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Eat profit 12 “invisible killer”

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If you can find the “invisible killer”, “pathogen”, undoubtedly like to find the next step “is again an antidote against the disease” is. If we can summed up a variety of enterprises are often the “hidden costs”, the enterprise can thus compare self inspection. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

Today, you are “invisible”?

1, the cost of meetings

If all the time is a process, so time is the most precious thing in the business process. It is a race against time. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

The meeting is the enterprise to solve problems and issue commands collective activity, but also a high cost of business activities. Because this activity is often a lot of leaders involved in collective activities. Each minute means a few minutes of the total number of participants, and many enterprise managers do not have a skill, there are “before no preparation, no theme, no after the execution, the necessary, there is no control, no six.” speak no marginal phenomenon

When the monthly payroll and income summary, the financial statements of the digital always become the operator “Qixiao insomnia medicine”, but a large part of this “medicine” ingredient is meeting. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

2, the purchase cost

It has different forms in different companies, but this is an important part of the cost of business. We often will only focus on the price and quantity of the cost of procurement, and it is difficult to see that among other factors.

Once an enterprise, in a new project, the project team daily operating costs 80 thousand yuan, but the products listed on the eve of the procurement department to purchase more than 10 yuan package, even spent a week time, the reason is to find low-cost providers to save the costs of purchasing the entire marketing. The team therefore wait for a week to contract customers. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

This phenomenon exists in a lot of enterprise. The pursuit of lower procurement direct costs while ignoring the coexistence of “hidden costs”. Of course, this does not reduce the purchasing cost and direct conflict, here, we want to say is the purchasing department, to stand in the overall operating point of the indicators the tradeoff, can really control the purchase cost. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

3, the cost of communication

In today’s turbulent economic environment, business rhythm is increasingly faster, but everything has a limit, the fast pace of operations, to the enterprise also brought many troubles. Communication is an important link of enterprise operation, many enterprises in the training system do many of the spiritual training, but most there is no “communication skills” training. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

In most companies, you will find that in the process of communication between colleagues, there will be serious distortion, or lied, or give an irrelevant answer, or 100% solution. This kind of phenomenon, said little, let many processes become invalid procedure, or lose many important opportunities. Say, it may bring to the enterprise risk. This is a typical caused by bad communication cost growth.

4, overtime costs

Many bosses think that employees after work “and” “overtime” is a professional phenomenon. However, this may imply a very high cost. There are three reasons:

First, overtime is not necessarily a reason is because the task is too heavy, low working efficiency but the employee caused, overtime means lower efficiency. If the objective task really heavy, so enterprises should be timely to add new personnel and the post is the real development and progress. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

Second, work overtime employees spend more energy and stamina, serious overdraft of employee health, go down for a long time, will make some important long-term employees can not play its effectiveness, and the company for the burden of the risks, such as some mechanical operation staff because long time overtime and cause mental disorder, caused by the accident, but the enterprise must pay a heavy price. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

Third, working overtime is not necessarily “service industry”, some employees outside of the office, to work overtime, utilization of company resources, engaged in their personal things, but also to receive company overtime, an important loss of many enterprises, data loss occurs in working hours, and overtime to become the enterprise shelter evil people and countenance evil practices of the dead “. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

5, the cost of talent flow

There are a lot of enterprises is very deficient in human resources management, they think that talent is infinite, become iron barracks, employees will naturally become the “running the soldiers”.

Can not say that an employee’s leave is a cost to the company, because the company should bear for the staff training fees upfront investment, but also bear the upfront costs of new recruitment staff, but also bear the risk of new employees is suitable for the job, and the old staff will leave because of occupation accomplishment that may lose important internal data or information, and after his departure, is likely to enter their rival companies.

So, people especially the old staff turnover will undoubtedly bring higher income several times spending. Many small businesses in the business for many years, you find that they have been so small teams, and except the boss, no employees from enterprises was set up at the beginning to stay. I think this is probably the development does not rise important reasons. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

6, the cost of post dislocation

In human resource management, there is a saying “put the right person in the right place”. Unfortunately, there are not many enterprises that can do this

Once in a talent market recruitment, the staff heard the conversation between, say each recruitment to their staff to move the table and chair, because it is on loan to the stadium as the recruitment site. Occupation managers, down to the ordinary staff, have become the “Porter”, I can not help but sigh, this enterprise engaged in the recruitment and management of staff, how to spend so high wages, not professional porters. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

In fact, this reflects the bosses of a psychological very clear, they think the recruitment back is to use, as long as they have the manpower to do, will not have to spend more money to do so. But we found that they pay a high price. The company’s employees have been complaining, because quite many are the female staff, there is no effort to carry chairs, those officials have never experienced such a “courtesy”, some have left.

