Custom ABS Plastic Parts

If you need plastic parts machined we are one of the most capable and affordable sources, and we can get the job done right. 


ABS is a popular plastic used in many products and known for its strength and toughness. ABS is impact resistance (including at low temperature) and has high toughness and heat resistance. It is resistant to aqueous acids, alkalis, concentrated hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, alcohols and animal, vegetable and mineral oils. It is a good electrical insulator and is moisture resistant. ABS is machined easily. 


VOHN machine shop manufacturers ABS parts using: Counter boring, Counter sinking, Drilling, Milling, Reaming, Band sawing, Shearing, Threading & Tapping, Turning (lathe), Waterjet Cutting, Injection Molding and Rapid Prototyping (FDM)


Some uses of ABS include musical instruments, auto body parts, wheel covers, enclosures, protective head gear and toys.