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The origin and classification of the Kanban (lean school)

The Origin and production of Kanban Management. High Quality aluminum fabrication near me China Manufacturer

Just-in-time production is a unique modern mode of production  founded by Toyota Motor Company of Japan, which is characterized by the production of necessary products and, when necessary, only the necessary quantity to reduce inventory. Increase capital turnover and reduce costs. High Quality aluminum fabrication near me China Manufacturer

Kanban management is a unique means to realize just-in-time production mode. It has experienced many years of exploration and improvement, as a thorough pursuit of production process rationality, efficiency and flexibility of production management technology. Has been gradually used by many enterprises in the world. High Quality aluminum fabrication near me China Manufacturer

As early as 1980s, some enterprises in China have simply imitated the transfer Kanban, without any effect, but now some enterprises are engaged in Kanban management. In fact, this is not really understand Kanban idea, do not grasp its method. In fact, Kanban is a kind of instruction, a certificate, a kind of information. In order to realize just-in-time production, we should make systematic research on Kanban management and establish a suitable Kanban management system according to the characteristics of the enterprise. High Quality aluminum fabrication near me China Manufacturer

Kanban management, often referred to as “Kanban management” (from Japanese Kanban), is an important concept in Toyota’s production model. In order to achieve the JIT. Fixed loading containers and other ways, and make the flow of materials in the production process smooth. High Quality aluminum fabrication near me China Manufacturer

Kanban management method is in the same process or before and after the process of logistics or information flow transfer. JIT is a kind of pull management. It needs to transfer information from the last process to the previous process, the carrier of which is Kanban. It can not be carried out without Kanban JIT. JIT production is sometimes referred to as Kanban production. High Quality aluminum fabrication near me China Manufacturer

The classification of Kanban management

The Kanban on a punctual production way is designed to convey information: “what, when, how many quantities, how to produce, and how to carry”. High Quality aluminum fabrication near me China Manufacturer

The nature of Kanban is a form of information medium to issue production instructions to the needed parts at the time required, and the forms to achieve this function can be varied. High Quality aluminum fabrication near me China Manufacturer

Kanban information includes: name, part number, serial number, container, container capacity, a Kanban number to the location, appearance and other parts. In the mode of production Kanban in the production line is divided into two categories: collect and Kanban Kanban (WIP Kanban).

(1) production Kanban / WIP Kanban (Production Card): including: first, process Kanban; second, signal Kanban (record the following processes must be produced and ordered parts, the type and number of components).

(2) get the Kanban (Withdrawal Card): including the first process Kanban; second, the external order Kanban (record the following processes should be processed before the process of the parts, the type and number of components). High Quality aluminum fabrication near me China Manufacturer

  1. process Kanban

Kanban in process is the Kanban used for processing a certain process. This Kanban is used for assembly line, and even for producing many kinds of products, there is no need for substantive operation change time (job change time is close to zero), such as machining process and so on.

  1. Signal Kanban

Signal Kanban is the Kanban used between the processes that have to be produced in batches, such as resin forming, die forging, etc. The signal Kanban is hung on the products made in batches. When the number of the products is reduced to the reference number, remove the Kanban, return to the production process, and then the production process according to the Kanban instructions to start production. In addition, from the parts out of storage to the production process. Signal Kanban can also be used to indicate distribution.

  1. Inter-process Kanban

Inter-process Kanban refers to the Kanban used in the factory after the process to the previous process to obtain the required components.

4 . Outside view board The outsourcing view board is a viewing board used by the external cooperative manufacturers . The external ordering inspection board must record the name of the incoming unit and the arrival time , the quantity of each incoming goods , and so on . The outsourcing view board is similar to the inter – operation view board , except that the ” front process ” is not an internal process but a supplier , and is slowly pulled forward from the last working procedure to the supplier through the outsourcing view board . Therefore , sometimes the enterprise will require the supplier to implement the JIT production mode .

5 . Temporary kanban

temporary kanban is used when equipment preservation , equipment repair , temporary duty or overtime production is required . Unlike other kinds of viewing panels , the temporary kanban is mainly used to accomplish tasks such as production or equipment maintenance within a non – plan , and thus the flexibility is relatively large .

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