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Analysis of China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry

First, production and export growth picked up faster

Since 2015, the economic recovery in developed countries is still slow, the expansion of emerging economies is weak, geopolitical influence and other non economic factors still exist. The Chinese economy is in the difficult process of new kinetic energy conversion, despite the economy as a whole stable trend has not changed, but the car and other major industries market downward fluctuation and demand downturn, before 8 months of China’s equipment industrial added value growth rate continued low levels of.9 in April and October, the automobile industry rapid recovery equipment industry growth also achieve steady rise in.1-10 months, increase the size of above equipment manufacturing industry grew by 5.2%, lower than the national industrial level in the same period, less than half of the same period of 2014. The year is expected to China’s equipment industrial growth will continue to rise, but the contraction in investment demand and foreign trade situation under pressure, recovery rate is limited, in 2015 the annual growth rate of around 5.5%. The outlet, 1-10 Monthly export value growth showed a monthly decline trend, the cumulative fell 2.15%, 10 March decline slightly decrease, down 4.32%. estimated annual export situation will still be serious, export delivery value of cumulative year-on-year decrease of around 2.5%.

It is expected that in 2016, in the “13th Five-Year” start a series of policy stimulus, the downward pressure on China’s equipment manufacturing industry will be reduced. Although the international economic situation is still grim, but with the strategic development of China’s three major regions, long-term strategy and accelerate the construction of manufacturing power equipment manufacturing capacity and international cooperation gradually in-depth implementation and accelerate the implementation of the new the point of growth, growth, growth gradually formed, the domestic economy will maintain high-speed growth. In this circumstance, the year 2016 will accelerate the development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, industrial added value growth accelerated rise, the whole year is expected to remain at around 7%. The export side, “13th Five-Year” period China will put the equipment industry as cultivation the development of new leading industries exports, at the same time because in 2015 the export base decline, in 2016 China’s export growth is expected to accelerate the recovery of equipment products, will achieve an increase of export value, is expected to total The cumulative increase was around 5% in 2008

Two, the automobile industry growth continued to pick up stabilization

Since 2015, China’s automobile industry to accelerate the transformation of the first 7 months of sales growth continues to decline, the industry is increasing downward pressure. In August, with the national policy implementation effect appeared and the new 1.6 liter and below the passenger car purchase tax reduction policy, car sales growth decline gradually decreases, both warmer for October positive growth.1-10 month sales of 19 million 280 thousand and 300 vehicles and 19 million 278 thousand and 100, year-on-year growth of 0.02% and 1.51%, compared with the same period in 2014 has slowed sharply, but the monthly warming trend is very obvious. Among them, passenger car sales growth, October sales were completed 1 million 899 thousand and 700 vehicles and 1 million 936 thousand and 900, year-on-year growth of 8.1% and 13.3%., the independent brand passenger car market share growth 1-10 months, sales of 6 million 757 thousand and 100 vehicles, an increase of 12.6%, accounting for the proportion of sales of passenger cars increased by 3.2 percentage points over the same period in 2014. The new energy automobile production and sales The growth rate continues to rise, 1-10 month cumulative production of 181225 vehicles, sales of 171145 vehicles, an increase of 2.7 times and 2.9 times. Expected under the policy to promote the year car sales will continue rapid recovery, annual car sales growth will reach 4% and 3%.

It is expected that in 2016, affected by the macroeconomic growth stabilization and good policy, car sales growth will maintain a rapid warming trend. But the downward pressure on economic growth brought by the adjustment of economic structure still exists, subject to environmental protection, traffic limit line purchase of adverse factors continue to deepen, the car to pick up the limited space, expected annual car sales growth will gradually stabilized, to maintain growth of around 7%. With the development of national attention to new energy vehicles and multiple policy to continue the implementation of local government to governance haze and energy saving also vigorously promote the use of new energy vehicles, China’s new energy automobile production and sales will continue to rise, driven by technological innovation of automobile industry and accelerate the development of independent brand car. At the same time from the “Internet”, promote the intelligent network of vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles, a new type of fuel cell vehicles will also be in the “13th Five-Year” start the new process Broken.

Three, the machinery industry continued differentiation trend

Since 2015, the operation of China’s machinery industry is facing great difficulties, the main indicators of the growth rate is low, the overall downturn trend, part of the industry performance differentiation.1-10 months, general equipment manufacturing value added growth of 3.2% yoy growth of 3.5%, special equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing growth of 7.3%, growth of 5.7%. instrument manufacturing major general machinery products such as pumps, gear, gas compressor, fan output showed different degrees of decline; metal cutting machine production fell by 8.2%, of which the CNC metal cutting machine tool production fell 9.8%, 6% decline in metal forming machine tools; construction machinery production fell across the board, excavator, loader production fell 24.5%, 28.9%; thermal power the traditional power generation equipment, wind power production decreased greatly, but the wind turbine output rose 15.8%; large tractor production year-on-year growth of 32.3%, medium-sized tractor Growth of 7.2%, but small tractor production fell 15.5%.

