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Banquet: why Xiang Yu of the management team will lose so much?

The ” gap between the two thousand years ” can be regarded as a big chess in the political history of our country . It is not only Chu and Han , but also a rehearsal in the world , a rehearsal , and the first face – to – face collective bright and angular force of the core leaders of both Chinese and Chinese . From the point of view of the result , the ” gap ” service , holding a good brand of Xiang Yu team finally made it a game of chess , so that the army master Fan increased his anger and shouted ” Alas ! ” The Liu Bang team , who has been under the wind , has always wondered , but also can be quite successful to achieve the reverse attack . 5 axis machining center. In the past , there was no doubt that Liu Bang , who had been under the wind , was always puzzled . Recently , he read the historical records of Xiang Yu , and the defeat of Chu Jun , and the victory of the Han army was the inevitable result of the power of the leadership team of both sides . The whole situation analysis of the confrontation between the Han and Han sides before the ” Hongmen feast ” : From a military perspective , Chu Qiang Han was weak , and Chu Jun had a total strength of 400,000 , while Han Jun was only 100,000 in the region , and Chu Jun had just defeated the powerful Qin army main force , had extremely rich combat experience , compared with it , Han Jun was dwarfed ; From the political point of view , Chu Qiang Han was weak , and Xiang Yu , who was the leader of the whole revolutionary army , had the right not only to command his own troops , but also to control and command all the revolutionary army . From the moral point of view , the Han Qiang Chu was weak , and the king of Chu and all the people would be in the first place , and Liu Bang won the noble revolutionary reputation through the actions of ” three chapters ” , ” closed palace ” and ” commander of the army ” after the attack of Xianyang . All in all , as far as the overall strength is concerned , the Chu army led by Xiang Yu has an overwhelming advantage over Liu Bang ‘ s Han Jun . 5 axis machining center.

The leadership team of the Chu Army

In the banquet chessgame, the Chu army led by a team of Xiang Yu, fan Zeng, a Bosan people, three people in Xiang Yu is the core of leadership in name, but due to various reasons, he is unable to lead his fan become powerful and intransigent, is also not the opinionated uncle Xiang Bo. 5 axis machining center.

Xiang Yu, fan Zeng, a Bosan are left, right, on behalf of the three revolutionary line, facing the prospect of Chu hegemony:

Fan Zeng battle, he very early insight into the main contradiction facing the army has changed from the revolutionary army to destroy the remnants of the Qin annihilation potential competitors of the reality, is a firm leftist revolutionary army;

Uncle Lord and, he believes that the united front of the revolution will need to maintain, banquet is not the ideal time to Liu Bang hands, the revolutionary army is easy to compromise on the right; 5 axis machining center.

The supreme leader of the Chu army Xiang Yu is not assertive but not like anyone, from time to time as the fence to swing in the revolutionary army of the left and right sides, we call the middle school. 5 axis machining center.

The highest leader Xiang Yu the name of the Chu army in fact can not effectively lead to the reality of fan Zeng Xiang Bo, control effectively based on the result, and that between three army leadership team is that people generally believe that the leadership and the leadership, might as well say between three people is a fragile parallel relationXiang Yu: very detached spectators. 5 axis machining center.

Although Xiang Yu is nominally in the Chu family, but his ass, no assertive and force, leading authority revolution constantly by father fan Zeng as the representative of the left and right uncle Xiang Bo as the representative of the challenges and extrusion, with modern political discourse to describe, that is not a Xiang Yu strong core of leadership, he is a worthy of the name “weak king”, is a character quite weak “to maintain the president.” 5 axis machining center.

Due to poor Xiang Yu was influenced by “old politics”, plus the lack irresolute and hesitant character, and the spirit of the play, which resulted in Xiang Yu Hongmenyan chessgame had to fight to no malignant principle between Fan Zeng and Peter, and this should be a Hongmenyan leader Xiang Yu has become a is none of my business armchair spectators.

Xiang Yu in the banquet in a game only acts as a core of leadership are incompetent roles, which is mainly manifested in the: 5 axis machining center.


