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Five Perspectives on Supply-side Reform

The Chinese economy entering the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” ushered in a tough battle for transformation and upgrading. Whether or not this can be overcome will determine the future prospects for China’s economic development. brass CNC machining
In his government work report, Premier Li Keqiang stated that “while appropriately expanding aggregate demand, we must focus on the structural reforms on the supply side.” At the two sessions held on these two days, the “supply-side structural reforms” became hot words on behalf of the committee members. brass CNC machining
Spring Plumbing Duck Prophet. In Zhejiang, which has taken the lead, many Zhejiang merchants have advanced exploration on the supply side structural reforms. Then, take a look at the supply-side structural reforms in their eyes.
[Keyword 1: Innovation Drive] “The current problem of economic development is not the lack of consumption, nor is it the lack of demand, but rather that the high quality needs of Chinese society based on the well-to-do level cannot be met.” Nan Cunhui members believe that it is the root In the end, this reflects the problem of the lack of innovation, development, and upgrading of the company. The structural reform on the supply side is the sword to break this problem. brass CNC machining
The core goal of structural reforms on the supply side is to further enhance “total factor productivity”, and the problem-solving approach is naturally innovation. When talking about the experience of the initial stage of the venture, Nan Cunhui members still filled with emotion. “At the beginning, we insisted that shareholders do not pay dividends, and all profits are used for technological research and development and expansion of reproduction.” He said that the development of Chint Group can not be separated from today’s development. Perseverance.
“Overseeing the development trend of the global economy in recent years, successful countries are consolidating their advantages in innovation and development.” Nan Cunhui stressed that structural reforms on the supply side are the most critical and fundamental to the manufacturing industry. Rely on innovation-driven, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and realize the development from low-end to high-end. brass CNC machining
At present, Chint Group invests R&D expenses of nearly 2 billion yuan a year. Only last year, high-end smart appliances R&D investment reached 800 million yuan, and more than 300 patents were obtained. Chint Group successfully developed China’s first key high-end production equipment for thin film solar cells (PECVD), broke the long-term monopoly in the West, and independently developed a new rail transit comprehensive monitoring cloud platform based on cloud computing technology, more than 10 million points, and advanced technology.
Nan Cunhui suggested that more support be given to high-end manufacturing. Promote the establishment of a technological innovation alliance for the equipment manufacturing industry, break through common key technologies, improve the government procurement and bidding mechanism, implement high-quality and high-priced products for self-innovative brands, and support the promotion and application of the first domestically-produced technology and equipment; Under the conditions, a dynamic management mechanism for the timely cancellation of preferential policies for the import of similar equipment will be established. brass CNC machining
[keyword two: system supply]
In the eyes of Hu Jiqiang, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Conba Group, this is a new formulation that allows companies to increase their sense of achievement: “At present, some institutional and institutional obstacles have caused effective supply to be released and have limited productivity. This year, The central government is determined to reduce the burden on enterprises. The government will continue to vigorously reduce administrative approval items, which is a good voice for the entity.”
“The background of the central government’s supply-side structural reforms is that we supply problems and cannot provide products that meet market demands. However, the reason why such a situation arises is not entirely a corporate problem,” said Hu Jiqiang, the representative. Many institutional obstacles exist in many areas that restrict the development of enterprises and the bursting of market vitality. For example, in the medical field, the market demand is very strong, but there are still many concerns about the entry of private enterprises. brass CNC machining
Deputy Hu Jiqiang believes that the supply-side structural reform should be loosened. “Leading should be institutional supply and improve the quality and efficiency of the entire supply system. The government must create an institutional environment that encourages innovation, gives space for scientific and technological innovation, and gives talented personnel the opportunity to display their intelligence and intelligence and release their potential.”
[keyword three: reduce costs] “In a door, it can be said that one-third of the freight” “I don’t understand the most, is in addition to the normal cost of oil, bridge tolls, how can there be So many terminal charges, operating fees, and customs declaration fees “”Nearly such a distance from Hangzhou to Jiangsu, it often takes a week.”
These voices, sent from companies across the country, contain a cry for breakthroughs in China’s manufacturing plight and accelerated transformation and upgrading. It was Xu Guanju, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the Transchem Group, who recorded the voice. In 2015, he successively visited more than 10 key transportation hub cities such as Changsha and Jinan to conduct in-depth investigations into regional logistics status. brass CNC machining
“Logistics is eroding the profits of companies by 30% to 40%, which severely restricts the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The real economy needs to make up for the shortcomings of logistics and improve its systematic service to the entities.” Xu Guanju said, this time After the investigation, he was more convinced that the “China Intelligent Highway Logistics Network Operation System” constructed by the Transchem Group was promising. “Under the new normal, implementing the structural reform on the supply side and reducing the logistics cost of the enterprise are also key links.” brass CNC machining
How to make up for the shortcomings in the logistics industry? Xu Guanju believes that it is necessary to promote the strategy of logistics integration and make up for the shortcomings of the public system of road logistics; attach great importance to the planning and construction of the hub of urban highway logistics; integrate logistics planning into urban planning and solve the problems of “heavy traffic and light logistics”. The highway logistics hub is an important part of the urban infrastructure. It clarifies its “quasi-public product” attributes, actively explores the development model of government-enterprise cooperation, strengthens the overall management of the logistics industry, expands the scope of VAT deductions for logistics companies, and reduces taxes. Negative, to create a good environment for the company to form a joint force to promote the development of the logistics industry.
