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Not Just a Supplier, but a Valued Business Partner. We are not merely a supplier of products. We understand our customers expect and are entitled to so much more. Our organization is set up to be a business resource. In this ultra-competitive business environment, we know we must provide the best overall value to our customers at every step of the procurement process from feasibility and design, to purchase and delivery through post-delivery support. Our people are trained and trained again to deliver knowledgeable, efficient and value-added solutions to our customers' component part and assembly requirements.

Mechanical Manufacturing Technologies, Technology of mechanical manufacture

【HR】Examination and refinement of assessment indicators (V) Review and optimization of assessment indicators and summary

What are the tests, indicators are the key. Through the previous few days of study, I believe that we have a more in-depth understanding and understanding of the design of assessment indicators. Examine the...

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CNC Machining and CNC Machine Tools, CNC machining center

【HR】Examination and refinement of assessment indicators (4) KPI design for functional departments

Administrative, personnel, financial and other functional departments are relatively difficult to perform performance assessment, because most of the work of these departments is not well quantified specifically, KPI indicators are more difficult to extract...

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Industrial enterprise management, Mechanical Manufacturing Technologies

【HR】Examination and refinement of assessment indicators (3) How to set index weights

The assessment indicators have been established, but what is important and which is secondary, and how should the proportion or weight of their respective scores be determined? How much more appropriate? And so on,...

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CNC Machining and CNC Machine Tools, Manufacturing Processes and Procedures

[HR] Performance System Construction (4) How to reduce the resistance of performance appraisal?

Many SME managers and human resource workers generally believe that the performance assessment work has great resistance. The main reasons are: the human resources work is weak, the basic work is not done, and...

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CNC machining center, Technology of mechanical manufacture

[HR] Performance System Construction (3) How to choose a performance appraisal tool?

The use of performance appraisal tools is the key to promoting performance appraisal implementation. Through the use of performance tools, it is possible to conduct a comprehensive assessment of employees' work performance, workability and...

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CNC Machining and CNC Machine Tools, Industrial enterprise management

[HR] Six modules of human resources

▌ Human resources management is divided into six modules. rapid manufacturing • 1, human resources planning; • 2, recruitment and configuration; • 3, training and development; • 4, performance management; • 5, compensation and benefits management; • 6. Labor relations management. rapid...

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Industrial enterprise management, Safeyt and Its Measures at Work

[HR] Performance System Construction (I) How to Choose a Performance Appraisal Method

Performance appraisal is the main means for the company to improve employee efficiency and achieve work goals. Different industries, different companies, different stages of development, performance system construction is not the same, the choice...

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