Public and private

When Xiang Yu found uncle Xiang Bo privately leaked top secret information to Liu Bang, he was not the slightest reproach, others want to change this to leak information, Xiang Yu would have given him the leak into ten thousand pieces, but after all, is his uncle, he as a small nephew in any case can not. To start, so Xiang Yu uncle is a “warning” did not give;

Two 5 axis machining center

Irresolute and hesitant

5 axis machining center. When a fan Zeng ordered to kill Liu Bang when Xiang Yu suddenly feel Liu Bang is a damn, he did not prevent a Zhuang’s assassination, when Uncle Xiang Bo in his own body to protect Liu Bang, Xiang Yu and change my mind, he suddenly felt as if Liu Bang had sin not unto death, and he is also very disdain father fan increased by means of three over the assassination to settle the opponent, so he didn’t stop uncle move, until the end, Xiang Yu’s heart is a mess, do not know that Comrade Liu Bang is the kill or not to kill it, he simply got sidelined anyway;


Lay the blame on others

When the fan Zeng Yu Dou Xiang Yu “cursed sword through might not worth cooperating”, Xiang Yu heart suddenly both regret more angry, make him regret is uncle Xiang Bo unexpectedly put out the enemy Liu Bang, this is the wild end to endless troubles, and make him angry is you do not give yourself too fan Zeng the 400 thousand Chujun family left face, “I thought after the team also take ye ah”, and for himself in the banquet of dereliction of oversight act, he ignores, unaware of it. 5 axis machining center★Fan Zen: a domineering military Division

Comrade Fan Zen took part in the revolution in the rare years. In terms of age, he was more than 40 years old than Xiang Yu. He was both the founding father of the revolutionary army and the chief think-tank (military division) of Xiang Yu. He enjoyed high prestige throughout the Rebellion. However, even such a brilliant political figure did not show much surprise in the whole game of Hongmen Banquet. It was probably barely enough for the word “unsatisfactory”. 5 axis machining center.

Fan Zen’s performance in the chess game of Hongmen banquet is divided into the following stages:


An ingenious calculation in advance

Fan Zeng in fact as early as Liu Bang broke Xianyang, on the insight into the Peigong Liu Bang will be the world’s main competitors in the future Xiang Yu dominating the world. The basis for his judgment was that after Liu Bang broke Xianyang, not only did he “not take anything, women were not lucky” but also bought the hearts of the world through the form of “three chapters of the law.” And this precisely shows that Liu Bang has completed the transformation from an ordinary rebel leader to a mature politician. In view of this, Fan Zeng looks in his eyes and is anxious in his heart. Therefore, it is suggested that Xiang Yu “strike hard and not lose” in order to eradicate the future trouble; 5 axis machining center.


Meddle in a matter

At the Hongmen banquet, the wise Fan Zeng did a foolish thing which did not match the status, status, and role of his military division, as a veteran soldier. Fan Zen should know that he only enjoys the right of political advice and not the power of political decision.However, without the consent of Supreme Leader Xiang Yu, Fan Zeng secretly appointed Xiang Zhuang to assassinate Liu Bang. This is clearly a very serious violation of the political rules of the great taboo, and Fan Zeng’s this act also for his future tragic fate laid the foreshadowing;



After Liu Bang successfully snuck away, Fan Zeng regardless of his revolutionary elder status, just as Laozi scolded his son as much as a scolding Xiang Yu and other people “alas!” There is a shortage of perpenditals and plans, and those who seize the world over the world will certainly be Peigong, “he said.” and this great scolding not only did not help the Chu army at that time, but also created a bigger rift at the highest level of the Chu army. It triggered a series of political sequelae. 5 axis machining center.

★ Peter: because private waste public arena hero

This is a ‘small uncle, uncle father in the beam after the sacrifice, a job like the boss worthy of the name of their old home in. In before the revolution, Peter was a righteous spirit of mobsters, his loyalty, love something, know how to Thanksgiving, even experienced a long secret the revolutionary career, Xiang Bo is also true to change, change could not be successfully completed its role and identity, he still had the neither politics, not what the overall concept, often because private waste, poundfoolish outlaws of the marshes.

A primary bad record in the banquet in the game:



I’m afraid that Xiang Yu Liu Bang’s own top secret military intelligence attack could be his uncle Xiang Bo leaked, and more to make him think is the only reason why uncle do or even to rescue Peter his benefactor, but the fact is that, this is not a job, not only is leaking the military intelligence, but also secretly with the enemy Liu Bang became relatives by marriage, you say is not confused confused? 5 axis machining center.


