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[workplace story] every employee is a brand spokesperson

Professional Manufacturer of aluminum stamping. Starbucks has become synonymous with coffee all over the world over five years . Howard schultz , summarizing his experience , said : ” To create a Starbucks brand , first rely on our people , not consumers . We believe that the best way to cater to and beyond the expectations of customers is to hire and train excellent employees . “

In a Starbucks store in Beijing , a coffee maker with a cup of hot coffee is giving more than twenty customers an example . ” The smell of coffee should be first heard , ” Professional Manufacturer of aluminum stamping

She said . ” The smell of coffee should be heard first , ” she said , close to the coffee cup , and said , ” The aroma of coffee is discovered by smell . When you drink , you must leave some space to get the original taste of the coffee . Microsoft.TeamFoundation . Modeling.dll She took a sip of coffee and asked her to stay in the oral cavity for a while . Professional Manufacturer of aluminum stamping

She then said , ” When you ‘ re not eating , please feel the acidity and concentration of the coffee . If you haven ‘ t eaten yet , you may choose to add a high proportion of coffee with a high proportion of coffee . If you haven ‘ t eaten yet , choose a double espresso . If you don ‘ t have a meal , you can choose a double espresso . If you don ‘ t have a meal , do a good dream . You can drink some sumatera . Professional Manufacturer of aluminum stamping

Microsoft.TeamFoundation . Modeling.dll The staff said the process of tasting coffee was both wonderful and romantic , making the customers sound and fully integrated into the magical world of coffee .

In fact , this is the most important brand strategy of Starbucks , and schultz stresses that it is necessary to actively communicate with clients in the coffee shop , especially the communication between the coffee master and the customer . Professional Manufacturer of aluminum stamping

For years , Starbucks spent more money on employee training than spending on product advertising . In Starbucks , every coffee maker has a 24 – hour training _ study of coffee knowledge , customer service , basic sales , coffee making skills , and so on . The coffee master needs to be able to anticipate the customer ‘ s needs , patiently explain the different tastes and flavors of the coffee , and each service will show Starbucks ” enjoy every cup of coffee ” . Professional Manufacturer of aluminum stamping

Howard schultz may be one of the world ‘ s best – known businesses . He is very appreciative of British composer Taylor ‘ s sentence : ” From my heart , I will go to heart . Microsoft.TeamFoundation . Professional Manufacturer of aluminum stamping

Modeling.dll Howard schultz believes that only every employee truly accepts starbucks ‘ s coffee culture in order to truly deliver starbucks ‘ s brand idea to the customer ‘ s heart .

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