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Entrepreneurial team: finding the right person on the success of the 90%

China 5 axis mill Manufacturer. Everything has a key point , which can solve 90 percent of the problem . I think the key point is looking for someone in the sense of the team ‘ s mission .

Recently a friend asked me the question: “everyone on your team how to play with blood like, how do you do it?” China 5 axis mill Manufacturer.

Although people say I am also very happy we are extremely excited “, because people are praising us, but I hope that the” mission “of the word, it sounds more high-end atmosphere on the grade. I summarize 10 own experience, on how to build a sense of team, and to share with you. China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

1 . It ‘ s 90 % that you ‘ re successful .

Everything has a key point , which can solve 90 percent of the problem . I think the key point is looking for someone in the sense of the team ‘ s mission . China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

Our product director , Felix , said a bull – driven remark : ” People who are virtual don ‘ t survive in a pragmatic team , and vice versa . ” Every team has its temperament , as everyone has its own personality . It ‘ s like everyone has its own personality . It ‘ s a long time to get to work on the first day of his first day . China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

People who taste wrong , have to leave one day . Believe me , don ‘ t think I can change a person ‘ s way of thinking through training , which will give you 90 % of your time to get 10 % of the effect . Your team culture shaping work , 90 % depends on the dozens of minutes of the interview .

We want people to have some of these features:

Self driven, have a strong desire to become a person rather than a rise above the common herd, a small firm and secure life. China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

Focus on pure, willing to invest 100% of the effort to do things, rather than always thinking of giving yourself a back road.

Brave and optimistic, dare to challenge the difficult task, not the fear of the first fear.

Good at learning, stayhungry, stay foolish, has the ability of continuous improvement, rather than itself. China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

Having a sense of responsibility, seeing problems can point out problems and solve problems, rather than ignore or complain about others. China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

Someone may say, your demand is too high, so the perfect person which is so much? I want to tell you a cruel truth: good people always get together together, because they are very difficult to survive in a mediocre team, that is, Like attracts like. if you ask Birds of a feather flock together.. Very high, you will have more and more high-quality talent. If you let the ordinary people into the team, you can let other people sad, finally let the whole team mediocrity. China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

Others may say, “if I find so many amazing employees, what can I do?” don’t worry, the following 9 are about how to manage these amazing talents.

2 sense of mission is inspired, not instilled

No one will cause others to die, so don’t think you really have the ability to give others a brainwashing. You can do is to stimulate employees desire for a sense of accomplishment, and help the employees to achieve it.

I’ll ask my team a few questions –

What is your dream?

What do you think you want to get? China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

What would you do to get these things?

When employees answer these questions themselves, I don’t need to say anything. They already know what to do. They will help their company achieve their dreams when they realize their dreams.

3 the long-term goal should be big enough, the short-term goal should be higher than the ability

Recently, I have become more and more convinced that success is really not difficult. 90% of people give up for fear of failure when opportunities arise. You just do it and you beat 90% people. So. To achieve enough, dream big enough, then try it bravely. Don’t be shy about drawing a cake, it’s not for the boss. It is for employees. You do not give us a distant dream, how can everyone have the motivation to follow you to change the world? China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

The vision is to look forward to, its role is to show the direction of the team. The short-term goal is to motivate, and its role is to fill the team with oil. I look at the experience of a past person. The biggest incentive for employees is not salary and position, but growth. If you give the team a goal that is higher than what they are capable of, and help them achieve and grow, it is a wonderful feeling.

4 trust driven rather than KPI drive

A friend who drives a car may have such an experience: if a person sits in the seat of a co pilot, he always directs you. He yells at someone in front of you to brake quickly. Later, he says, “why do you still feel the same way?” no matter who he is, you will have the urge to push him off.

Who does not want to be like a marionette like playing. If you want employees to work as their own things to do, he would give him as an adult, give him enough to trust his work and non work target management process. China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

If you give an employee KPI, you can only get the results of KPI. If you trust him, you will gain more.

5 break the authority and disperse the decision

The team must have a leader, but it is best not to have authority. No one is omniscient and omnipotent, everyone knows that this is common sense, why must let a person bear all decision-making responsibility?

Establishing authority is very harmful to team. It will make team members abandon their ability of independent thinking and give up their responsibilities. They will say, “because at that time, the boss said what to do, so we failed. In fact, if that happens, we will not lose.”

Brave to decentralization go down, it will not bring you much loss, but it will bring enormous benefits. Trust your subordinates than you more professional, their information than you more comprehensive and timely. The key is, you only gave them power, they are willing to take responsibility.

If you don’t believe it, then I tell you, Google, Tencent, Xiaomi did so. Ming Dao did the same. I was very relaxed, and my employees were very happy.

6 experiences with each other

As the saying goes, four people are the most iron together carry a gun, together with a window, together with prostitution prostitution, too dirty. Words rough, common experiences and shared memories, is one of the best team spirit of adhesive.

7 enough material return

Financial scattered people together, people loose money together. More money may not buy the staff of the mission, but there is not enough money, the staff must not have the sense of mission. China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

8 enough space for rising

Good talents leave two reasons, one is that money is not enough, and the other is that two things are not challenging. Stepping in place makes people feel insecure. Employees fear that they will not be improved and be eliminated in the workplace. Only when they keep improving can they feel safe.

Employees and companies are actually running. The company runs fast, the staff will be eliminated, the employees run fast, the company will be eliminated. China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

9 full transparency of information

Under the organizational structure of bureaucracy, information barriers can be seen everywhere. Departments and departments do not understand each other. Leaders and front-line employees do not understand each other. Employees and employees do not understand each other. If team members are not familiar with each other, how can they share a common sense of mission?

At the Alibaba organizing conference, Peng Lei criticized the executives who had never landed on Ali (Alibaba employee Forum), and asked all executives to always taste Ali. Her purpose is to make management heard the first line. China 5 axis mill Manufacturer

In my company, through the internal road network, each employee can not only obtain information and their related work, but also access to other colleagues, other departments of the information. If the information barriers serious like a Lego bricks to build up the building, so I just like a flowing blood information to the organism.

10 partnership beyond work

When the preceding ones are done, the team is definitely not a simple work relationship. It must be a partnership beyond work. Everyone will be happy to shout “I love my team!”

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