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[HR] year-end assessment (b): how to do a year-end assessment of functional departments?

In 2013, the employees’ annual comprehensive performance, the business sector more intuitive quantification, it is easy to carry out year-end assessment through indicators such as sales performance, cost and profitability. However, the year-end appraisal of the functional departments, which of the appraisals, how to assess, etc., are relatively vague or difficult to quantify, and human assessment factors are relatively heavy and easily cause controversy. So, please ask: brass bushings
1. How does your company conduct year-end assessment of functional departments?
2. How to reduce the bias and controversy of human evaluation and make the year-end assessment of functional departments more fair and just? Please talk about your operational experience and skills in this area. brass bushings

Reference resolution:
A good company, a company with regular performance, whether it is a functional department or a business department, has the same routine for year-end assessment. Therefore, only consider the functional departments of small companies. Functional departments use the 360 ​​to conduct annual examinations and evaluations with greater advantages. At the same time, they can perform department-level and individual-level analysis. At the same time, they draw on the yesterday’s punching of cattle to do the following analysis: Personal level:
1. German: Whether there is a fight, labor disputes, or departmental inconsistencies, this can be collected in reward and punishment documents;
2. Able: Most of the employees in the company are ordinary employees and do not have special job performance. However, we can inspect employees’ work efficiency, training participation, self-study, and reasonable advice.
3. Diligence: Staff attendance This is indispensable in every company, and data collection is relatively easy; brass bushings
4. Performance: For the functional departments, the performance is relatively difficult, most of them are the nature of service and work for other people to get dressed. However, fine digging still has track records, such as the human resources department: the completion of the recruitment, labor disputes, social security purchases in time or not, whether the other departments have reasonable complaints. Department level: The saying that the three headsmen top one Zhuge Liang, said that the advantages brought by cooperation, and then excellent individuals also need the strength of the team to become a major event.
For department-level major considerations:
1. The completion of the department’s annual goal;
2. Whether the department’s annual funding exceeds the standard;
3. The unity of departmental goals and company goals;
4. The recessive performance of the department, such as service satisfaction, cooperation with other departments, the completion efficiency of higher-level leadership, etc.;
5. The annual papers of department leaders: The importance of department leaders in a department is self-evident. Good leaders are able to make the best use of the combined advantages of the soldiers. In fact, to a large extent, the performance of departmental leaders at the end of the year largely depends on departmental assessments. brass bushings
For how to reduce the bias and controversy of human evaluation, let the year-end assessment of functional departments be more fair and just?
My opinion is: The functional departments are not well quantified, which does not mean that they cannot be quantified. They want to make their assessment more fair and equitable, quantify their objectives, and the work content and tasks are the best solutions. At the same time, our assessment does not necessarily need to be compared with the goals we set. Compared with the past, last year’s performance in the previous year was not an assessment. The functional departments have their own particularities. Longitudinal comparisons and better year-to-year progress are also significant advances.
Every company has its own particularity. No matter which method is used, it is best for you to be yourself. brass bushings

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