Things in turn

When a village to assassinate Liu Bang in the name of swordplay, almost surprises everyone is the first to say “no” was a primary, but uncle often or in the body Yibi letter, you said no blame, you are a good uncle, also really is ready, this is there the revolutionary stand, why always elbow to turn?



Fan Zengda called “the servant not worth cooperating”, Xiang Bo actually quite unconvinced, “we thought a family where you get this country to outsiders wacky”, then, uncle occasionally some small nephew Xiang Yu to beware of the flying father dial Hu, he took a family beware the power of the leadership. In a word, uncle had just an arena hero rather than a mature politician.

The army leadership team is weak, lax and split not only caused a serious internal friction of the Chu army, but also makes the Chu army executive. You can think of a Hongmenyan killer on the village, he is anxious to perform the division to assassinate Liu Bang’s command, and to cope with the physical Yibi uncle Liu Bang also, watching the swing Xiang Yu irresolute and hesitant, wink, that is really a is in a dilemma, don’t know what to do. 5 axis machining center. And so the army leadership team can do no justice defeat?!

The collective leadership of the army

In the banquet in the game, the Chinese Army led by a team of Liu Bang, Zhang Liang, fan Kuai consisting of three people, among them, Liu Bang is the core of leadership to Zhang Liang, and fan Kuai two people, one is the right-hand man, Wu, assistant, between three people, with Liu Bang as the core, to Zhang Liang, to fan Kuai based on, hierarchical, orderly, division of labor, carry out their duties, is a collective leadership is a fighting force. The relationship between different parallel fragile army leadership team and the relationship between the Chu army leadership team, it is a kind of vertical leadership structure, led by the leadership team. This not only effectively to avoid the inefficiency of internal friction and the Chu army there, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all team members of the initiative, and laid a solid foundation for the victory of the army.

★Liu Bang: strong leadership Core

Liu Bang is a very mature statesman. He has not only the political power, but also the statesman’s outstanding leadership. Liu Bang’s perfect performance in the chess game of Hongmen banquet includes:

  1. Contingency in advance

When Liu Bang listened to Zhang Liang’s report that Xiang Yu was about to attack himself, rather than panicking about it, he quickly found a way to deal with it. Xiang Bo’s arrival was simply a gift from God. He decided to open a breakthrough from Xiang Bo. As a result, he gave Xiang Bo a toast as well as a family of his children. Xiang Bo really did not live up to Liu Bang’s expectations, for him to think of a rut “Dendry fleas from the thanks of the king”;

In the incident, soldiers are not disgusted with fraud

When Liu Bang had just arrived at the Hongmen to call on Xiang Yu, Liu Bang first rebelled against the guest as the main polite, affectionately reviewed their experience under the leadership of Comrade Liu Bang’s hard revolution, straight to a Liu Bang flattering is fluttering. (2)!!!??? Then Liu Bang explained to Xiang Yu a “closed palace”, “military hegemony” and other behavior reasons, coming to the upside down and slapping Xiang Yu’s high flattery, the direct shooting of Xiang Yu called an embarrassed;

  1. Exfoliation after the event

Liu Bang, as a politician, is also extremely artistic in running away. First of all, he has properly designed the specific ways and methods of running away. “Peigong has set up cars to ride, to get away on his own, and to ride with Fan Kuai, Xia Hou Ying, and Jin Qiang. Ji Xin and other four men walked with swords and shields from Li Shan to Dao Zhiyang, “and then accurately calculated the time they needed to flee, so that they could really be prepared and foolproof. Zhang Liang also took care to leave behind as a cover, in order to confuse Xiang Yu, and so on, and finally there is a special model of a model for Xiang Yu, Fan Zeng gave pieces of white, jade, and other valuable gifts. I can’t tell you how hard it is for Xiang Yu to be mute.

★Zhang Liang: a loyal Counselor 5 axis machining center.

Zhang Liang is not only the chief adviser of Liu Bang, but also the highly dependent member of the body. Then the Hongmen banquet in the chess game Zhang Liang is more loyal to the true character in the performance.