“At present, China’s SMEs have encountered many bottlenecks in their development. However, we believe that through the structural reforms on the supply side, companies should actually reduce costs and reduce costs for the enterprises. These weeds that have survived the winter will certainly be able to spring up in the spring.” Xu Guanju Say it with confidence. brass CNC machining
[Keywords Four: Convergence Market]
Chen Baohua is a representative from the pharmaceutical industry. His company, Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has a lot of halo in its head: the nation’s first FDA-certified agent manufacturer, and the first company to obtain the US FDA drug formulation symbol.
“To improve the effective supply of high-quality drugs, we must find the key points for the structural reform of the supply side of the pharmaceutical industry.” According to Chen Baohua, the key point is to link up with the international high-end pharmaceutical market. In recent years, domestic companies have continued to develop. The competitiveness of domestic generic drugs has gradually increased, and some products are moving toward the international market. However, there are still not many varieties that really achieve large-scale sales. brass CNC machining
Deputy Chen Baohua explained that the reason why this happens is because the foreign market is very different from the domestic market. Taking the United States as an example, the degree of marketization of the US pharmaceutical market is high. The top four commercial giants and retail alliances monopolize 80% to 90% of the US market. “Chinese agents must break through the international market and must identify the mainstream channels.”  brass CNC machining
In recent years, Huahai Pharmaceutical has unswervingly promoted the internationalization of preparations. The company’s first high-end sustained release formulation lamotrigine controlled-release tablet has a market share of over 60% in the United States. The net profit of this product exceeds 100 million yuan per year. In 2015, under such difficult conditions in the external environment, the company’s net profit increased by more than 60%, and tax revenue increased by 60%. brass CNC machining
Huahai Pharmaceuticals is planning an “upgraded version” of this strategy: Integrating internationalization of preparations into the “One Belt and One Road” strategy. The specific measures will be through mergers and acquisitions of pharmaceutical companies in countries such as South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Russia to market Huahai in Europe and the United States. The pharmaceutical products are quickly introduced to the global market. In addition, Huahai also has the advantage pharmaceutical enterprises and high-quality varieties within the United Nations, relying on the export platform of Huahai preparations to jointly enter the US market. Actively create the “Chinese army” in the US pharmaceutical market, so as to enhance the international competitiveness of China’s pharmaceutical industry. brass CNC machining
[Keyword 5: Craftsmanship]
Premier Li Keqiang mentioned in his report on the work of the government that enterprises are encouraged to carry out customized and flexible production, cultivate the craftsman spirit of excellence, increase variety, improve quality, and create brands. This is the first time in the government report that the word “craftsmen’s spirit” has appeared.
This is also a word that allows numerous Zhejiang businessmen to read in Ziz, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu is one of them. This year, Li Shufu has a proposal to “accelerate autonomous driving legislation”. The Geely Group, which embraces the dream of national cars, once again runs ahead of the Chinese automobile manufacturing industry. “Under the background of structural reforms on the supply side, capturing the market opportunities, promoting the spirit of craftsmen and innovating product supply are important connotations for the current improvement of Zhejiang enterprises.” brass CNC machining
“Don’t be in a hurry for success” “Dare to invest in research and development, technically dare to innovate, high standards in quality” “Let the research and development work done bit by bit” “Stay down and make the product the ultimate” …Li Shufu said that if Zhejiang manufacturing moves toward the middle and high-end, it must do so!  brass CNC machining
“Manufacturing is big but not strong. This is a prominent issue made by China. This time, the spirit of ‘artisan’ is written in the government work report. This shows that the government has a deep understanding of this.” NPC deputy, Huzhou Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Shen Qifang believes that there is indeed a big gap between China’s manufacturing and the world-famous German manufacturing and Japanese manufacturing. Many of our products are neither fine nor beautiful, nor durable. brass CNC machining
It is not unrelated to the craftsmanship and production spirit of the manufacturer to explore the reasons. What we lack is precisely the “artisan spirit” that makes world brands. Deputy Shen Qifang believes that Zhejiang is making progress in manufacturing provinces and must make up for this short board. First of all, vocational education must take action. Regardless of whether it is in the middle or higher vocational schools, talent training not only teaches students professional skills, but also should pay attention to professional culture education, inspire their love and pursuit of career, and cultivate professional and dedicated professionalism. In addition, the government and society must also vigorously create an atmosphere of respect for skilled workers and give them due status and respect. brass CNC machining

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