~ Zhang Xueliang as the son of Zhang Zuolin a veritable rich second generation Like cars and collect cars Old man Zhang Zuolin is less...

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Nissan acknowledged that the tail gas and fuel consumption test fraud, the stock fell 5%

Nissan Motor Co., Japan's second-largest automaker, admitted on the 9th that it had problems with exhaust emissions and fuel consumption measurement at five plants in Japan. Nissan Motor announced that it will hold a...

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just! The Great Wall merged with BMW to form a new joint venture! injection molding tooling cost

On July 10, China Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Great Wall”) and BMW (Netherlands) Holding Company (hereinafter referred to as “BMW”) formally signed a joint venture contract in Germany. The joint...

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Industrial enterprise management, Technology of mechanical manufacture

The three departments of production, quality and technology, who is big and who is small?

In general, all departments at the factory site have mutual push and squash, which not only affects the output and quality, but also affects the harmonious working relationship between departments. The root cause is...

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Seven ways to improve the accuracy of workpiece machining, try it today in the workshop

Machining accuracy is mainly used to produce product grades, and machining accuracy and machining tolerance are terms used to evaluate the geometric parameters of the machined surface. However, the actual parameters obtained by any...

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