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[HR] performance feedback and interview (three) employees do not agree with the feedback results, how to do?

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Have a very distressing A company sales manager Zhao: This is not, in this month’s performance feedback interview, manager Zhao used techniques of all kinds of performance interview method HR guidance, such as the “hamburger” principle, the “BEST” rule, but the clerk Wang is not buying, the performance of recognition said Zhao manager, he did not do well, although on the surface for the performance improvement plan, but the actual himself is not recognized. So, excuse me: Sourcing beryllium copper price Manufacturer from China

1, did your company have a similar situation?

2, in this case, how do you deal with it properly?

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This should also be regarded as a normal phenomenon, if including other aspects of the communication link is particularly smooth, it seems almost impossible, after all, all kinds of people too much, if there is such a business, it is too jealous. Sourcing beryllium copper price Manufacturer from China

Opinions are inconsistent, opinions are not uniform, then find the reason:

1, whether the performance index is the job description, the output target? Sometimes positions and objectives and performance appraisal indexes work is not consistent, prone to inconsistent situation, employees feel uncomfortable, this communication is not easy to form equivalence.

2, whether the data or the full facts? To find out whether the evaluation index is quantified? If it is quantified, is relatively simple, direct data speak; if not quantitative descriptive, it effectively analyzes the output of qualitative content. It is also a quantitative qualitative, have accurate data source full materials. The so-called “facts and truth”, the fact to speak the truth. Sourcing beryllium copper price Manufacturer from China

3, to understand whether the employees have other emotions? Then you can help the third party channel, employees may sometimes superiors some discontent or other feel unfair, can not find the right way to “vent”, just like the performance of communication channel to vent, suggest that HR departments can communicate about individual timely, understand the staff really think. Before this, HR can communicate with the first department, understand the work content, the employee’s performance, personality, and cooperation with colleagues. The so-called “in”.

There is always difficult, we must overcome Yuezhanyueyong, is one.

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