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In the new era of high-speed rail, what technologies does China lead the world?

Under the background of the national economic strategy, China’s high-speed rail has developed rapidly, and its speed and total mileage have been ranked first in the world. It has become one of the representatives of the image of China’s big country. In 2018, China’s high-speed rail development is the most “proud” year. New highlights, new technologies, and new breakthroughs have cheered the people and made the world marvel. advanced CNC machining

In the new era of China’s high-speed rail, what technologies lead the world?

High temperature superconducting magnetic suspension + vacuum tube technology

At the “High-speed Railway Technology Development Forum” of the 2018 World Transportation Conference, Zhang Weihua, the chief professor of Southwest Jiaotong University, introduced that the “polymorphic coupled rail transit dynamic model test platform” undertaken by Southwest Jiaotong University is a simulation at 1500 meters. In the special vacuum pipelines with different low-pressure environments, the operation tests including different scale model vehicles such as high-temperature superconducting magnetic suspension mode are carried out, and the test speed is supersonic. advanced CNC machining

In theory, China’s super high-speed rail will reach a speed of 1,500 kilometers per hour in 2021, far exceeding the average speed of 900 kilometers per passenger. In 2013, Elon Musk first proposed the idea of ​​using vacuum pipes to build a “super high-speed rail” with a theoretical speed of 1,207 kilometers per hour.

At present, the world’s fastest vacuum high-temperature superconducting magnetic suspension proportional model vehicle test line is being built in Chengdu, and it is expected to be completed and put into trial before the end of the year. The special pipeline used in this test line has a diameter of 4.2m and a length of 140m. The bottom of the test vehicle is covered with special high-temperature superconducting materials, which use liquid nitrogen to form low temperature, thus achieving superconducting and magnetic suspension effects. The suspension height is 10mm and the test speed is up to 400km. The highest test speed of the same type of “super high-speed rail” in the United States is only 387 kilometers per hour. advanced CNC machining

The world’s first 350 km high speed automatic driving system (C3+ATO)

The high-speed train operation control system, which is hailed as the “brain and central nervous system” of high-speed rail, can ensure efficient, stable and orderly operation of the high railway network. But for a long time, only a few countries such as Japan, France, and Germany have mastered this technology.

In April 2018, China Railway Communication Signal Group Co., Ltd. introduced advanced technology, digested and absorbed, and increased the automatic driving function (ATO) of trains based on the speed of 350 km train operation control technology (CTCS-3) in China through independent innovation and research and development. The world’s first 350km high-speed automatic driving system (C3+ATO) was launched and put into trial.

At the same time, the China Train Operation Control Technical Standard (CTCS) was established to realize the complete localization of the high-speed train operation control system and related products. Under the protection of this technology, China’s high-speed rail intelligent operation level will lead the world, ushering in a new era of automatic driving. advanced CNC machining

The world’s first CTCS-3 train operation control system

The CTCS-3 train operation control system is the core safety equipment that guarantees the safe operation of high-speed trains and improves transportation efficiency.

The system consists of on-board equipment and ground equipment. The in-vehicle device includes a human-machine interface display unit, a vehicle-mounted safety computer, a GSM-R wireless communication unit, a speed measuring and ranging unit, a transponder information transmission module, and a track circuit information reading system.

Ground trackside equipment mainly includes ZPW-2000 track circuit, transponder and GSM-R wireless base station. The ground indoor equipment mainly includes a wireless blocking center, a train control center, a temporary speed limit server, a computer interlock, a GSM-R mobile switching center, and a driving command center. advanced CNC machining

According to the train travel plan, the command center automatically generates a train route sequence, and then the computer performs calculation and arrangement, and then sends the information to the wireless block center and the train control center through the signal safety data network. After the driving permission is generated by the two operations, they are sent to the in-vehicle device through the GSM-R wireless network and the ZPW-2000 track circuit and the transponder respectively. The vehicle equipment generates a target distance contact speed mode curve after receiving the license, thereby monitoring the operation of the train.

The CTCS-3 train operation control system has been successfully applied to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway with the longest design mileage and the highest running speed in the world. advanced CNC machining

The core component of the motor car “gearbox” breaks through the technical difficulties

The “gearbox” is the core component that drives the “Revival” EMUs at high speed and smooth running. It has a long service life of 30 years and 24 million kilometers, which is equivalent to 600 laps around the earth. Because the material, aging resistance and sealing of the parts require extremely high requirements, every step of production and development must be controlled by precise data.

The experienced workers are equipped with intelligent wrenches, and then according to the output torque set by the computer, so that the tightness of each bolt can reach the first-class precision. If any link deviates from the command issued by the computer, the system will record and alarm, resulting in failure.

What is unexpected for foreign R&D personnel is that it took only 20 years for China to overcome this expectation that it will take twenty or thirty years to break through the technical difficulties. Since it was put into production in 2015, the “gearbox” production rate has reached 100%. At present, the “gearbox” has been used on a large scale in the “Revival”, accounting for 80% of the domestic market share. advanced CNC machining

High-speed rail lines are all paved with seamless rails

“China’s high-speed rails all use seamless lines. The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway with a length of 1,318 kilometers does not have a track seam, so we can’t hear the sound of the train’s ‘Dangdang Dangdang’,” said Lu Chunfang, deputy general manager of China Railway Corporation. advanced CNC machining
Behind the seamless railway technology, there is a huge high temperature challenge. In order to avoid the impact of high temperature expansion rail, our technicians have developed new products such as high-strength steel rails, high-standard fasteners, and rails. The steel rails are limited by strong line resistance, and the temperature is properly locked to ensure that the track bed and rails do not change.


China’s high-speed rail is quietly changing the way of life of the Chinese people. It also allows China to have a strong enough voice in the world for high-speed rail technology. I believe that the development of China’s high-speed rail in the second half of 2018 will not disappoint everyone. advanced CNC machining

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