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Add a little bit of rice to it, and four major illnesses will take effect one week. Be sure to tell the people who cook at home~

Rice is an indispensable part of our daily diet, but you certainly don’t know that rice can be used to fill in your stomach. If you add more ingredients to rice, many problems that trouble us will be easily solved with the daily meals. Drop it. bakelite sheet

Purify blood and reduce blood lipids
A brown rice and black rice

Brown rice is an excellent staple food choice for both high cholesterol and diabetes. While lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar, the protective effects on the heart and other organs cannot be ignored. bakelite sheet

In addition, it contributes to metabolism, which is of great benefit for purifying the blood, preventing cancer, and strengthening the brain.

Due to excessive finishing, the most nutritious part of the rice is removed by the sander.

The black rice just can fill this vacancy, and its B vitamin content is about 4 times that of ordinary rice. The vitamin B family is extremely lacking in our current fine dietary habits. bakelite sheet

Smooth blood pressure raises five dirty
Add a little beans in rice

Whether it is black beans, red beans, peas, sports or soybeans, from a modern medical point of view, which is rich in protein and minerals, it is a good source of protein and minerals.
The beans are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are particularly suitable for balancing blood fat, stabilizing blood pressure and protecting the heart, and preventing coronary heart disease. bakelite sheet

The color of the beans is different. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this corresponds to different organs. such as:

Into the heart of red beans, Li Shizhen called “the valley of the heart”;
Black beans enter the kidney, which is the safest food for daily kidneys;
Green beans into the liver can clear the liver and eyesight to reduce the fire and detoxification … … bakelite sheet

Spleen and stomach protect the heart
Inside the rice, add “Mai”

The wheat mentioned here is barley and oats. Barley into the second by the spleen and stomach. Can and stomach, wide intestine, benefit water. Indigestion, urine yellow, spleen deficiency, etc., can eat more. bakelite sheet

Oats are recommended by all countries for the protection of the heart and blood vessels, against diabetes, and anti-cancer prolonged life.
It ranks fifth in the “Top 10 Healthy Foods of the World” by Time Magazine and is the only cereal on the list. bakelite sheet

Sweet and soft
Steamed rice with vinegar

Adding some vinegar to the rice can make the steamed rice fragrant, grainy, and soft and delicious.
But the benefits of vinegar do not stop there. For the poorly digested elderly people, eating such rice will be well-digested and can reduce the burden on the intestines. bakelite sheet

You must be sure that you don’t know what to do next time you don’t encounter any problems next time.

We must also remind more people that eating is the best medicine and eating right. Health and longevity are not problems! bakelite sheet

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