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How annoying is a person with low EQ?

We read the book for more than 20 years, we heard the first is “IQ” this word, then the envy of those smart students, good grades are aura, poor academic performance can only be assigned to the forgotten corner of the teacher standing on the podium in the first three or four rows of the circulation of eyes, the parents, the teacher’s eyes darling, really envy. So that, relying on the IQ with math is really smoothly throughout the whole world, that is absolutely victory, read a good university after graduation in the society can have, but did not take into account when you find work, can handle the leadership can not easily between, and the relationship between colleagues.

When you enter the university has found that college even if you score well every time to get a scholarship, may also be roommates rejection, not to discuss his teacher, in the student union or other clubs frustrated, could not find the object or break up, motionless to offend people, forever the role of the atmosphere of the terminator. Maybe you don’t understand. What was wrong? Is roommates are all wonderful only one person you normal? The community is too dark? Get the favor of the teacher students must have gifts? Single reason is not fate to meet the wrong person so right?

When a series of problems all in front of you, if you put the blame to others, you can get to the purpose of self deception, but never grow. Think you are always right, and not to reflect, not to change, away from your people will be more and more, and you encounter the so-called injustice the treatment, more and more wonderful encounters.

You will often because of his straightforward character, have something to say and to offend people? When we call it tongyanwuji, but now we even in the face of a loved one to speak carefully, you may not understand why those often saying that people would be more adapt to the world? Is this the adult world. The rules?

Everyone has the incomplete part of personality, while others are restrained. Restraint itself is a kind of love, you are on the side of the protection, is self-protection. Not to hurt by his words and deeds will not be misunderstood, also can help you resist a lot from the malice of the world. You will discover we are from the books, go out, go down to earth to the world, but after all is all human relations.

Some people have their own shortcomings as to promote the advantages, such as an actor, often swearing in reality show, a dispute with others, everywhere nagging trouble, don’t talk to consider the feelings of others, I also say, this is true, this is my character, I have no malice, too the firm will not change. There are also the audience will chime in that very well, she was telling the truth! It is the truth, if you’re already not good-looking, she said to you, you look really ugly, ha ha ha. This is the truth, you will be so happy that she no malicious? To be honest, I am afraid of the so-called side so outspoken, they say things often do not consider the feelings of each other, so you can not be straightforward to embarrassment. True temperament is good, true, do not install, not artificial, not a set of a set back, and such people together do not deliberately preparedness, Will be very relaxed, it is worth, but its premise is, can not hurt others, need to know how to do the most reasonable expression of respect.

May be a lot of girls don’t love Lin Chiling, she was a woman, the beauty of a woman, woman woman dia, popularity of the opposite sex are worthy of envy, and she has no female man the amulet. But Lin Chiling in a reality show there was no bad road, many people turn pink, because she did not pick things no, not hypocritical, Princess disease, not a dispute with others, not because the environment is not good, for the program group and freak strike, but will help others in the difficult environment, afraid dirty BuPaLei. Later I have concern about her, that she would wear flat shoes standing on the other side actress at the press conference. You will find her in many of the details are very serious, modest and prudent.

During the university I found some students, although the result is not good, but can be removed in all communities, and finally achieve the leadership, and more and more friends around, relationship with the teacher as a man, no matter what the election votes are very high. This is only the personality charm? Wait until after work, found some of his colleagues are very good, but often offend people, even thankless. But some people do not have to spend too much time and money, has a very good reputation, the population Kua he is a good man, a warm-hearted, strong ability, and the fact that he is just using the existing relationship many times with a friend to help friends, finally to achieve a win-win situation. So I understand to get along with people, gives the impression of being polite, humane, not overbearing does not seem harsh, let you feel that this person is very comfortable, but he does not feel tired, this is High EQ.

EQ is very popular in recent years the words, what is the high EQ? How to improve your EQ? Is the WeChat public account keen forward article. Readers have asked me, because of their low EQ Azi I eat a lot of money, how to improve the EQ? There are people around you emotional distress people with low let embarrassment is very angry, how to get along with these people?

First of all, you should know what is called “low EQ” and “low EQ” people

He, more than thirty, is a middle school teacher, once burning with impatience to call me, because the exam before the exam, he had to scare students, if the test result is not good, with scores to row of seats, the results from the bottom of their class grade school teacher, he is afraid of losing majesty, so angrily really according to the ranking on a seat. Then ask me to do so right? I asked him not good students sit together, not disturb the classroom? Moreover, all parents think their children good grades, poor, also hope to with the first year students sit next to the fantasy, their children can also improve the performance in a table driven. Listen to me say so, he is more anxious, hurriedly said, the weekend is the parents, the parents how to explain? It has been done, there is no remedy?