Zhang Liang’s “loyalty” to his master, Liu Bang, is reflected in:

1 Prior report

When Xiang Bo met with Zhang Liang in private, “he told Zhang Liang that he wanted to call Zhang Liang and all of them to go, and that he did not have to die all the time,” Zhang Liang set aside his personal life and death. In the first instance, he reported the emergency military situation of the Chu army to the Han army. And this has bought extremely precious time for Liu Bang’s proper response to the crisis;

2 Move troops in the incident

At the Hongmen banquet, when Xiang Zhuang often pointed his sword at Peigong, Zhang Liang did not think about how to escape from danger, but actively tried to rescue Liu Bang. All of a sudden, he thought of Fan Kuai, who had both wisdom and courage. To move to the decisive will Fan Kuai this rescue;

3 Stay behind afterwards

When Liu Bang and several others prepare to put oil on the soles of their feet, Zhang Liang offered to take the initiative that he should come to the Chu camp to confuse the enemy for the flight of his master child, Liu Bang, and gain enough time. If there is no Zhang Liang’s left behind, Liu Bang can successfully escape two say, in addition to stay in Chu camp alone is also a particularly dangerous job, according to Xiang Yu usual hot temper. The fact that Comrade Zhang Liang was not cooked was actually a matter of Zhang Liang burning high incense. 5 axis machining center.

★Fan Kuai: “Guards Commander” with both wisdom and courage

Fan Kuai is Comrade Liu Bang’s company, but also an important figure in the leadership team of the Han army, of course. Fan Kuai sometimes makes a guest appearance as the captain of the guard of Liu Bang, Peigong. If Fan Kuai gave more of a rough image of “fierce Zhang Fei” before the Hongmen banquet, it was after the feast. The former “fierce Zhang Fei” should be impressed, the author thinks that Fan Kuai can be regarded as the most outstanding character in the whole chess game of Hongmen banquet.

You see, when Liu Bang was in danger, counsellor Zhang Liang first thought that it was not someone else who was going to move. It was our General Fan Kuai. When he learned that his master, Liu Bang, was in danger. Fan Kuai first “with a sword and shield” bravely entered Xiang Yu’s great account of the Chinese army, “anger and anger king, hair on the finger, eyes are split”; Then a large bowl of drinking and eating raw pork, straight let a proud, high-regard Xiang Yu also regarded it as a “warrior”, “hero.”

This is not finished, later Fan Kuai also made full use of the unique moral advantages of the Han army, stood on the high point of morality to Xiang Yu’s attempt to murder the unscrupulous act of meritorious, a reasonable, favorable and ruthless criticism. Straight to a Xiang Yu is speechless; Finally, while Liu Bang is “sneaking” or “staying”, Fan Kuai is again making an impassioned speech, “regardless of the fineness of the act, the great gift is not to give up the small concessions. Now people are the victims, and I am the fish.” You see, this is not the level of the old butcher who killed dogs, which is clearly the high standard of a mature politician!

After a battle of Hongmen banquet, not only did the Han army leave unharmed, but also an unexpected discovery-the division of the leadership team of the Chu Army, and this was the later use of anti-interval measures to split up the upper ranks of the Chu army. The collapse created favorable preconditions, and, of course, Liu Bang had two other surprises, one of which was the removal of Cao Wu, a shameless traitor from his side. In a word, the battle of Hongmen banquet was recorded in history with the complete victory of the Han army and the complete defeat of the Chu army.

As the saying goes “a good man three help”, in fact, Hongmen banquet one battle, on the Chu side, with Xiang Bo’s defection, Xiang Yu’s onlookers. In the core leadership of the Chu Army, there was only one 60-year-old Fan Zeng struggling to support it. The “Hongmen Banquet” political drama turned into a one-man ‘s one-man drama, while on the other hand, the Han side of the opponent. Comrade Liu Bang took the overall situation in his own hands, Zhang Liang and Fan Kuai had their respective duties and responsibilities, and the division of labor and cooperation was really a leading collective with considerable combat effectiveness. The Chu army relied on such a weak force. Slackened and even divided leadership teams fantasize that one day they can overcome a mature, United, cooperative leadership team of the Han army is a crazy dream, can always be expected but not reached.

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