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Eight main points of a stream of production

1. single piece flow

“One flow” production of the first point is to make the production of each procedure do almost simultaneously, making the products being produced, one piece flow. One piece flow is in order to avoid the processing in batch processing units, before the procedure ended immediately to the next step, so that the number of processes between WIP close to zero. Competitive aluminum prototype machining China Manufacturer

2. arrangement of equipment in order of processing

In some factories can often be seen between different processes, processing equipment, the distance is very far, intermediate products produced in the processing process takes more time and manpower to carry to the next process, this phenomenon is known as the island equipment. A flow of production required to give up by device type layout. But according to the processing order of production equipment, equipment to avoid islanding phenomenon, making it possible to streamline the layout of equipment, truly only “one flow”.

3. production by beat

A flow of production also requires each procedure of production strictly according to certain time. If the procedure of the production cycle is not the same, there will be the product backlog and stagnation, unable to form “one flow”. Therefore, should try to make equipment for the production of slow fast, slow down production of appropriate equipment quickly. Every process of production according to the beat, so that the entire production process smoothly.

4. Standing walking operations

As you can see in many factories, workers are almost sitting at work, and many of their moves are wasteful. From JIT’s point of view, to adjust the production beat. It may be necessary for one person to operate two or more devices at the same time, which requires the operator not to sit and work, but to use the method of standing and walking so as to improve the working efficiency.

5. Training of multi-skilled workers

In the traditional mode of production, workers usually operate only one kind of equipment. When the production capacity of equipment A is very strong and the production capacity of equipment B is weak. It is easy to cause the operator of equipment A to be idle and the operator of equipment B to be too busy, resulting in an imbalance in production. Therefore, “one stream” production requires that the worker be able to operate more than one production facility. In addition, the cultivation of pluripotent workers is beneficial to the increase or decrease of personnel.

6. Use of small, inexpensive equipment

Because the production capacity of the large equipment is very strong, it is very easy to make the follow-up process unable to keep up with in time, resulting in a large number of intermediate products backlog. In addition. Large equipment will also result in increased investment and space. Therefore, JIT does not advocate the use of high degree of automation, production of large quantities of equipment, in favor of the use of small. Cheap equipment. Without affecting production, the cheaper the equipment, the better, which not only less investment, but also high flexibility.

7. “U” layout

If the word for production equipment is set aside, the worker needs to move a long distance from the first equipment to the last one, thus causing a serious waste of manpower. “one stream” production requires the production equipment to be arranged according to the “U” font, from the entrance to the exit to form a complete “U” shape. This can greatly reduce the movement caused by the transfer of different processes, reduce the waste of time and handling, and increase production efficiency.

8. Standardization of operations

The standardization of work requires that every post, each process has a work instruction, and then check whether the employee is working in accordance with the instructions. This forces employees to produce strictly according to a given production schedule. If the job is not standardized, the time at which a product is produced is not controlled and the production rhythm is not controlled. There is no guarantee of a “flow”.

Competitive aluminum prototype machining China Manufacturer

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metal parts

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