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Artificial intelligence for the express industry to provide new impetus to accelerate

As the largest port city in Northeast Chinese, Dalian recently announced, will accelerate the construction of Dalian along Bohai express industrial zone. According to the plan, Dalian will further improve the quality and speed of delivery, to create radiation, Han Dynasty, Russia, Mongolia, cross-border bridgehead.

According to reports, the “Dalian industrial belt along Bohai express” by the international air express courier business industrial park, Industrial Park Development Co, China postal group Dalian e-commerce demonstration park three industrial park, Dalian city will support enterprises to increase technical equipment investment, improve the comprehensive logistics park, distribution center, mechanization the level of processing Center Express handling and transmission, realize the shipment is not thrown, not landing, improve the treatment rate of shipment and labor productivity.

In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet economy has spawned the express industry prosperity. Data show that the first half of 2017, Chinese courier business volume reached 17 billion 320 million, the business income of 218 billion 120 million yuan, compared to 2005 increased by nearly 25 times, ranking first in the world.

At the same time, courier companies also accelerate layout in the field of cross-border electricity providers

Dalian Pu District cross-border e-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone deputy director Yang Hongwei said, “at present, the park has more than 1300 registered enterprises, more than 400 enterprises have been formally put into operation. Our target market is Japan, South Korea, Russia and other places, improve service levels, can be thought to bring a better consumer experience, can also speed up the flow of goods”

Students from Nigeria to China Euler express industry deep feeling: “set in the mobile phone client on the evening of goods, second days until morning. Some faster, morning orders in the afternoon will be able to receive. It is very convenient”

In order to enhance the quality of delivery, reduce logistics costs, express companies resorted to a variety of tricks, and artificial intelligence is becoming the new power of the courier industry once again speed up

In the rookie Network Technology Co. Ltd. the wisdom of the warehouse, the manipulator of large selection of goods everything in good order and well arranged, with a small robotic arm suckers is by standing in line, a bow, took up a piece of cargo, put into the express box side.

For the rookie network to provide robots in Shanghai fast warehouse intelligent technology Co., Ltd. marketing director Sun Di said, sorting robot can complete 18 thousand goods per hour picking, efficiency improved by more than 70%.

Beginning in June this year, Jingdong’s UAV began normalization operations in Xi’an and Suqian. As of July 31st, the Jingdong UAV completed only more than 800 sorties in Xi’an, more than 4000 km, more than 14000 minutes of operational flight

The beginning of September, Chinese coastal fishing moratorium officially ended. In order to help coastal city seafood sales, SF headquarters invested more than 1000 yuan of refrigeration, professional R & D and preservation of equipment, and established the industry’s first cold transport packaging laboratory, to ensure the fresh seafood.

Wang Libao is responsible for the market department of Dalian SF EXPRESS Co. Ltd said that this year Dalian and Dandong crab and other fresh products delivery, will use the latest packaging protection scheme, this scheme can enhance the survival rate of fresh delivery 30%”

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