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Google executives teach you how to get rid of outdated management

How Google Works is a senior Google consultant, Jonathan Rosenberg. Eric Schmidt, and executive chairman Eric Schmidt, for the first time, revealed the management and work secrets of Google from its rise to dominion for more than a decade. There are a lot of ideas in the book that will challenge the Chinese way of thinking. Google CEO Larry Page says there can be no Google without this kind of thinking. Customized Non-standard American steel manufacturers

Li is wary of the “hippopotamus” opinion in the company

The hippopotamus in the company is as dangerous as the ferocious big guy in the animal world. They are the so-called “opinions of the highest-paid people.” when it comes to decision-making quality, it basically has nothing to do with salary. Experience matters. But experience is used only if it constitutes a persuasive winning argument. Unfortunately, in most companies, the experience itself is regarded as a persuasive winning argument, and the more experienced are in charge. We call this organization a seniority system because in these organizations power comes from seniority, not merit or value created. Customized Non-standard American steel manufacturers

When an organization stops listening only to the hippopotamus, it begins to form a meritorious system, and our colleague Shana Brown simply describes the organization: most importantly, the quality of an opinion or an idea. It sounds easy, but it doesn’t sound like a resume meritorious system where hippopotamus and those who run the risk of being trampled to death can be ruled by orders alone. Customized Non-standard American steel manufacturers. Intelligent creators who have the courage to support quality and merit have equal rights to participate.

Google’s Advertising and Senior Vice President Sully Halama Swamy told the story of a google conference that makes sense of the idea. It was the early days of Adwords, google’s flagship advertising product, and Brin had an idea for Ramaswami’s engineering team to execute. Brin was the highest-paid man, no doubt. But he did not put forward very convincing arguments to explain why he had the best opinion, and Ramaswami did not agree with the idea. At the time, Ramaswami was not a top executive. So the hippopotamus Brin could order her to follow the instructions, but Brin suggested a compromise: half of Ramaswami’s team did what Brin wanted to do. The other half of the team followed Ramaswamy’s command. But Ramaswamy still disagreed, and Shuangfa continued to argue about the merits of the two ideas, and Brin’s idea was abandoned. Customized Non-standard American steel manufacturers

If you’re in a position, but you’re not very professional in a responsible position, it’s easy to try to do it with what I say, and you have to do it to intimidate and intimidate. You have to have enough confidence in the team. And have enough confidence to let them find a better way.

Brin did not care to cede control to Rama Swamy because he knew that his hired Rama Swamy might have come up with a better idea than him; As a hippopotamus, he should step aside when he finds that his ideas are not the best, and Ramaswami has his duty: he must speak up. Let the meritorious system work. There must be a culture of obligation to express dissent, and when someone thinks that an idea is wrong, they must raise their doubts, otherwise, once a bad idea is passed, they will be held responsible for their fault. Our experience is that. Most intelligent creators have strong opinions and desire to speak up quickly, and culture of obligation to express dissent allows them to do so on their own. However, others may feel uncomfortable about disagreeing. In particular, in public seminars… it is, therefore, necessary to make the expression of objections an obligation, not a choice; Under duty, even the more discreet man of nature must force himself to speak out to the hippopotamus. Customized Non-standard American steel manufacturers

Meritorious systems can create better decisions and create an environment in which all employees feel valued and empowered by eliminating the culture of fear and destroying the chaotic environment in which hippopotamus prefers to roll. Remove stereotypes that can hinder excellence. Customized Non-standard American steel manufacturers. Customized Non-standard American steel manufacturers

The rule of seven is that employees have higher degrees of freedom

Organizational transformation is a very disdainful term, a senior executive believes that the root of the problem is the organizational structure of the company, so if the organizational structure changes, everything will be solved. Companies suddenly change from a centralized structure to a decentralized structure, or from a functional structure to a public institution. As a result, some executives are winners and others are losers. At the same time, most employees are uncertain and don’t know if they have a job or, if so, worry about who their new boss is, and whether they can keep a good seat by the window. A year or two later. One executive found that the company was still in trouble, so he ordered another organizational overhaul. Customized Non-standard American steel manufacturers.

Organizational design is difficult, the size of the company is small, everyone works in the same place when the organizational design when the size of the company becomes larger when there are employees around the world, it will no longer apply. That’s why there are so many organizational changes: companies switch between structures that aren’t the best fit before they find the ideal organizational structure. To avoid this kind of disruption. The best way to do this is to put aside preconceptions about what organizational structure the company should adopt and follow several important principles.

Keep it flat. Most companies have a basic, hidden chain-saw: people claim to want a flat organization to get closer to the top, but they really want a hierarchical structure.

