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[management tools] Huawei’s 180-day detailed training Program for New employees

China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me. The first six months of training cycle of new employees often reflect the degree of attention to talent training, but many enterprises tend to focus on the first 15 days. As a result of the new generation of staff turnover rate peak appeared in the first 6 months to 1 year, so that enterprises lose a lot of costs, how to quickly improve the ability of new employees. Depending on what managers did in the first 180 days, this article shares a detailed 180-day training plan for Huawei’s new hires.

Stage 1: new entrants, let him know what to do for seven days)

In order for employees to quickly integrate into the business within seven days, managers need to do the following seven things: China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

  1. Arrange seats and desks for the new person, have their own place, and introduce colleagues around the location to know each other (each introduces for no less than 1 minute); China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me
  2. Hold a welcoming meeting or dinner to introduce everyone in the department to each other;
  3. Direct supervisor communicates with him alone: let him know the company culture, development strategy, etc., and know the professional ability, family background, career planning and interests of the new person.

4. HR supervisor tells new employees about their job responsibilities and gives their own

development space and value. China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

  1. The immediate supervisor clearly arranges the tasks for the first week, including: what to do every day, how to do, and who is the head of the department related to the task.
  2. Timely detection and correction of problems in daily work (no criticism, and timely affirmation and praise (feedback principle); check the daily workload and difficulties in the work; 6.
  3. Let old colleagues (more than one year of work) contact as much as possible with new people, eliminate the strangeness of new people, let them into the team as soon as possible. Key point: eat lunch together, chat more. Don’t talk too much about your goals and stress in the first week. China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

Stage 2: new person transition, let him know how to do a good job for 30 days)

Transition is often painful, but necessary, and managers need to spend a short time helping new employees to overdo their roles. Here are five key ways:

  1. Lead the new employee to familiarize themselves with the company environment and departments, let him know how to write the standard company email, how to send the fax, which person to find the computer problem, how to answer the internal telephone, etc.
  2. It is best to place new employees near old colleagues for easy observation and guidance. China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me
  3. Observe their emotional state in time, make timely adjustment, and find out whether there is pressure through inquiry;
  4. Timely and timely teaching his own experience, let him learn in the actual combat, learning to do, doing middle school is very important to new employees;
  5. Acknowledge and praise its growth and progress in a timely manner, and raise higher expectations, key points: 4 C, feedback skills. China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

Phase 3: getting new employees to take up challenging tasks for 31 to 60 days)

Giving the right pressure at the right time can often boost the growth of new employees, but most managers choose the wrong way to pressure.

  1. To know the strengths and skills of the new employee, and to clarify the requirements of the job and the evaluation criteria;
  2. Carry out the company’s team activities, observe its advantages and abilities, promote the long and short;
  3. Give them the opportunity to improve when they make mistakes, observe their mentality in adversity, observe their behavior, and see the value of their cultivation; China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me
  4. If you are really not qualified for the current position, see if it is suitable for other departments and give them more opportunities. The mistake that managers can easily make is a one-size-fits-all approach;

Phase 4: praise and encouragement, build a relationship of mutual trust for 61days)

It is easy for managers to stint on their praise language, or lack of praise skills, and praise generally follows three principles: timeliness, diversity, and openness.

1.When the new employee completes the challenging task, or where there is progress, give praise and reward in a timely manner, praise the timeliness of encouragement; China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

2.Many forms of praise and encouragement, to give him more surprises, more to create a different sense of surprise, praise the diversity of encouragement;

3.Show the achievements of the subordinates, share the successful experiences and praise the openness of encouragement to the colleagues of the company;

Phase 5: bring new employees into the team and take the initiative to complete the work for 91 / 120 days)

For the new generation of employees, they are not lack of creativity, more often managers need patience to guide them how to team work, how to integrate into the team. China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

  1. Encourages subordinates to actively participate in and address the meetings of the team and to give praise and encouragement when they speak;
  2. For incentive mechanism, team building, task flow, growth, good experience should be discussed and shared;
  3. Discuss with new employees how to deal with the tasks and suggestions, when subordinates make good suggestions to confirm them; 3.
  4. If there is any contradiction with old colleagues, we should deal with it in a timely manner; China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

Phase 6: assign a mission to the staff, with a moderate authorization of 121 / 179 days)

After the first three months, the average new employee turns into a regular employee, which brings with it new challenges and, of course, a new employee who is truly part of the company. The manager’s task center also moves on to the following five points:

  1. Help subordinates to reposition themselves so that they can re-understand the value of work, the meaning of work, the responsibility of work, the mission of work, the height of work, and find their own goals and directions; China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me
  2. Pay close attention to new subordinates, when subordinates have negative emotion, should adjust in time, have sensitivity to all aspects of subordinates; When a subordinate asks a negative, childish question, change the way, remove his problem from the positive side, and change the manager’s mind;
  3. Let employees feel the mission of the company, enlarge the vision and cultural value of the company, enlarge the strategic decision and leadership intention, focus on the people and culture landing, focus on the right direction and efficient communication. Focus on performance improvement and professional quality; China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

4. When the company has something important or exciting news, we should guide everyone to                     share.

  1. to begin the moderate decentralization of subordinates to complete their own work, find the value of the work and enjoy the joy brought by the results, decentralization should not be in place in one step; China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

Phase 7: summing up, drawing up a development plan for 180 days)

Six months later, it is time to make a formal assessment and development plan for your subordinates. A complete performance interview typically includes the following six steps:

  1. Guarantee at least 1 / 2 formal performance interviews of at least one hour or more per quarter, which will be preceded by a full investigation, which will be justified, substantiated and well documented; China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me
  2. Performance interviews should be targeted at: clear purpose; employee self-assessment (what has been done, what results have been achieved, what efforts have been made to achieve results, what aspects have been inadequate and where there is a gap with other colleagues;
  3. The evaluation of leadership includes: results, ability, daily performance, to be sure of the results first, then insufficient, and then to talk about the lack of real examples to support (still feedback skills);
  4. Assist subordinates in setting goals and measures, making commitments, monitoring the progress of inspections, and assisting him in achieving his stated goals; China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me
  5. Strive for opportunities for development and promotion for subordinates, and discuss their future development with him, and evaluate them at least once every 3 to 6 months;
  6. Give subordinates the opportunity to participate in training, encourage him to study more, read more books, everyone makes a growth plan, to check in stages; China Manufacturer of aerospace machine shops near me

Stage 8: focus on the growth of subordinates (every day)

After the first 90 days, the average new employee turns into a regular employee, with new challenges and, of course, a new employee becoming a real part of the company.

  1. Pay attention to the life of new subordinates, when he is hit, ill, lovelorn, encounter life changes, psychological confusion when more support, more communication, more concern, more help;
  2. Remember the birthdays of each colleague in the department, and celebrate in a group on the birthday day; record the department memorabilia and each breakthrough of colleagues, give praise and reward for each progress;
  3. Hold group activities once a month to increase team cohesion, key points: honesty, appreciation, affection, integrity.

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