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[job story] can you not promote such employees?

When it comes to Yang Li, the whole company is amazed at the promotion myth she has created. After graduating from higher vocational education, the undergraduate students gather in large groups of graduate students from the reception of the front desk. Within three years she had been the department manager. But she had been called the dumbest employee in the company. China Manufacturer of aluminum CNC service

1, “I don’t feel at ease when I’m not done.”

The year Yang graduated, the employment situation was so severe that even college students were in danger. After dozens of application letters, it was not easy for a company to respond. But when Yang Li rushed to interview, but found that there have been more than 40 people with undergraduate degrees and various certificates gathered in front of the company, the competition is almost fierce enough to meet the situation. Yang entered a final round of work: three days in the human resources department. The minister left Yang with a task to sort out some of the company’s documents last year and file them in a computer.

However, just after Yang Li had been busy for a day, bad news came from the head office before work, and the head office gave an urgent notice to suspend the recruitment of new employees. “the other students in the internship ran to the minister’s office to express their dissatisfaction. It was not until work that the fretful minister sent away the last aggrieved student and returned to the office. But found Yang Li is still busy in a pile of documents. China Manufacturer of aluminum CNC service

The minister said politely, “I’m sorry to have kept you busy all day. No way, this is a temporary decision of the head office. After work, go home soon, you won’t have to come tomorrow.”

Yang Li stood up and said, “nothing, but I’ve finished half the papers. If I had to start from scratch again, I would have come back tomorrow and that morning would have been enough if I hadn’t finished my work.”

All the students said Yang Li was silly, so instead of giving people a free hand, it was better to hurry up and find another job. Yang Li just smiled and left at noon the next day. There were rows of bound folders and a tidy filing room.

Two months later, the job was repeatedly bumped into a wall, and Yang Li, who was only able to work in a small shop, received a call from the minister, saying that the company was inviting her to apply for a position. It turned out. When the minister reported to the company manager about the recruitment, he mentioned Yang Li’s performance. The manager was impressed by the “dumbest job seeker” and instructed the minister to leave her contact information. When the company completed the adjustment. The minister made the first call to Yang Li when he rehired the staff. So, in the envy of her classmates, Yang Li stepped back into the door of the company. China Manufacturer of aluminum CNC service

2, “the future is made.”

Yang Li, who entered the company with the lowest education and no experience, was assigned to do reception at the front desk. In everyone’s eyes, this is the most “garbage” position in the company. She usually answers the phone and registers a visitor. No one has ever worked for more than two years and has no future to choose such a position.

“the future is not chosen, it’s made,” Yang said. On her first day at work, she replaced the tattered register and ripped off a dirty departmental phone contact list. Instead of a 16-year book with a cover of her own printed company profile, she stayed up until 11:00 for several nights in a row. Some people don’t understand. It takes ten seconds to check the address book. Why bother to memorize by rote? Yang Li says she has to “ask no questions and answer quickly”, not just the phone number and the room number. Everything about the company must be in mind.

Once, several Singaporean customers came to discuss cooperation, and Yang arranged for them to wait in the lobby. The clients sat together and talked about not knowing much about the performance of the new partner. Yang Li stepped forward politely and said, “if you can take a moment, I can give you a brief introduction.” in the astonished eyes of the public, Yang Li put the company’s sales results in recent years. When the sales manager comes to greet the customer, the customer is full of praise: “your company is wonderful, an ordinary employee can blurt out the performance of his company.” What a sense of responsibility and pride it is! “We are very confident in such enterprises.” afterwards, the manager asked Yang Li how to remember that long list of numbers, Yang Li replied: “the company’s annual meeting and every regular meeting.” I kept a detailed record of the departments. “the manager couldn’t help but look at her.

Soon, this warm and careful front desk became a beautiful view of the company. In fact, Yang’s approach was ridiculed as silly by many colleagues, for example, to make sure the phone rang three times. Yang never brought a cup to the company, minimizing the number of times she went to the bathroom. People said the company was not Shangganling, and Yang believed that every unknown call could be a potential customer. Maybe the million yuan business starts with a timely and enthusiastic answer. For example, Yang Li always cleans the hall after lunch. Some people say don’t be silly. The company paid the property company. Yang Li said: “the cleaning time of the property company is half an hour later than that of the company working in the afternoon. There are a lot of employees coming in and out at noon, and the floor is full of footprints, if a customer comes.” It will certainly affect his first impression of the company. ”

A year later, the title and bonus of excellent staff fell to Yang Li, the stupidest receptionist, for the first time.

3. Do the best little things

The company stipulates that at the end of each year, employees must write a year-end report summarizing their work throughout the year in written form, both to sum up their experience and to set goals. Make suggestions. Nearly a thousand employees at the company have taken the move as the biggest formalism.

So, when Yang Li started typing on the keyboard word by word, the old staff said, “Don’t be silly, just change it from the Internet. Thousands of reports are taller than the boss’s, and the boss reads jokes.” I must have sold the waste paper at last. ”

Yang Li did not pay attention, because after working for a year, she did have a lot of feelings, and also wanted to take this opportunity to put forward suggestions and ideas. And with her position and status, want to see boss face to face statement, can only be a kind of extravagant hope. Yang Li has an impulse. She must take this opportunity to present her views on the current state of the company and her suggestions for future development in detail and in full. She believes that nothing is better than a picturesque report.

So, Yang Li came home every evening, the first thing after dinner was to rush to the computer to prepare the materials, drawing charts. A week later. A like fashion magazine like the end of the year to the company office. Color cover is the logo and purpose of the company, the title page has a catalogue and summary. The text is divided into three parts, respectively is my work. My opinion and my advice. Each section has detailed data and visual charts, and shows the bad style and waste of the company in the form of comics. Finally, sincere advice and passionate ideas.

Over the next few days, every employee in the company talked about this incredible year-end review, saying it was really unexpected that the year-end summary could be written like that. Yang Li became a hot topic for the company. Another three days passed. The boss called Yang Li to the office and said, “whether it was your first application or this time writing a summary, I was deeply impressed. I read the report four times, and you saw the problem very accurately and the thinking was very clear.” The idea is creative, but I appreciate your sense of responsibility for the job. You may need a more suitable position, so do it. ”

In this way, the company’s most stupid employees, on the career highway.

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