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Technical staff management is not going well because of a problem with the role change

“Technology and excellent service” is a common practice for companies to promote R&D cadres. It is a natural practice to promote the employees who are technically outstanding and contribute to the management position. It is not only the recognition of excellent employees but also the company’s R&D. An important way for the cadres to emerge.  acrylic productsUnfortunately, many employees do not adapt from the technical position to the management position. After some outstanding technical personnel have been assigned as managerial cadres, they have been unable to become excellent managers and various problems have arisen in their work. Such as: delay in performance, team disperse, low morale, and so on.

Changing from an excellent technician to a good manager requires learning and supplementing many management skills such as: goal management, time management, resource management, communication, and motivation. In addition, the author believes that it is more important to achieve several aspects of role change. acrylic products

One of the transformations: from the transformation of things to management, from the pursuit of personal success to the pursuit of team success.

Technicians can be independent contributors, and they can become good technicians by doing their own thing. To be a good manager, it’s not enough to just do things by yourself. Even if you do it yourself, it’s useless. The manager needs to contribute to things by helping his subordinates to do well, relying on the team’s common contributions to reflect value. Therefore, managers must spend a lot of time on management, be willing to spend time on managers, do things from oneself to others, let others be happy, and help others do well.

It is indeed very difficult to achieve such a transformation. It is like an excellent swordsman who can’t practice swords and swords all day. He can only direct others to practice swords and see other people to compare swords. It is really painful. This kind of suffering must be sustained. Only by enduring this pain can we achieve transformation. acrylic products

In the years of consulting practice, the author found that many technicians who have just taken up management posts spend too little time managing subordinates and guiding subordinates. These managers are either hands-on, they do too much, and their subordinates have nothing to do. As a result, the team cannot produce results. Either the task is not assigned to the subordinates. The result is that the subordinates have a lot of mistakes, a lot of rework, and the team performance is not good.

When I first came to the management post, I also had a profound lesson at this point. When I saw that the subordinates had insufficient capacity, I dared not give the work to the subordinates. I felt that I was more at ease with myself. As a result, the shortcomings were manifested several months later. On the one hand, on the one hand, there are too many things to do in person, and all day is exhausted, there are still many tasks that cannot be completed in time, commitments to superiors and other departments cannot be realized, the performance of the entire department is poor, and leaders and relevant departments are not satisfied. On the other hand, some employees do not have enough work to get enough exercise, or feel that they are only doing simple mechanical work, lack of sense of accomplishment, no room for growth, and morale decline. The author is also “painful and painful” under the cruel reality, and determined to change. acrylic products

To achieve this change, we must force ourselves to turn our attention to management. To be a true manager, we must treat people’s management and guidance as a top priority; we must dare to put subordinates under pressure, but we cannot Stress the burden, and then spend time in guiding the burden; you must also learn some important management skills, including: setting goals, tasks, plans, plans, regular monitoring and counseling.

The second change: From the fear of communicating with people to the change of communication with others.

Technical work takes a long time to think. There is relatively little time to deal with people. The long-term work characteristics of computers, equipment, and drawings have caused technicians to be good at thinking, being introverted, not good at communicating with people, and sometimes even afraid Communicate with people. In public places, technicians are reluctant to talk more, and expressing their opinions is also a “relief for words like gold.” The most important thing to say is that the expression is sometimes incomplete. When there is a conflict with others, technicians often instinctively avoid and do not want to communicate more. acrylic products

As a manager, it can be said that communicating with people is its main task. Communicating with people is a basic requirement for managers. Upwards, managers need to fully understand the leaders’ expectations of your work, priorities, gain leadership support for the work, and sometimes even persuade leaders to accept your opinions. Downwards, managers need to clarify the work goals and tasks of their subordinates, guide their subordinates to work, understand subordinates’ ideas, and make subordinates’ ideological work when their subordinates have emotions, inspiring subordinates’ morale. At the same level, managers need to coordinate resources, clarify responsibilities, and handle disagreements with the relevant department heads.

