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How do Liu Chuanzhi, Ren Zhengfei, and Wang Shi “learn” their employees?

Liu Chuanzhi       brass CNC machining brass steel parts
Enthusiastic entrepreneur

Liu Chuanzhi was also a hot-tempered person who often lost his temper to his subordinates. In the early 90s of the last century, there were employees who discussed that “Liu Tsung’s temper is great and reflects courage, which is the charm.” And his popularity has been transmitted to his subordinates. brass CNC machining brass steel parts

One time he saw one of his middle-level managers in ammunizing his subordinates. Mr. Liu Chuanzhi asked him why did you marry your subordinates? The department manager said: Liu always has this method of work. We think this works well.

Liu Chuanzhi finally decided to change his temper. Liu Chuanzhi said, “If you rely on your temper at the first level, this atmosphere is too bad. The atmosphere of the company must be moist and it cannot be dry. It is up to you to start from now. No one except my wife said I was grumpy. My wife is asking me too much.” brass CNC machining brass steel parts

Ren Zhengfei
The “monster” that directly cries the cadres

You may not know that low-profile Ren Zhengfei is also a famous “ghost coffee”.

It is said that he was ashamed of the company’s high-ranking cadres and he did not give his face and disregard his personality. He once crushed the vice president Ji Ping and dropped her report directly to the ground. brass CNC machining brass steel parts

On another occasion, some cadres prepared the report outline for the second day (the next day, Chairman Li Peng wants to go to Huawei). Ren Zhengfei picked up the manuscripts prepared by several vice presidents and saw no two lines. He threw a bang on the floor: “You all wrote something!” Then he got up, and then he took off his shoes. Feet, walking like a monster on the floor, walking and wandering for a full half an hour. Yan Huimin, the director of the president’s office, cried at the time.

Ren Zhengfei also once told a college student who had just entered Huawei to write his own “Wanyan Book”: “If this person has mental illness, he is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment: if there is no illness, it is recommended to dismiss.” brass CNC machining brass steel parts

Li Yuxi, who once worked for Huawei, once walked with Ren Zhengfei. Once again, Li Yuxi and Ren Zhengfei said that President Ren, and later made little fire, was not good for the body. Results Ren Zhengfei replied: I never increased my blood pressure when I got angry.

Wang Shi
The employee called his “Wang Tiger” and saw his leg tremble

Wang Shi’s temperament is famous in Vanke. Vanke employees called it “Wang Tiger.” brass CNC machining brass steel parts

In the 80s of the last century, Wang Shi had almost no smile inside the company. Most of his employees talked to him when he spoke. His words were fierce and he always looked like he couldn’t be ironed. The subordinates were either arrogant or thought But gas comes. At the worst, when he volunteered to speak to the staff, the other person had both legs and voices shaking. According to an old veteran of Vanke, Wang’s office often heard the clapping of the table and the roar of roaring. This kind of movement continued until 1999.

Wang Shi said in his autobiography that he had tried hard to try to change his temper, but others felt that he did not laugh. Some people say that Wang Shi has ethnic minorities and is inevitably too straightforward. However, it is said that Wang Shi has had a lot of people but he has never seen Yu Liang. brass CNC machining brass steel parts

Zhou Hongyi
Tantrums tearing up the vocal cord

It is said that Zhou Hongxuan hurried up and threw things, slammed the table, even shouted his voice, and he could not speak. He wrote on the blackboard. brass CNC machining brass steel parts

The fast and frantic speed of speech is like a row of cannons, constantly shooting at the “enemy.” Moreover, Zhou Hongyi does not particularly like other people to start another conversation. He has to control the situation anytime and anywhere. The mantra is: “You let me finish.” It seems as if the pursuers have arrived. The situation is urgent.

On weekdays, he felt himself a warrior. “As General Patton, he likes to fight and he can’t go.”

Zhou Hongyi himself also knows that his character is not favored by many people, but it seems that he is quite comfortable. brass CNC machining brass steel parts

Satan is simply

The fierce temperament of Tiff-Jobs has long been widely known in the industry. The Apple CEO parks on disabled parking spaces and expels employees when he loses his temper. After Jobs returned to work, poor Apple employees had to endure the bad temper of the CEO.

According to Apple’s former employees, Jobs’s more terrible aspect is still his cold attitude. Even the few words that came out of his mouth were enough to make the subordinates tremble. The employee described a scene that occurred at the headquarters of Apple. brass CNC machining brass steel parts

“No one will take the initiative to greet Jobs. The grassroots employees are afraid of him. I remember one time Jobs walked into the office area and the oncoming team of employees immediately dispersed to both sides. Jobs crossed through the middle.”

The employee also described the dilemma that his superiors encountered when communicating with Steve Jobs. brass CNC machining brass steel parts

“My boss joined Apple in 1979, but she only saw Jobs on both sides. Once she had to report to Jobs. The CEO was a half hour late and didn’t wear shoes. This year Jobs was 24 years old. My The boss needs funds to start a project team. Jobs listened to an hour of reporting and only said a word and then got up and left.” brass CNC machining brass steel parts

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