Wise creators are different. They prefer flat tissue, mainly because they want to get their work done faster and achieve their goals. This requires direct access to decision-makers. Peggy and Brin once abolished all executive positions to cater to the need, which they call dismantling organizations. Wayne Rosin, the company’s engineering director, once had 130 subordinates. But wise creators were not so different. They, like other employees, still needed a formal organizational structure, so the two founders’ unmanaged experiments ended and Rosin regained time with his family.

The solution we found is simple, known as the 7 rule, which means that managers must have at least seven subordinates, such as Rosenberg, who is leading the Google product team. There are usually 15 to 20 subordinates, and we still have a formal organizational chart, less supervision and a greater degree of freedom. Otherwise, managers simply don’t have the time to do anything about it.

The cornerstone of the organization should be a small team. Amazon founder James Bezos has suggested two pizza principles that should be as small as two pizza enough to feed. A small team can do more than a large team, and people in the team don’t spend too much time playing tricks, always wondering who’s to blame.

Small teams tend to expand as the product grows. It doesn’t matter if something made by a few people ends up being sustained by a larger team, as long as the larger team doesn’t stop the small team from continuing its research and development.

I agree with the cultural establishment

The company will come up with all sorts of carefully say no way, and often have the negative skills, like to follow the process to apply for permission to attend the meeting and so on. The wisdom of creators, not heard as heart stabbed. That is not a sign of the company’s loss of habits of new life, too integration; when you say is not enough, the wisdom of the creator will not ask, request, and then began to flee.

To prevent this from happening, please agree with the established culture. As the company grew, confusion also generated, most managers will try to make more flow control. Although some of the company’s current size of the process may need help, but it should be possible to delay implementation. To set up new process in a bar or approval level sure, in a very convincing reason for the establishment of the new process, we love this quote American scholar Mike Horgen, my first advice is: Yes. As often as possible can be said.

Yes, you can make things happen. If you say yes, you will grow. If you can, you can create new experiences. A new experience can bring you knowledge and wisdom. The attitude of consent enables you to move forward at an uncertain time.

A few years ago, when Sara Kaman and Youtube CEO met the moment he expressed agreement with the attitude. It is a weekly executive meeting, to discuss a new test case function meeting, go smoothly, it should be said too smooth, so Kaman asked what good reason to oppose the immediate launch of this function. Someone replied: Well, according to the schedule, should wait a few weeks after the launch, we can further determine the test, no problem. Kaman answered: in addition to the schedule, there is no good reason to launch now? No one here to draw what reason, so they launched Youtube on the second day of the high-definition playback, not out of any problem because there is a person that can pursue attitude, many Youtube users happy several weeks earlier for the new function.

A Chief Executive must be both an Innovation Officer and a Chief Executive

When negotiating strategies, start by thinking about the real situation for five years, and then push it back. Take a closer look at what you can tell you are bound to change quickly, especially the factors of production that have been multiplied by technology to multiply the cost curve. And a platform that might sprout.

In the next five years, many markets will present subversive people and opportunities. What will these disruptive subverters affect you?

There are almost perfect market information and plenty of capital available, so you have to rely on your products and platforms to win and spend most of your time thinking about them.

If you are an established company, you can buy, build a new product, or ignore a disruptive challenger. If you choose to buy or build a new product, you must know very well what technical insights and options the challenger will use to attack.

If you are a challenger, you have to invent a new product to build a business and see what means and obstacles existing companies can use to block you.

You should also consider the motivations of other players in the market, which may help you. Your strategy should include trying to get outsiders and insiders of the existing business structure to think about innovation together.

Don’t use market research and competitive analysis. Slides stifle discussion and listen to everyone present.

Iteration is the most important part of the strategy. Iteration must be very, very fast, and based on what is learned.

Many successful big companies start with the following:

  1. Solve a problem in a novel way.

2, use this solution to pursue rapid growth and expansion.

  1. Success is mainly based on their products.

A few years ago, a large consulting company published a report, recommended that all the company assigned an innovative long, why? It is to establish a unified command of all plans, we don’t know what this means, but we are fairly sure that these two words are unified command and innovation should not appear in the same sentence.

Enterprise managers love work, if you want something done, just find someone to be responsible, but innovation is always fought the traditional enterprise management practices. And most other business affairs is not the same, innovation activities cannot be owned, or scheduled time. Command innovation must take the vitality of the evolution, it is the final destination the road, the road is the beginning of ideas from native mud mutations in this way long, dangerous, strong ideas gathered supporters and more features, the weaker idea is defeated. No one can perform this evolutionary process, it is an important feature of our lack of process. Think of it as the idea of survival of the fittest in natural selection.

Those who want innovation company, we must first create a free environment, given a variety of innovative elements completely, so that they can take a new and interesting way of collision; then, given the time and freedom, so that they can create a new physical evolution and survival, or stagnation and death. This position is doomed long innovation absolutely because it doesn’t have enough power to create native mud. Another way, executive innovation must be a long; God created the earth’s original mud, did not consider this delegate tasks to other people.

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