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Never get seasick , tell you the person who is seasick !

Sourcing aluminum enclosures Manufacturer from China. Hold fresh ginger slices in your hand on the road and smell under your nostrils at any time so that spicy taste can be inhaled into your nose. You can also stick ginger slices to your navel and fix it with dampness and pain relief ointment.

Orange peel

About 1 hour before the ride, fresh orange peel face outward, fold inward, then pointed at two nostrils two fingers squeeze, the skin will spray oil mist with aromatic flavor. Inhaled more than 10 times. On the way to the car, according to this method at any time. Sourcing aluminum enclosures Manufacturer from China


Drink a glass of warm water with vinegar before taking a ride, you won’t get carsick on the way.

Pinching Neiguan point

When carsickness occurs, the thumb can be pinched in the Neiguan point (Neiguan point on the palmar side of the wrist, about two transverse fingers on the stria carpi, between the two tendons. Sourcing aluminum enclosures Manufacturer from China

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