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Why does the high-speed train run so fast? Have been relying on the top technology of high-speed rail abroad

Lead the cutting edge of machinery, mechanical video, automobile, machining technology, 3D printing, automation, robot, manufacturing process, bearing, mould, machine tool, sheet metal and so on. precision turned parts Why does the high-speed train run...

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Quenching technology in the aviation field, let you change the heat treatment by the second

Every perfect flight depends on the professional aluminum alloy processing technology to protect the escort. The specific reason is that Houghton Yaogong will tell you carefully! metal stamping service 1: Aluminum alloy application Many different types of aluminum...

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The factory that devoted six years of hard work has gone bankrupt today!

I returned from the United States and started the factory in Shenzhen Shajing, mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of electronic circuits. The factory that has been devoted to six years of hard...

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