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5 – day rapid improvement breakthrough : lean office improvement

SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer. The Breakthrough of the week’s Rapid improvement of the Office Business process

-Definitions: the breakthrough method of business process improvement is to use lean production principles and tools to make breakthrough improvements in the business process of an enterprise. SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

-improvement tools: flow chart, process flow chart, bar chart, brainstorming method, impact / difficulty analysis, standardized operation…

-objective of improvement: rapid improvement of office business processes focuses on shortening the company’s operating cycle time through business process optimization to improve the operational efficiency and information flow of the non-production departments of the company. SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

Office business process week rapid improvement breakthrough method 5 days to improve). SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

Preparatory phase:

  1. To improve the project selection is to select the project.

-selecting according to the enterprise target strategy;

-selection based on key sectoral performance indicators (KPI);

Find the project through the VSM method, the closer you get to the client, the more priority you give to the project.

-requirements from other sectors; SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer.

Common problems within the company, such as the following possible improvements:

Warehouse finished product inventory reduction, production process improvement, cash reimbursement process improvement, reduce department archived documentation, sample / new product evaluation process, reduce mold verification cycle, shorten supplier certification cycle, etc.

  1. Goal-setting

Establish clear, challenging goals; SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer,

  1. Resource readiness

Including the preparation of information related to office processes, and prior contact with relevant departments or suppliers to support the preparation;

  1. Formation of teams

Determine the team members according to the selected projects, for some projects, members need to have a certain decision and power to promote other departments. In addition, the team should not have too many similar functions to avoid bias. Not easy to break through, pay attention to proportional distribution, personnel to 12 to 15 people as a good.Implementation phase: SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

A rapid improvement breakthrough in five days is outlined below on its daily agenda:

  1. First day of training

Training of all team members on concepts, principles and tools for lean office business process improvement

  1. Understanding the status quo and identifying opportunities for improvement the next day

-defining objectives and scope; SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

-drawing up the current business flow chart of the office of the enterprise;

-define each step;

-calculation process steps via VANVA, handover, delays, etc.;

-calculating the current cycle time;

-defining waste;

* reviewing the objectives and scope of the development of initial improvement options; SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

-improved communiqu é s

  1. Implementation of improvements and development of new office processes on the third day

-marking can reduce the number of steps;

-continuous optimization of office processes, elimination of delays, reduction of approvals and reduction of long-cycle steps;

-Development of new office processes;

-to recalculate the steps of the new office process, the cycle time, the value added ratio, and the number of documents; SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

-Simulation of new office processes;

-Review objectives

  1. 4th days of continuous improvement and standardization

-Simulation and implementation of some new office processes;

-the development of standardized documents; SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

-Review of standardized documents;

Optimize the new office process and summarize the improvement effect;

-improving the preparation of reports;

Set critical control points

  1. 5th days routine if the first four days go well, the fifth day is basically a meeting to report to the company’s management. SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

-Standardization of office processes;

-30-day follow-up note;

-reporting to management on improved results. SGS Approved aerospace CNC machining Manufacturer

Office business process improvement and production site rapid improvement breakthrough process is basically similar, but the tools used are not the same. Production site problems are easier to use eyes and data to understand the problem points. But the office business process is not easy to find the problem point. Only through the VSM, flow chart and other tools, the problem can be visualized to find the real problem.

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