It is expected that in 2016, affecting the economy industry there are still uncertainties, the machinery industry will face a severe test. But with the national macro-control policies in place, the macroeconomic situation gradually improved, the machinery industry downward trend will gradually stabilize, positive factors with the development of the industry also continues to accumulate, some of the structural adjustment started earlier enterprises, industries and regions will speed up recovery. At the same time, some of the machinery industry will continue the growth trend of differentiation: engineering machinery, heavy machinery, mining machinery, petrochemical equipment, conventional power generation equipment and other traditional investment products and machine tools, AC motor, low-voltage electrical appliances, wire and cable, small and medium-sized ordinary agricultural products capacity relative surplus industry will continue a downward trend, new agricultural machinery, the support of national key cultural relics protection, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, equipment, logistics equipment will accelerate growth.

Four, the shipbuilding industry will gradually improve

In 2015, the global shipping market downturn, the ship and marine growth pressure. Although China’s shipbuilding capacity to achieve early recovery, but because of new shipbuilding orders last year compared to the same period of weakness, continued to decline sharply, resulting in handheld shipbuilding orders has been negative growth since March, three indicators show a rise the development trend of two. With the new ship prices continued low, it is difficult to make a boat ship enterprises, financing problems, economic decline, shipbuilding industry is facing the grim situation of.1-10 months, the national shipbuilding capacity 32 million 870 thousand deadweight tons, an increase of 15.4%. to undertake new ship orders 20 million 380 thousand deadweight tons, 62.1%. at the end of October down, carrying ship order 132 million 10 thousand deadweight tons, 14%. shipbuilding enterprises focus on monitoring the total industrial output value fell to maintain steady revenue growth, export delivery value declined. The marine engineering equipment market also shrank considerably

It is expected that in 2016, a new round of international shipping market continued to adjust the depth of the adjustment period, the industry characteristics of emerging demand structure appeared some tendency change, bulk carriers and other conventional ship demand remains weak, marine engineering equipment and high technology ships demand will stabilize. At the same time, affected by the ship energy efficiency and higher emissions standards new, bulk carriers, energy saving and environmental protection of the container ship, the tanker is expected to become the main market demand LNG LPG ship, the ship will remain strong demand, automobile transport ship, fishing boat, cruise ships and other needs will increase performance significantly. On the whole, by the base level in 2015 and 13th Five-Year the impact of the environment, shipbuilding in 2016 the completion of the volume of steady growth will continue to rise, new orders fell significantly reduced, with orders decline narrowed further.

Five, intelligent manufacturing continues to accelerate

Since 2015, intelligent manufacturing by manufacturing 2025> China hitherto unknown policy attention. “The Internet,” action focused on the deployment of developing intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing to carry out pilot demonstration, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing of major projects, focusing on promoting the manufacturing process intelligent. Intelligent manufacturing and industrial 4 Sino German cooperation into practical stage, often work to establish a formal mechanism. The intelligent digital workshop, factory, increasing material manufacturing technology and application of MC personalized network, collaborative development, rapid development, online monitoring, remote diagnosis and cloud services as the representative of the new format of new mode of industrial robots, service robots, a new sensor, intelligent instrument and control system, can wearable devices, smart appliances, smart grid applications such as intelligent equipment and products continue to expand, the demand scale shows a trend of rapid expansion.

It is expected that in 2016, with “intelligent manufacturing” in 13th Five-Year will increase to a new height, the field of intelligent manufacturing line to promote further clear, and further deepen the cooperation between China and Germany, the country will build an open, shared, collaborative intelligent manufacturing industry ecosystem, promote the production equipment intelligent upgrade, optimization and transformation process, basic data sharing and full range the key of intelligent equipment and products, the core components of the breakthrough, to promote a new generation of information and communication technology, high-end equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, agricultural equipment, new materials, bio medicine and high performance medical equipment and other industries continue to grow, and gradually form a new manufacturing system. And further rely on industry and innovation the development of intelligent manufacturing mode, cultivate new growth point of the industry.

Six, the new development of high-end equipment innovation and development

In 2015, in response to changes in the domestic and overseas market demand, and constantly upgrade the equipment manufacturing industry, high-end equipment development has made remarkable achievements in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry output value accounted for the equipment manufacturing industry gradually increase the proportion of 2025>. Chinese manufacturing will clear the high-end equipment innovation project as one of the five project to promote the government guidance, the organization and implementation of large civil aircraft aero engine and gas turbine, aerospace, intelligent green train, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, smart grid equipment, high-end CNC machine tools, nuclear power equipment, high-end medical equipment and a number of innovation and industrialization projects, major projects. The purpose is to focus resources, promote co-ordination, break the bottleneck the development, improve the innovation ability and international competitiveness, to seize the commanding heights of competition.

The development of high-end equipment innovation has become the main trend of the future development of the manufacturing industry increasingly obvious. China will further implement innovation driven development strategy, efforts to build a new engine development and support platform, accelerate the development of new economic growth momentum. In science and technology innovation as the core, to the public service platform as the support to major projects as the starting point, the innovation and development of high-end equipment in the industrial application as the goal to accelerate a number of landmark, driven by strong key products and major equipment will speed up the layout, integration level and the ability of designing system, core component development technology level gradually improve, industry innovation ability. The first batch of high-end equipment (sets) will be in the national economy the construction of social life and national defense related field application pilot and demonstration, industry development path and model will achieve a breakthrough, promote the traditional industrial structure adjustment and transformation Upgrade to build a new competitive advantage in China’s manufacturing industry, build a stronger country to lay a more solid foundation。

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