In the years of consulting practice, the author found that: technical staff who have just embarked on a management position often have a misunderstanding in understanding, that communication takes too much time, too much time, it is better to pay more time to do more practical work. The result is often “what you want to quickly fail”. After the completion of the work, it is found that everyone’s understanding is inconsistent, and they are deviating from the correct direction, failing to meet the leaders’ expectations, or the subordinates failing to comprehend your intentions. The work accomplished is not the result you want. This has led to problems such as rework, delays in tasks, and waste of costs. These are the consequences of inadequate communication.

To become a good manager must break this misunderstanding, be willing to spend time communicating with others, and even enjoy the fun of communicating with others. Of course, it will be difficult to enjoy the pleasure of communicating with others. It will take a long time, but at least you are willing to communicate with others and are willing to spend more time communicating with others. acrylic products

To achieve this change, managers must also learn some important communication skills, learn to empathy, learn to listen, learn and report more than the leadership, talk more with subordinates, learn to adjust the team atmosphere, inspire team morale ……

In addition to the above-mentioned two changes, the technical personnel will also need to realize the role of “change from sticking with the truth to learning to compromise” and “from being a good old man to daring to be a wicked person”.

Compared with other aspects of the role change, the author believes that the above two aspects are crucial to the technical personnel who go to management. They are the first to be solved, and the success of the transformation determines whether it can become a good manager.

In the previous section, the change in the role of technical personnel in management has been mentioned. First, the transition from doing things to managing people needs to be realized. Second, we need to realize the transition from being afraid of communicating with others to being willing to communicate with others. In addition, there are several other role changes that need to be implemented. acrylic products

The third transition: From adhering to “I am right” to learn to compromise

Let us first look at a case: due to the inaccurate dimensional accuracy of components returned from the processing, the prototype assembly is difficult and the performance is not up to the standard. The project manager organizational structure engineer Zeng Guohua discusses the solution with the purchasing engineer. During the process, the structural engineer and the purchase engineer hold opinions. There is no dispute between the two sides. The following is a dialogue between the two sides.

Structural Engineer: Drawings I checked again and again, there is no problem at all. It should be that the supplier’s processing technology cannot meet our requirements.

Procurement Engineer: After two days of communication with the supplier’s mail and telephone, the drawing still seems to be problematic. The supplier thinks that the drawing does not consider the machinability, the hemming width requires 4mm, and cannot be achieved at all. The pass rate is low. is normal. Moreover, the company is not the first time to do such a processing part. In the past, such parts as the flange width are generally more than 5mm, or even larger, so there is no problem in processing. This time the demand is indeed higher, and the material of the raw material is harder than before, so the size deviation is large.

Structural Engineer: There is absolutely no problem with the drawings. This is the design specification. You have a look. Speaking out of the company’s design specifications for everyone to see, in order to prove that their design is in line with the design specification. acrylic products

Procurement Engineer: It is correct that you meet the specifications. However, when designing, you need to consider the actual situation of the supplier. The current supplier is our company’s long-term partner and has been certified by several departments of the company. If you want to find a new supplier, it will be too late in time and cost, so it is better to change the design drawings.

Structural Engineer: No problem with drawings. Why change? The supplier can’t do it. That’s your purchasing problem. You should change it. Why don’t you look for a processing plant with strong processing capacity? Instead of what the supplier can do, what kind of drawings we have, if the supplier later said that folding can not even be 10mm, isn’t our structural designer also changing the drawings to 10mm? acrylic products

Similar phenomena in the above cases occur every day. The concept of Zeng Guohua’s insistence that “I am right” and unwilling to compromise is very common among technicians. In a logical sense, Zeng Guohua is indeed right. In the long run, to improve product performance and quality, the company needs to introduce suppliers with stronger processing capabilities. However, in order to solve the immediate problems, modifying the design is probably the most feasible solution. This requires Zeng Guohua to make concessions.

