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Rolls-Royce, Ferrari in your bicycle… It’s an eye-opener

(CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved anodized aluminum frame Manufacturer

Before talking about the bicycle brand, people may think is permanent, pigeon or Emmelle, Giant, but in the high-end bicycle market, the brand is obviously not right to speak. Have the courage to debut, is these big names. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved anodized aluminum frame Manufacturer

1, Specialized (lightning)

The top bicycle brand in the United States can be called Ferrari in the bicycle industry, and its road, mountain series and swordsman

In particular, it made a spark out of McLaren automotive company and made full use of the advanced advantages of McLaren in the field of carbon fiber manufacturing and aerodynamics, and launched the McLaren Venge S-Works super lightweight road bike, which was priced at 198 thousand. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved anodized aluminum frame Manufacturer


TREK was founded in 1976, the United States is the top brand bicycle, bicycle giant, its goal is simple and is committed to building the best bikes in the world. Through unremitting innovation and efforts in the past 30 years, by virtue of the bicycle from the heart of love, TREK has become the bicycle industry strong, and has the world’s largest dealer network.

3.Colnago (plum blossom)

One of the “three giants” in Italy, the plum blossom on the body, has been recognized as a global symbol. Many Colnago fans are loyal to death. These people often have several cars at the same time, and only buy classical models, and then cooperate with special paint painting. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved anodized aluminum frame Manufacturer

4, BMC

BMC Trading AG (or Bicycle Manufacturing Company) is a bicycle and riding equipment manufacturer from Swiss Road, and it is also an irresistible bike brand

It is designed to let a person shine at the moment, from material selection, mechanical technology and production process can reach a perfect balance. It is a carbon fiber frame on the market the most safe and durable frame.

5, TIME (Tim)

He is a French bicycle and bicycle manufacturer, founded by Roland Cattin in 1987, the first is the design of bicycle pedal, now their products include bicycle frame, bicycle shoes, riding bicycle lock.

Today, it has become one of the leaders of the carbon fiber bicycle frame and fork in the industry. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved anodized aluminum frame Manufacturer

6, LOOK (Rock)

LOOK, the top French bicycle brand, produced the first automatic lock pedal in.1984, and Bernard Hinault won the 1985 Tour de France champion by using this pedal

From the LOOK field in the highway pedal reputation, it has remained in the leading position in the world, the Chinese national team and more than 90% of the domestic professional team is the brand’s fans.

7, Bianchi (Bianchi)

Bianchi (Bianchi) is a high grade bicycle and appliance manufacturer with a long history in Italy..1895 Bianchi, the founder of the brand, was invited to make a bicycle for the queen at the palace in Edoardo

So the first woman bicycle was born, and in 1915, the brand produced the first military bicycle, its prototype was the Royal light infantry special unit “Bersaglieri” used, is also the originator of modern mountain bike. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved anodized aluminum frame Manufacturer

8, Scott (Scott)

German brands, the leading brands of high-end bicycles, winter sports, motor sports and running products, are also synonymous with lightweight and technical leadership

9, CANNONDALE (left hander)

American bicycle manufacturers, most of its manufactured vehicles for high-end bicycles, high-end frame manufactured by American factory workers, so the price is expensive, the price is mostly 10000-65000 yuan

The road bike aluminum frame CAAD10 has the reputation of “the king of the aluminum frame”, and has been used by the team in the three major cycling competitions

10, Nicolai (Nicola)

The German brand, bicycle in Rolls-Royce! Handmade bicycle! The NB mountain bike in Japan. SUV magazine commented: “if you ride off-road vehicles, then you will need to have at least one Nicolai.” said: “before the Nicolai, other brands can only be regarded as secondary products! Start saving money!”

(CE   RoHS   SGS   GS   ISO9001 )Approved anodized aluminum frame Manufacturer

(CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved anodized aluminum frame Manufacturer


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