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Manage your mouth, don’t say these words (wake up!)

1, do not evaluate the good or bad of others, because they do not affect your meal. bakelite electrical insulation board

2, do not evaluate other people’s virtues, because you are not necessarily higher than him.

3, do not evaluate other people’s families, because that does not have a relationship with you. bakelite electrical insulation board

4. Do not evaluate other people’s knowledge because the most important thing in the world is learning.

5, do not evaluate anyone, even if you are the most despised person.

6. Do not spend money indiscriminately, because tomorrow you may lose your job.

7. Don’t be arrogant, because tomorrow you may lose power. bakelite electrical insulation board

8, do not be too assertive, to understand that no one will be weaker than you. In short, be a low-key person.

9, do not rely on others, because life is heavy, and everyone wants to live easily.

10, do not hurt others, cause and effect will come sooner or later. bakelite electrical insulation board

11, do not explain life, is the wise choice. Life is alive and we often have ideas that we want to explain. However, once it was explained, it was found that any person’s explanation was so pale and weak, and even more blackened. Hill does not explain his own height and does not affect its erection of the cloud; the sea does not explain its own depth and does not affect its containment; it does not explain its own thickness, but no one can replace her as a place to carry all things. Don’t underestimate anyone. You don’t have so many viewers. Don’t be so tired. bakelite electrical insulation board

12, do not arbitrarily angry, who do not owe you. It is very painful now. When we look back, we will find that it is not a matter of fact. We often complain that life is not fair to us. In fact, life does not know who we are…

13, do not discuss who is good or bad practice, practice in the individual, others is your mirror, reflect their own inadequacies, in the lack of practice in themselves. bakelite electrical insulation board

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