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The first domestically produced car was in Japan, and it became the world’s number one car brand 80 years later!

What is the first domestic car? assembly automation

Many people will say “red flag” and “dongfeng”


Zhang Xueliang as the son of Zhang Zuolin

a veritable rich second generation

Like cars and collect cars

Old man Zhang Zuolin is less than half a year after his death

The young marshal announced the northeast of the flag, China won the temporary peace

When the war stopped, the Liaoning mortar factory was also idle. assembly automation

Marshal who loves cars since childhood

Transform it into a car interior manufacturing plant

It’s a big hand and a wave is 740,000 yuan.

(equivalent to the current 37 million)

As a start-up capital for building a car factory~

At that time, it was a poor white, starting from scratch! assembly automation

I bought a US Ruixue truck

Under the strong support of the young marshal

The R&D team is like hanging up

Successfully developed a domestic car in 3 years

The first domestic car –

Minsheng brand 75 6-cylinder water-cooled truck

On September 12, 1931, the Minsheng brand car entered the big Shanghai. assembly automation

Participated in the first exhibition held in China

Placed in the center of the exhibition

With Ford, Buick, Oldsmobile, Renault and other brand cars vying for the sun. The United States also ordered 46 gasoline engines from China. assembly automation

Only a few days after the end of the exhibition, the September 18th Incident

I gave the newly-inspired auto factory company to the Japanese.

It’s the Toyota company that took over

Was still a textile factory

It’s not long before the car business came out alone. assembly automation

Toyota transformed the Minsheng 75 car into a Toyota 31C truck

Can’t say that “Minsheng 75” has made Toyota a car

But the technical improvement of Toyota in the field of trucks has helped tremendously!

Today, Toyota has one of the top ten auto brands in the world.

Sales are defeating the public

Become the world’s largest auto company~ assembly automation

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