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Can you make 60 million shots in 4 days? If the income of researchers is so high, the chip is developed early!

The On May 28, Cui Yongyuan sung out five contract scan photos of an artist participating in the movie and said, “You don’t need to act, you are really bad.” From this partial contract, the artist’s pay is 10 million. . auto parts manufacturers

On May 29, Cui Yongyuan issued another article. This time he took out another “power of attorney” and stated that an actor performing a play would sign a double contract, the jargon would be a small one and a double contract, the small contract would be 10 million, and he would not be afraid of exposure, but the big contract would be 50000000. Why do 50 million secretly take it? At the same time, he also revealed that “someone only took away 60 million in 4 days.” auto parts manufacturers

Subsequently, Fan Bingbing issued a solemn statement, saying that Cui Yongyuan’s public release of confidential contracts undermined the business rules, allegedly constituting a flaw to Ms. Fan Bingbing…

Cui Yongyuan’s exposure to the star’s 10 million payroll is 60 million, or only 10 million. We don’t need to make it clear. All in all, it’s a lot of money. The exposure of the sky-price compensation figures, I am afraid that sting a lot of social people’s heart!

Some netizens said with indignation that if the income of scientific researchers is so high, chips are developed early! auto parts manufacturers

If it weren’t for the United States to give China a blow at this time, it may be that we are still immersed in the prosperity of the country.

If we can master the core technology! If we have five more aircraft carriers! Does the United States dare to do this? Not sure! But the question is, who is going to engage in core technology? Who is going to develop high technology? …
Once upon a time, the parents asked us, “What do you want to grow up when you grow up?” We responded with a loud voice: “Scientists!” “Doctors!” Now we can ask the children: “What do you want to do in the future?” Many little guys will be excited Replied: “I will be a star later!” auto parts manufacturers

Stars can be sought after by a large number of people, make a lot of money, material life is extravagant, people are even more like this kind of human life paradigm, worship… follow suit…

Even children’s dreams become stars. When the children spend most of their time chasing stars, when they go to idol worship, we have no reason to be indifferent.

Scientists and star performers all have their own contributions to society. However, the disparity between the social status and the difference in the treatment reflects the serious problems in the orientation of social values. auto parts manufacturers

The performance of an actor may be wages that a scientific research worker would never earn for a lifetime. The existence of this phenomenon makes it difficult for children in the process of development to form correct values ​​and outlook on life. The children have become very realistic and feel that it is not possible to engage in scientific research and contribute to the world.

What’s more, the shooting income is so high. Is the current level of film and television production greatly increased? auto parts manufacturers

In our memory, there are such fine works as “Journey to the West”. At that time, the actor and the six young children were paid 70 to 80 yuan for each episode. The left-winger acting as the goddess of bodhisattva revealed that she paid 57 yuan per episode. She also said: At that time, the actors were very simple and dedicated, never paid any attention to compensation, and did not have big names, so they wanted to play well.

Recommend reading and chatting with the opposite sex, it is sooner or later!
Nowadays, the works are no longer expected to be able to hold our feelings like “Journey to the West”. Most of them are vulgar works that catch the eye. On the contrary, the star pays more and more, and it is ridiculously high. What caused public outrage was that many of the stars who paid a price tag did not contribute equivalent business abilities. In recent years, astronomical pay has almost become a related word with bad dramas and bad movies. China’s literary and art market has become a hard-hit area in the gray area. It used to be the owner of pit coal, and now it is capital market. auto parts manufacturers

These people are disappointed and collapsed by those who are doing “a strong country with a prosperous nation” and “a country with a prosperous economy”. At the same time as destroying fairness, has it also destroyed the hope for the rise of the nation? We cannot help thinking: Who is supporting the country’s “dream of a strong nation”? Who is supporting social progress in the end?

As we all know, in recent years, after many netizens’ appeals, People’s Daily released last year the repertoire of “stars with sky-high prices”. Fortunately, the country finally heard our voice and carried out some rectification activities on the entertainment industry. However, there are policies. Countermeasures, maybe it’s time to go back and look back! auto parts manufacturers

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