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[HR] performance feedback and interview (five) performance feedback and interview summary

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Performance feedback and interview is important highlight not in performance management. Through the performance feedback and interviews between supervisors and employees on performance problems of in-depth communication, summarize the pros and cons are encouraged to do well at the same time focus on analyzing and summarizing the performance short board problem. automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

and one for the next performance improvement plan and to improve the performance of employees, standardize the company performance management operation. So, how to carry out performance feedback and interview? What are the operating skills and the matters needing attention? 

Do not want to encounter competent performance interview, do not agree with employee performance interview results and other special problems? And so on, today’s study, we focus on “performance feedback with the interview” theme on the above issues for in-depth study and extensive discussions, including some expert side views and experiences are worth learning, is summarized as Next, I hope to help and enlighten you. automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

[performance feedback]: how to do performance feedback interview?

According to the survey, most of the enterprises doing performance appraisal still have performance feedback interview, but most of them believe that the effect of the interview has yet to be improved. How to do the performance feedback interview, the students share a lot of good ideas and experience:

  1. if required by the competent Miuccia interview;
  2. pay attention to the details and atmosphere of the interview (time, place, opening remarks); automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

3., not to the person, more about behavior and event description, less hasty evaluation;

  1. interview methods and skills can learn from the “hamburger principle” and “BEST” rule, etc.

More important is not mechanically theory and tools and methods, according to the personality and character of different employees have to take different ways of communication after the interview, don’t forget to reach a consistent performance improvement plan.

[performance feedback two]: how to help employees make performance improvement plan? automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

How to help employees develop performance improvement programs? Students share a lot of good experiences and practices:

1, collect all kinds of data, data, forms and key events records of staff performance appraisal, and prepare for the premise; automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China2, through the interview, causing problems of employee performance problems were analyzed and agreed the cause of the poor performance of employees with the internal and external factors such as company system, process and policy environment, the internal cause is the staff’s attitude, knowledge and skill, working method, an analysis to to solve; automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

3, the shortage of factors are discussed to find suitable solutions and the improvement measures, such as system of company processes and problems, then feedback to the relevant personnel, and tracking the reply; employee attitude have changed the attitude, lack of knowledge or skills is what make up what, and make clear the training measures and ultimately the formation of a time. There are actions, the implementation schedule, responsible, check, improve the implementation schedule feedback table of contents, schedule to the director and staff signed confirmation, the left one for real-time control and to examine the status of a HR to the HR department, but also to track and check.

[performance feedback three]: Department Supervisor unwilling to do feedback interview, how to do?

According to the survey, it is a common phenomenon that department supervisors are reluctant to do feedback interviews. Why does this happen? We must make a deep analysis of its underlying causes: automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

1, the performance appraisal method is too formal, the supervisor rejects not agree with rather than talk about;

2, the competent performance interview ability is insufficient and the lack of related skills training, the supervisor will not talk, but don’t know how to talk; automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

3, performance appraisal standards ready to accept either course, the results are not quantitative clear, coupled with the lack of critical data are strong enough, actions and events are difficult to support, especially with employee performance on poor performance evaluation results, not to mention the performance improvement plan, so the director can’t talk about, because about to collapse.

Therefore, most of the company’s performance appraisal itself is a problem, we need this method from the performance appraisal, appraisal index for target recognition and record all kinds of problems and results of the assessment process statistics system to improve the level of performance assessment, and strengthen the executives’ performance interview professional skill training, two pronged approach to improve in order to fundamentally solve this problem, and do this, also need to create and nurture a good performance culture. automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

[performance feedback four]: employees do not agree with the feedback results, how to do?

This phenomenon is similar to the situation in the past few days, but also is often encountered in the enterprise. Why does this problem occur? Cattle people combined with their own business situation, also gives some deep-seated reasons: automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

1, the performance evaluation index qualitative too many, quantitative insufficient, lead to the assessment results of evaluation is not clear, staff understanding and supervisor inconsistent, think oneself is not bad, just the competent evaluation problem;

2, employees think that the reasons for the poor performance results are more external objective reasons or internal system process problems, rather than their own reasons, not agree with the results of the examination;

3, the goal of the assessment made a problem, the staff think that the goal is too high or too strict standards, and then how hard it is difficult to achieve;

4, the supervisor has problems in communication, fails to master the skills of communication and interview, and leads to employee misunderstanding and so on. In view of these reasons, it is also a systematic problem of performance appraisal. We need more comprehensive and macro thinking to solve it. automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

Practical application: performance feedback and interview diagnosis and improvement

Review and reflection of self improvement, many students are a summary of their own business performance feedback problems, there are a lot of problems, there is no performance of the interview, the interview is a mere formality, the competent to interview, staff does not recognize the results of interviews, interview no results. “The reason for the or to the performance appraisal system is not perfect, especially the lack of a correct understanding of the importance of performance feedback, ready to work before the interview was inadequate, and the method of interview skills training is not enough, the staff of research is not enough and the mode of communication and lack of flexibility, problem interview objectives and results of awareness is not strong.

And to solve these problems, not overnight, we need to continue to improve. We can see that good performance feedback interviews, good performance management, a long way to go ah, students, work together!

automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

automate CNC Manufacturer in Xiamen, China



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