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Quality is the life of the factory, but why is it “quality”?

Introduction: Many factories believe that quality is the life of the factory. Factory managers also attach great importance to quality, but they prefer to put more sales staff on sales to push products, more technical personnel to design and develop products, more production personnel to make products, and even put a lot of The financial staff calculated the cost of the product, the price of the purchase, and the profit of the sale. The only neglect is the investment in quality. a rapid path to production

In a chemical factory with more than 300 people, only two people are engaged in quality. One is responsible for inspection, one is responsible for the system and project management. A gearbox production factory in the Mainland, after-sales service department personnel is much higher than the quality department personnel. The managers of companies are often more anxious to deal with the problems that arise in customers. Therefore, they continuously increase the number of after-sales service personnel. Do not know whether the quality staff is doing flaws, or to increase the number of more inspection personnel, the system staff is often waiting for the system audit to organize the various departments to prepare some of the documents needed for the audit to maintain the ISO certificate. Some companies simply reduced the number of personnel in the system, or else they simply hired or simply hired outside to meet the ISO audit.

When the factory’s personnel were not able to make arrangements because of various completions or performances, or when they were old, they could not dismiss. When a factory encounters a crisis and needs to dismiss people, it is often the first to lay off the personnel of the quality department. Factory managers tend to think that the quality department is dispensable, but it can’t produce benefits, and there are no results. Orders are taken by sales personnel, drawings are drawn by designers, materials are bought by the purchasing department, products are made by employees, and services are provided by after-sales personnel. Quality personnel can use them. a rapid path to production

Therefore, in China’s private enterprises, the person in charge of the quality department is the most difficult to do, and also the most frequent replacement. One company has replaced four quality managers in one year. In Guangzhou, there is only one company. It took ten years to establish it, and the longest quality manager was only 8 months. However, the two companies soon closed down.

In foreign-invested companies in Europe and the United States, frequently-changed positions are often human resources managers, purchasing managers, and financial managers. The person in charge of the quality department is less fluctuating. The last time someone said online that he had spent 16 years as a quality manager in a foreign-funded company, many people find it hard to believe.

The status of the quality department that controls the life of the factory largely determines the development of the factory. The average life span of private factories in China is only 11 years, and most factories that have closed down are because of poor quality. The management of the factory is nothing more than three blocks. One is people, the other is money, and the third is products (including services). The human resources department manages the company’s people, and the finance department manages the company’s money. Which department of the company’s products should be managed? The first thing that comes to mind when many companies have problems with their products is how the quality department manages them. This also illustrates from the fact that the product is good for the quality department. a rapid path to production

However, the various phenomena mentioned above, how should the quality department manage its products? Human resources control the destiny of everyone in the enterprise, and the financial department holds the flow of money. These two departments often rely on managers for attention and attention. Everyone in the enterprise is afraid to offend. But what about the factory’s quality department? If managers do not support it, it may become the best-effort venting department in each department. The quality department is the best scapegoat. This is common in many Chinese companies. How to strengthen the role and status of the quality department and not make the quality department a victim is already related to the survival and death of the company. It cannot but attract the attention of the managers of Chinese factories.

This also involves the factory’s investment in the quality department. There is a private enterprise owner who knows that quality is very important. The factory is afraid of overturning in the process of rapid development. Therefore, the quality department wants people to give people and equipment to equipment. Even if the quality staff exceeds the technical staff, the drawings, technology and process standards of German products are very clear and the key is implemented. Therefore, although the R&D department did not have a good accumulation in a short period of time, the implementation of the quality department is strong, and as a result, the company’s product quality can quickly exceed its peers. The number of products of the company has reached 11th in the industry world in a very short period of time, and quality has been the second in the industry in China.

The private enterprise that wants to break through the development is another example. In the 15 years since its establishment, the quality department has replaced 13 responsible persons. The new product project developed by the company lacks the project quality engineer, and the supplier quality engineer simply does not exist, let alone the R&D quality engineer and the customer service quality engineer. Therefore, the R&D project is always a failure, and the new product has a lot of problems. After the market was launched, the customer soon lost confidence. As a result, enterprises have been unable to get out of trouble. Even if it takes tens of millions of R&D investment, it has no great effect. However, if you invest a little more quality professionals and professional testing equipment, it will not be able to use 2 million dollars in investment, so the results will be completely different. a rapid path to production

Many Chinese companies are still continuation of the traditional product development model. After seeing other companies having a good-to-sell product, they are starting to want to do it. So I took a few designers and found the drawings. After a slight revision, I sent them to the purchasing department to buy parts. The purchasing staff bought parts that they couldn’t understand even if they didn’t understand it. Unknown incoming inspection personnel check. After the assembly of the production personnel who understands and understands the non-understanding, a little test after assembly, the factory sells for sale. Many problems in the middle have not been fully analyzed and effectively prevented. Designers often deliberately conceal many problems due to the requirements of project progress. As a result, these products came to the market and put customers as mice. It is already very good that such a successful product development model has a success rate of around 20%.

If there is a department that participates in product development early and stands at the customer’s standpoint to look at various problems and analyze the newly developed products in a timely manner from the perspective of quality and professionalism, it will greatly accelerate the progress of new product development and will also greatly accelerate The success rate of new product development projects. Therefore, the success rate of new products developed by multinational companies can reach 80%. Such a clear ratio can make corporate managers see the value of quality investment.

The company’s products need professional management of the quality department, including the output of the product process requires constant promotion and optimization of quality professionals, and improve the efficiency of work and work quality. a rapid path to production

The quality of the input is nothing more than two large blocks of personnel and equipment. So what proportion of the company’s quality staff should be appropriate? There are about 1,000 employees in a construction machinery company in Shaanxi and more than 50 in the quality department, accounting for 5%. A well-known household electrical appliance enterprise in China has 1,500 employees, and the quality department has more than 200 people, accounting for nearly 13%. In fact, the quality departments of many companies account for 5%~10% of the total number of companies. The minimum limit for this ratio is 5% and the maximum limit is 10%. If less than 5% of the quality of staff is invested, then the development of the company will be affected. More than 10% may also cause excess quality of the company. The specific situation needs to be considered based on the characteristics of the company’s products and the maturity of business management.

For quality professional personnel, including basic inspection personnel, quality statistics and analysis personnel, quality standards, customer-specific requirements and solutions to practical problems, quality technical engineers, document control personnel, system engineers, supplier quality engineers, R&D quality engineers , Customer Quality Engineer, Testing Technology Engineer, Quality Improvement Engineer, and Quality Management Staff. The most feared is the lack of systematic management of the enterprise, but the weaknesses of Chinese companies are the systematic nature of management, the systematic nature of products, and the systematic nature of processes. These are the strengths of the quality department. The most effective organization that can connect dispersed, isolated business units is the quality department. Look at the ISO standard is a system of management standards and product standards, we will know the value of the quality department can play. a rapid path to production

Similarly, the parts purchased by the company and the products produced cannot be visually checked. The necessary investment in professional test equipment is also an important guarantee for quality inspection and professional testing of product quality. It cannot be imagined that the physical properties of raw materials, including corrosion, strength, hardness, and viscosity, can be discovered by eye observation. It is also impossible to imagine visually identifying weight, electromagnetic interference, dimensional fit, curved surface curvature, and so on. If a company does not attach importance to the investment of professional measuring equipment, it is only necessary to make a good meal or slogan in order to do a good job. a rapid path to production

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