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Lean production can achieve which management improvements

1, lean production plan management is improved. Expert Manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment

To satisfy the demand of the customers, according to customer orders, market forecast and inventory status, reasonable, plan production, be in need of time, only according to the quantity required for production. Production and sales are synchronous, that is according to the sales demand for production, which can keep the balance of logistics no, too early or too late the production will be wasted. Expert Manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment

2, lean production process management is improved.

Specification for various aspects of the production process, to establish continuous process in pursuit of rapid response, the invalid time not value-added process as far as possible to shorten the compression process time, gradually standardize the process of standardization. The standardization is not a restricted, but will practice the most outstanding enterprise in fixed so, different people to do can do the best, to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, the standard is not immutable and frozen, the standard rigid, requires constant innovation and improvement, today the best way to tomorrow is not necessarily the best, continuous improvement based on the existing standards, can promote the organization continue to progress. Expert Manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment

3, the quality management of Lean products is improved.

With “zero defect” as the goal, to break the traditional rules of “bad products cannot be avoided, allowing certain bad product rate” concept. To prevent the occurrence of the problem through the continuous improvement, and constantly improve the quality of quality, eliminate waste, to reduce the cost of quality. The quality is produced, and not by the test, the test is an afterthought. Therefore, should be built in the design and manufacturing process quality, to establish a safe quality assurance system, make a right. Expert Manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment

4, lean inventory management is improved.

High inventory is a pool of muddy water, unfathomable, all sorts of problems hidden under the surface of the water, such as order processing delays, poor quality, equipment failure, supplier delay, slow decision-making and so on, no one knows what really happened. In the lean inventory management, inventory has become a fast the flow of the stream, at a glance, any problems will not be hidden, which is helpful to solve the problem and reduce the occupation of funds, accelerate inventory turnover and avoid unnecessary inventory loss. It is necessary to point out that a means which just low inventory lean production, in order to solve the problem and reduce the cost, and low inventory the need for efficient process, stable and reliable quality assurance. If you do not go to the transformation process, improve the quality, but blindly asked all units to reduce inventory, the pursuit of zero inventory, the result will only be made The cost has risen sharply. Expert Manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment

5, lean human resource management is improved.

One should respect the staff suggestions and opinions, and encouraging employees to participate in decision-making, creating opportunities for employees to play; two to strengthen between people and people, mutual exchanges and cooperation between departments and departments, to solve the cross sectoral, cross level, reduce the buck passing phenomenon, eliminate their accusations and complaints, to achieve the company target under the premise of mutual understanding; three is to optimize the allocation of human resources, solve the structural contradiction and redundant structural vacancy, eliminate non value creating personnel.

6, lean supply chain management is improved. Expert Manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment

The supplier is a valuable asset of long-term operation of enterprises and external partners, and their relationship is the sharing of information, risk and profit sharing, a prosperity, a loss for both sides. We want to do is to establish long-term stable cooperative relationship with suppliers, to achieve double win; not to pursue the goal of “zero inventory”, the inventory the pressure and risk transfer to suppliers. Lean production goal is not to reduce the local inventory, but reduce the inventory of the whole supply chain. Expert Manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment

7, lean logistics management is improved.

Storage of logistics operation planning including raw materials transported to the unit after unloading, distribution, and the material in the work content storage area, logistics route design in the plant, set the material on the line when the route planning and material supply, on-line process planning. The internal logistics operation planning is the core of the logistics module, in order to avoid the roundabout and the principle of cross internal logistics routes. The lean logistics management to scientific selection of this unit is suitable for unloading, storage and distribution, in the area of logistics routes. Expert Manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment

8, lean target management is improved.

Target management including target, responsible for determining, data collection, analysis, countermeasure, benefit evaluation, continuous improvement and target assessment. Goals must be specific, statistics can be measured, can be achieved, and the annual operating company strategy and the relevant standard, there is a time limit; corresponding objective to determine the specific and relevant person in charge, the target decomposition, and then issued; data collection, analysis of problems in the production management, put forward rectification opinions and suggestions; finally, benefit evaluation of target operation, the final benefit assessment. The coordinated operation in various aspects, but also for the orderly management, do continuous improvement: avoid heat for three minutes, in order to truly play the role of lean target management. Expert Manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment

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