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Survival of Manufacturing Enterprise Quality Manager

The quality manager is just like stepping high in the sky every day and carefully facing the wind and changes at any time, for fear of falling down. When I got to the last company, all the colleagues in the quality department had left. I stayed for six months and then resigned. The current company, I am the fourth manager for two years. So do not want anything, Mr. save. 5 axis CNC machine

Because the work has only been done in manufacturing companies, the auto parts industry, the things summarized may not apply to other industries. The dry quality manager has been for four years and the three companies have not yet been fired. To say that these are just the starting point for everyone to understand my ideas is nothing else.

The following confusion is actually encountered in my work and it is my own practice. Welcome, everyone’s ideas and suggestions. The purpose of my summary is to communicate with you. 5 axis CNC machine

The question of principle: Is the supply important or the quality of the product important?
This question is stupid, but I really have no standard answer.
In the face of different people, different environments and situations, my answer will be different and decisions will be different. For example, this question was asked twice during a business interview. In the face of the head of the quality department, I answered that the quality was important. When I was faced with the manager of my top boss factory, my answer was that the quality was the service department.
I am also very unhappy, not because each time I do not meet the risk of shipping standard products, but each time I see quality staff helpless and puzzled eyes, I can only tell that this is the best I can now The decision, I hope everyone will understand it one day. 5 axis CNC machine

Organizational structure: Does the quality department really solve quality problems?
The supervisors of my three foreign companies, quality managers, are actually operations managers responsible for the process, production, quality, and equipment. Some of the common quality problems in the work, such as personnel error and equipment failure, can be rapidly supported by resources.
But what about product design issues, faced with ultra-bad suppliers, low-quality culture for the entire company, unreasonable company processes, 40% flow rate for production line employees, and what can the quality department do?
The core of quality is prevention, but according to this architecture, the quality department is a bitter glance and has no ability or energy to change.
Giving you a title is only a title. Just for every customer complaint, you can go to the scene.
Yes, I am concerned about the implementation of the problem, if the problem can be solved best.
But for problems that are difficult to solve, problems that cannot be solved at all. I only care to report the problem and kick the bomb out. Maybe the boss doesn’t like it, other departments don’t like it. But when you really face the post-autumn revenge, will the real problem department justify you? 5 axis CNC machine

Management style: Implement strong management quality?
Is the quality problem capable of strong management? I never thought of implementing strong management.
The customer complained about the mess, the production line was in a hurry every day, the problem was not clear, and the boss kept secret. Implement strong management at this time, and so on unless the boss is your father.
In my approach, the response to the problem must be fast. There must be a written summary. Compilation and analysis of production data and customer complaint data.
This practice can be self-protected, but the work is also faced with endless wrangling and disputes.

Top management support: Will the boss support you? 5 axis CNC machine
The boss pays you a salary because the quality of the product is so bad that it affects profits. He needs someone to deal with this hot issue, go to noisy with other departments, and establish conflict.
You have to consider whether your boss’s term is only one year or two years, not fifty years. You must consider his starting point and interests from time to time.
A boss is also an ordinary person. You expect the boss to have a comprehensive quality of thinking and wake up.
There is also a problem with no solution, brainwashing the boss, is it possible?

What is the next position of the quality manager? How can we achieve it?
I do not know right now. thinking…

I admit that one of my motivations for doing it is because the company pays. Most of the time I feel like suffering, not enjoying. The motivation to continue is the pressure of work and the desire to work. If any brother has a way to enjoy quality work, please let me know. Thank you! 5 axis CNC machine

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