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[Lean School] Three Tips to Promote Lean Production Activities

At present, the implementation of lean production is an inevitable trend for the development of an enterprise. The promotion of lean production based on the characteristics of the industry is also an enterprise management reform that is worth carrying out. The greatest practical significance lies in building enterprise value chains through the integration of enterprise resources so as to improve the core competition of enterprises. Strengthen the sustainable development of enterprises at all levels. 3 axis CNC
So how do companies implement lean production?

1, corporate culture first, the implementation of lean production

Lean production must be viewed systematically. The first step should be to start from the perspective of corporate culture, starting from the manager’s point of view to increase ideological awareness of lean production, emphasizing the implementation of a thinking model guided by the maximization of costs and long-term profits. Design, R&D, order management, production planning, manufacturing processes, logistics, customer relationship management, etc. 3 axis CNC

2. Integrate business processes and create a corporate value chain

Fully rationalize the company’s business processes, analyze the relationships between the businesses, and reorganize the business processes when necessary, so that the business processes are transferred as quickly as possible and in the fullest possible form to find out where the company’s value chain is located. The elements that make up the cost, through the optimization of the process, strengthen the control of costs. Supplemented by information-based means to improve the management level, the design and launch of informatization must be based on their own industry. Specifically, we first need to evolve the value chain into a trend of flow. In addition, we need to establish flexible production on the basis of on-site basis. On the basis of collinear mixed-flow production, a set of balanced production line arrangements should be extracted. In terms of logistics and material supply, the just-in-time system based on the pull effect must be carefully considered in the production plan, and the scope of adjustment of the plan can be optimized by continuously reducing the raw material supply cycle so as to better respond to changing customer demands. , to strengthen the awareness of delivery management in customer relationship management, and strengthen the awareness of customer service before, during, and after childbirth on the basis of quality assurance. 3 axis CNC

3. Based on the combination with the manufacturing site, fully implement continuous improvement

The lean production approach emphasizes continuous improvement. If the lean value chain makes lean production a great success, then continuous improvement is the cornerstone of this success. Through site-based improvements that extend to all levels of the company, improvement is never-ending. This should be closely integrated with the building of corporate culture, fully recognizing that the creation of employees is the source of sustainable development of the company, recognizing the need of employees for knowledge to achieve a sense of accomplishment, and enhancing the human resources of the company through continuous personnel training. Management comes from the site at the same time It also serves on-site, so the current field is based on the fact that continuous improvement must be followed. 3 axis CNC

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