As with the above cases, many times, insisting that “I am right” does not help solve problems and cannot effectively promote work. Solving problems requires finding solutions under imperfect realities, and many times a “justified” party needs to make a temporary compromise. As managers, the most important thing is to quickly solve problems and promote work, not to determine who is right or wrong. acrylic products

Ren Zhengfei, the president of Huawei, mentioned in the “gray scale of management” that “compromise” is a consensus reached by two or more parties under certain conditions. It is not the best way to solve the problem, but there is no better way. Before it appeared, it was the best method because it had many advantages… “Compromise” is a means to achieve the goal. When the direction of the goal is clear, if this is not achievable, we will compromise and make a roundabout. It is better than standing still. Why do we have to hit the south wall?

Therefore, when Zeng Guohua went to the management position, it was necessary to carry out an important role change, that is, to change from insisting on “I am right” to learn to compromise.

The fourth change: from being a good old man to being a wicked person. acrylic products

Case: Zhang Yide’s distress

Zhang Yide was assigned as the head of the hardware group due to his outstanding work and led 12 hardware engineers to work. After 6 or 7 months, Zhang Yide found that the work was very unsuccessful and very distressed.

The work load of the hardware group is heavy, but when assigning work, when the subordinates put too much work and want to reduce the load, Zhang Yide always feels embarrassed to “over-demand” the subordinates, and has to do more on his own. In addition, in order to live up to the trust and high expectations of leaders, Zhang Yide thought in his heart that “the work of the hardware team I am responsible for must be done neatly and without problems,” and some important work is not assured to subordinates and I have to do it myself. . As a result, more and more things have been done by him personally and he has been exhausted all day. There are still many tasks that cannot be completed in time. The commitment to superiors and other departments cannot be achieved, not only affects their own performance indicators, but also drags down the relevant departments. Zhang Yide is very upset about this. acrylic products

In the work, the subordinates’ sense of responsibility is not enough and there are some mistakes that should not have occurred. Zhang Yide wants to criticize it, but she is too embarrassed to say too much, fearing to hurt the subordinate’s self-esteem, subordinates will not stand. The result was only an understatement reminding the subordinates of earnestness in the future, and finally found that the subordinates did not recognize the seriousness of their problems and the work did not change. Zhang Yide was therefore very distressed.

After two consecutive quarters of performance appraisal, due to the general performance of the hardware group, according to the company’s mandatory proportion distribution, the hardware group has a quota for every quarter (D—that is, it is to be improved, which is the worst grade of the company). Zhang Yide worried that the number of places for D was too controversial. When face-to-face with performance interviews, he had no choice but to take a few turns. Even so, the first two subordinates of D were not satisfied. Zhang Yide is very upset about this. acrylic products

Similar to Zhang Yide’s troubles, many technicians have come across the process of management. In the final analysis, Zhang Yide is still a “good old man” mentality and is afraid to be a “wicked person”. As a manager, Zhang Yide must realize that to become a qualified manager, one must have the courage to do “wicked people”. To dare to strict requirements on employees, the lack of strict employees in fact, harm the employees, delay the growth of employees, employees in the future career lack of competitiveness. As long as this concept is changed, Zhang Yide will find that strictly speaking to employees is not a difficult task. We must dare to evaluate the employees in a practical and realistic manner, point out the inadequacies in employee work, and give employees suggestions for improvement to help them grow. As long as the issue is considered from this perspective, Zhang Yide will find that it is not so difficult to give employees a bad review.

Therefore, when Zhang Yide went to a management position, it was necessary to carry out an important role change, that is, from being a “good old man” to being a “darter”.

The author believes that the above two aspects are also crucial to the technical personnel who go to management. The success or failure of the transformation will also greatly affect whether or not it can become a good manager. acrylic products

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