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【Lean School】 what is a single piece flow?

What is a single-piece stream:

According to the Lean Dictionary < Lean Lexicon >, compiled by Lean Institute LEI, hosted by Lean Master Warmick, the single or continuous stream is defined as: “one at a time and one at a time.” Or a small one. Fixed batch) workpiece, so that the workpiece as continuous as possible through a series of processing steps. And each step has just been completed at the next necessary time. Continuous flow can be implemented in a variety of ways from mobile assembly lines to manually transferred production units. Continuous flow is also known as a stream. Single piece flow and end one walk and so on. Factory Manufacture Good quality aluminum railing parts

By definition, a single-piece flow consists of several elements

Each production and transfer of one, or a fixed small batch (such as a box) parts;

Continuous flow as much as possible;

The upper and lower processes are just as well connected.

A clearer understanding of the need for a single piece flow, starting with the definition of a single piece flow:

The one-piece flow emphasizes “flow” and the flow of individual or small batches, rather than the transfer, intermission and waiting of whole batches. Single piece flow is the highest level of the lean value chain. All procedures with the “supermarket store” connection, is not a single-piece flow.

(2) the single piece flow process is automatic (by the worker’s own) flow, does not set the batch and the manual control between the working procedures, the part enters the unit after the automatic turnover, until the completion or the outflow unit; Factory Manufacture Good quality aluminum railing parts

3When the single-piece stream is implemented. It is the most basic condition to process different kinds of parts on the same equipment, but the continuous flow and the proper connection between the processes are the more essential characteristics of the single piece flow.

There is no contradiction between single piece flow and crate or small batch flow. In fact, in most enterprises implementing JIT production. Kanban pull units are standard containers. And according to the characteristics of the enterprise’s products-small volume, relatively large, the use of one piece is not convenient to transfer.

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