We haven’t been hiring for the job yet, because I don’t believe this team can provide me with good service

7, process cost

The mess, too many are because the process, which is a common problem in enterprise management, that the slow development of the enterprise, the process must be confused or unreasonable. They pay a high cost, however, has been ignored. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

Is the enterprise operation process, industrial chain, like the line, there is no scientific and reasonable process, will lose control of the work of the system, a lot of work and a lot of work to give up halfway, rework, Nothing is too strange.. But we have to admit, it will be wrapped around the feet of the mess. Business forward

8, stagnation resource cost

The stagnation of the resources in the enterprise can be said to be the most widely used “hidden costs”, such as idle equipment, the backlog of inventory, the low utilization rate of job occupation, idle funds, use of business. Although they will not continue to consume the investment of the enterprise, but they are a part of the assets of the enterprise, the enterprise will this bear interest and other hidden costs. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

So, in an enterprise, the number of stagnant resources, reflects the level of enterprise resource utilization

9, the cost of corporate culture

Some people say that a corporate culture as the soul of the enterprise, will be reflected in each of its members. The spirit of this culture began to establish in the early stage of the company establishment, he was the founder of the culture, habits, skills, occupation, likes and dislikes and so on, it was said that the enterprise culture is the boss of culture.

But the corporate culture will become cost, perhaps a lot of people not to regard it as right, but a fact. We will find that some employees listlessness, work efficiency is very low, no matter how good employees just enter or leave soon, either, that would be, we can not say that this is the “environment” and this problem. “Environment” is the enterprise culture.

Enterprise culture is like the life of an enterprise. It will accompany the whole life of an enterprise. It can only be adjusted and can not be rebuilt

10, credit cost

This is a long term reward involves the cost of credit management as the integrity of life. We found that many enterprises, the habit of suppliers owed money, used the default employee wages, the habit of deduction of others, habits of outstanding bank loans and so on, that this can reduce corporate liquidity pressure. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

But in the long run, it will become a serious invisible cost for business operations:

The first, the supplier will time cost in the quotation, this kind of enterprise can not purchase to the lowest price of raw materials or services.

The second, the salary of the employee in violation of labor laws and regulations, there is a danger of punishment.

I owed to bank loans, the deduction of others, will give the credit degree greatly reduced, in the enterprise one day encounter difficulties, will be besieged on all sides. Undoubtedly, enterprises have to pay a heavy price for this, but in fact it did not receive any benefits. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

11, the risk cost

Enterprises to fast track is every entrepreneur’s dream. But the risk factor and thus also increased simultaneously. Especially large and medium-sized enterprises, although they are developing rapidly, lucrative, but once the crisis appears, will be disastrous.

That a number of cases, the risk of the enterprise because many are expected to lack or poor management, the risk, are early to lay hidden. Many large enterprises or well-known enterprises because of a risk of extinction. Obviously, risk is important and not hidden costs. This phenomenon is obviously. “But, blockbuster. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

12, entrepreneur cost

“Entrepreneurs cost” refers to the boss of the enterprise itself brings to the enterprise cost. There is a word, a raging soldiers, the flaming nest. As an army leader entrepreneur, the enterprise itself is the highest cost paid employees. Many private enterprises boss put themselves into the enterprise “emperor”, all they say is, all the staff into execution machines. However, defects of entrepreneur personal factors, will increase the heavy cost burden for the enterprise. Competitive best CNC machines made in China 

This phenomenon is mainly reflected in the small and medium-sized enterprises, but also the existence of such phenomenon in large corporations, we can also be extended to the cost of every department of the enterprise and even each employee. Because everyone should be responsible for their own work, we often emphasize that in your range, you are the leader and you have the right decision.

Many leaders have been centered on their own, it will greatly reduce the team’s combat capability, increase the high hidden costs. Remember to a lack of talent complained that the company boss said a word: “your company is not a lack of talent, but the discovery and use of personnel wisdom.” Competitive best CNC machines made in China 


From the point of view, enterprises often bear a lot of burden in the operation and management, and the invisible cost is one of the most important. It is possible to find and effectively reduce the invisible cost

The powerful measure of industry progress, which is the real drawback of many enterprises

Competitive best CNC machines made in China

Competitive best CNC machines made in China. 


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