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HR] Performance Appraisal Result Application (1) Employee Compensation Incentive

According to the results of the assessment, the performance salary, bonus, and salary increase are the most common applications for performance assessment. With assessment results, how much should the performance appraisal wages be given, how bonuses should be made, and how salary adjustments should be made, etc. Different companies may each have their own practices. Then, please ask: aluminum pipe fittings
1, according to the assessment results to pay and pay, specifically how do you do?
2. How should I pay performance bonuses (payouts) and salary adjustments to be more motivating?

Reference resolution:

Let me share my company’s experience:
1. Staff salary composition: basic salary (monthly salary system) + performance salary (according to the result of performance appraisal, it is divided into excellent, good, medium, and pass, needs improvement) aluminum pipe fittings

The proportion of performance pay is 30%-0% of the basic salary. If you have a monthly salary of 5K, then you can get 5000+5000*30%=6500 for the highest one-month period. You can only get 5000+ for the lowest one month. 0*5000=5000.

2. The year-end bonuses are based on the company’s annual revenue. They make more, employees take more, and if they lose, there is no year-end bonus.

3, staff salary is generally once a year, generally from the beginning of January. The adjustment rate is 5%-15%. Individual special salary adjustment ratios are very large. Some employees had increased their salary by 410 yuan at the beginning of the year, and in May they raised 4,000 yuan, which is a swift advance. Of course this is a special case. aluminum pipe fittings

4. Because the same proportion of salary increase at the beginning of the year did not reflect the relationship between employee’s contribution size and salary, therefore, the employees complained, I myself mean this, and some of the performance is general, the salary also rose 5% -10% The performance is good and it is the same. There is no proof of value recognition. It does not fully mobilize our enthusiasm. This has led to the recent occurrence of some company-level collective resignations at the director level. The company’s size and leadership have come to interviews in turn. What is the use of the interviews to give some short promises? (Although I came to this company for one year, my work performance has made great progress compared to the previous person in charge of personnel. I have been recognized from top to bottom, including other departments that I did not accept.) Once, the leaders of the group came to follow me. Talking about it, saying that the company recognizes your work performance, it will give you less salary adjustment at the beginning of the year. I forgot to apply with the president and I will give it to you at the end of the year. I also said that I will raise my salary in two months. These words, comrades, do you believe? How much is it?

Personally think that the adjustment of the salary should refer to the overall level of the local area, including the salary level, consumption level, the value of the position personnel’s contribution, his replacement, average social wage, and so on. aluminum pipe fittings

Sometimes, the company’s leaders prefer to recruit one more, and they are unwilling to give this salary increase in service. No less than a last resort, no emphasis, no solution, it drags on and drags them into their style. Hey, I hope this plan will have an effect and retain talent.

For this reason, as the person in charge of the personnel department, he drills every day in data piles, analyzes the salaries of current employees, adjusts the salary for the budget, investigates the surrounding wage levels, social wages, social security policies, and has a lot of things. The analysis of data is useful for leading them. Because as the person in charge of the branch, the decision to pay adjustment is not on personnel. aluminum pipe fittings

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