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[HR] performance feedback and interview (1) how to do performance feedback interview?

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Finish to carry out performance evaluation, performance feedback, the actual operation, the degree of influence of the level of performance management and the professional interview, the enterprise may be each practice, some random and some detailed, some business departments do their own interviews, and some by HR do it. Then, excuse me: Experienced anodized aluminum plate China Manufacturer

1, did your company conduct performance feedback interview?

2, if so, how do you do it? Experienced anodized aluminum plate China Manufacturer

Reference analysis:

Our company in the performance appraisal results came out, will arrange the Department responsible for the completion of performance feedback. The purpose of performance appraisal in addition to check the employee’s past work results, even more important is that through the feedback of the existing situation, find the employees need to improve and continue to carry forward the place, help the staff to improve work performance, and for so, performance feedback is the first step in effective, it can be said that the link to performance management can continue to implement, achieve the ultimate goal. Then the performance feedback should be how to do?

1, the choice of performance interviews

Performance feedback goal is to help the assessment by a clearer understanding of yourself, help him to improve. So the performance feedback interview should be more understanding of his general situation, and can work in to help him, even he is respected, the worship of the object. So this role as suggestions by his direct superior. This is not only conducive to the immediate superior active access to employee information, to carry out further work departments also provide help. Experienced anodized aluminum plate China Manufacturer

2, the content of performance feedback interview

Performance feedback should focus on the future, through the analysis on the current situation of employee or company, put forward the future target and improvement plan. So the contents of the interview should include the staff of current work summary, affirming its do good and also need to improve, at the same time according to the targeted company employees or departments a step of the work target, and together with the staff to develop plans to achieve goals, including how to improve themselves in the process of achieving the goals, better play to their strengths. Experienced anodized aluminum plate China Manufacturer

3, performance feedback interview method

In fact, the method of interview every schoolmate may probably know, is the communication between people will often use a “sandwich”. Firstly, affirming its achievements, praise the employee to do well, then put in the work still needs to improve the place, finally said believe he can do better and, to help him formulate promotion plan. Experienced anodized aluminum plate China Manufacturer

Matters needing attention in performance feedback interview:

1, focus on the future. Not in the interview too much talk about entangled in the examination results, because the evaluation results reflect the situation, communicate, improve and enhance the future study. The past has become a reality, spend more time to talk about it does not mean much, but should help employees summary from the past work, complete self promotion.

In 2, the interview is communication, not criticism. The performance of the interview is to communicate on the employee work plan for the next step, and reach an agreement. But not on the performance results in the problems of criticism, will open pidouhui interview. We should go to see more positive assessment. A failure does not mean that what, to know how to take a positive attitude to learn and improve.

3, interview methods. We should pay attention to the effect of performance feedback, so what employees should choose corresponding, for employees to accept. But no matter what the interview method, eventually need to have performance feedback results report, the report is the interview record, can also be improved under the plan stage the work plan / goal or staff, and signed by both parties confirmed, as the late supervision and inspection basis. At the same time with this result at a critical time can also be used as proof of the late staff is competent according to one employee doing out let the company have more initiative. Experienced anodized aluminum plate China Manufacturer

4, performance feedback is bidirectional. Performance feedback is not only the direct supervisor will assess information feedback to employees, a way of staff assessment and expected future feedback to the immediate superior. Therefore the process should be interactive, interview should guide the staff more expression of personal opinions, and listen to and timely provide help. At the same time also can make to answer employees’ questions during the interviews, to help employees better understand the evaluation and performance appraisal work, and even some complaints can also be re link resolved.

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Experienced anodized aluminum plate China Manufacturer


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