A colleague introduced him to the object, the first date in a restaurant, everything is arranged in advance. He is a western restaurant, have good beauty package, a red wine, a steak, a pizza, a dessert, a Fresh Fruit Salad per sample. Is a, dishes, steak is placed in the middle. He was very generous to the girl said, do you like to eat steak?! you cut a piece! Girls quickly waved say they lose weight, or you eat! Then the steak ended his own side, began to cut, he didn’t use used knives and forks, so find the attendant for a pair of chopsticks, and the wine is not too cold, put some ice in it.

Second date, the girls put their home pen book ah ah, give him, know that he is making up when the teacher must use, but he saw her hands carrying something and didn’t take over, girls offered her, he took over and asked what it is. And then bluntly said and do you have a red pen? I used more, so take next to me.

He was originally selected, a Chunbing shop. The result was temporarily replaced the girls, girls said she wanted to eat rice in the pot. Just entered the restaurant, the waiter brought the menu here, no other girls opening, he said directly on the point that you package it, then choose N 3 ingredients selected, the waiter ask again, can eat spicy? He looked at the girl, girl nodded, then he should reply! Waiter, not spicy! When you eat, girls or by diet eat less, because he points three things she doesn’t like it. When you check out, please girls said he, then he on the Alice his legs on the side of teeth, made this after eating, did not grab a single kind.

Third, oh, of course not, third date, said to the girls home after a long message to him, due to the central idea, we are not appropriate, do ordinary friends. He showed very indignant look, that girls don’t mean, he bought a house is being renovated, several times to solicit the views of both girls, girls did not help to see the house, nor what advice. But he wanted to press the marriage room decoration, decoration and other two do not want to get married, his mother said that’s a waste of money. The girls actually have several proposals, such as a floor or brick, living room would you like to play off, he is not the girl in two words or three, and then had to say anything, your house, your love is good. Girls if he is not happy, also explained that, just know should understand, don’t get so serious, all of a sudden. He mentioned that the house was back to people Say, I am no longer young, no energy no time to talk now just a practical reliable debauch, get along.

Some stories are only the beginning, but no results, the story itself is not good? Is the second problem? Everyone else away from you, not heartless, nor is the lack of tolerance. When you and a everywhere cannot make you feel intimate, warm people together, this relationship will last long? He was dealing with anything, you could not understand, and even make you uncomfortable, caused by the selfish impression on you, you are willing to close such a person?

In the university dormitory, I want to have a cup of coffee, go to boil the water. The water boiled, carrying a cup roommate came, I put the kettle first thought anyway, I just gave her a cup of coffee, two people enough to drink. It is my turn, do not know even less than half a cup I looked at the half cup of water, not coffee, then at her oversized cup filled with water, quietly put the coffee out again boil a cup, but it was unaware of it.

When she was not intentional, but make him very embarrassed, very embarrassed. They may think it is not to stick at trifles is a virtue, virtue, but forget the boundaries of propriety. If not good, do not pay attention to don’t know not to stick at trifles becomes, it becomes a thick skinned Zilai Shu.

Some people are so, often late for work, leading to say he does not care, go its own way. When you eat, your love to eat the food to his side, others turned around, he put his hand on the table or immediately turn back again. I asked him, don’t you think it is your problem? He firmly told me that someone else is not inclusive, which is perfect in every respect. I asked him, do you know me, EQ? There must be such a student in your class, you’d love to find them, because they will give you rest assured that they will do well, and popularity is very good, what things will be treated properly. He nodded and said, yes! I said, one thing can be resolved, can also be used, for example, compared to other literary methods of words and deeds. He finally woke up to me and said, oh, it is called just before the high EQ! Yes, but I haven’t studied it

Yes, a lot of things you don’t care does not mean that people do not care, you also want to meet people, can make you feel comfortable, not worried. I don’t know the definition of high EQ, but low EQ manifestations of panoramic view, with your feelings can be judged, when dealing with people and things. Can let a person feel comfortable, this is also the skill training.

On how to improve the EQ, hangwanlilu really than reading thousands of books work, to see the society, careful observation of people around behavior, know how to distinguish between more with high EQ people contact, class society is a cover and contain everything and they are the best teacher.

Peace, joy, peace of mind

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