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[Lean School] how SMEs can improve lean production weaknesses

The decades of experience in the introduction of lean production in China shows that most companies in the implementation of lean production have begun to show some results, and some have achieved great results, but will encounter bottlenecks in the next step in the further advancement process. Stalled. The weak links in the advancement of lean production constrain the in-depth implementation of lean production, mainly in: brass fittings

1, long-term concept. The overwhelming majority of enterprises are under pressure to survive, and lack long-term thinking on social responsibility, long-term development of the enterprise, employees’ value, and corporate culture. There is no long-term development strategy, only recent interests are considered, and the cultivation of long-term core capabilities is neglected. brass fittings

2. Continuous improvement. Improvement is the basis of lean production. It can be said that there is no lean production without improvement, and it is the culture that requires lean manufacturing to be the company’s culture, and it is also the basis for implementing the company’s long-term philosophy. Most SMEs do not pay much attention to how to continue to improve. This is an important reason why SMEs in China do not implement lean production well.
3, human resources. Lean production requires people with teamwork, relationships with the company’s progress, and high loyalty to the company. The company regards people as the assets of the company and continuously trains personnel in lean production training and multi-energy training to improve their skills. The current situation of human resources in SMEs in China and lean production have a long way to go.

4, quality management. The modern management level of most enterprises is not high, and the application of statistical techniques has been weak. Even if large-scale enterprises only use commonly used statistical techniques such as seven kinds of tools, there are few applications for statistical techniques that require deeper knowledge of probability and mathematical statistics.

5, production process. The production process management level of SMEs is still relatively backward, mainly reflected in the quantitative management, lack of management improvement, the management system in state-owned enterprises is relatively complete, but the execution power is poor, the management level of private enterprises is relatively low, and the system is not perfect. brass fittings

6, Kanban management. SMEs in China are currently implementing some requirements for lean production, but the lean production requirements are rarely reflected in every aspect of production and management. The reason is that the first is that the conditions for lean production do not yet exist, and continuous improvement is needed. The implementation of Kanban management did not recognize or understand.

7. Relationship with suppliers. The utilization rate of external resources of SMEs in China is generally low, and the cooperation between companies and suppliers has not yet formed strategic alliances such as strategic partnerships.
The SMEs in China face the status quo, how to better implement lean production methods, and continuously improve their own weaknesses. Lean production consultants believe that there are mainly the following aspects:

1, establish a long-term business philosophy.

The successful cases of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises show that, regardless of China and foreign countries, enterprises in the same environment can grow from small to large and enduring, the fundamental reason is that the owners and managers of these small and medium-sized enterprises are entrepreneurs with lofty ideals and strategic thinking. Either consciously practiced strategic management or did so unconsciously. brass fittings

In the specific implementation, SMEs should be improved in the following areas:

(1) Establish strategic management awareness and break through the conceptual barriers. To establish a strategic awareness among small and medium-sized enterprises’ owners and entrepreneurs, we must first establish the long-term development awareness of the company, overcome the traditional concept barriers of “get over and over” and “get rich and comfortable”, and correctly position our business and development goals.

(2) Implement a long-term strategy and maintain its own characteristics. The SME strategy management process is not as positive as a large company, but the key to improving corporate performance is the process of strategic planning, not the strategic plan itself. As long as the process of strategy formulation is carried out, the development of companies is always better than nothing. Of course, as companies mature, SMEs’ long-term strategy will become more and more formal. brass fittings

(3) Accelerate the development of the property rights system and promote the implementation of long-term strategies. Many of the nature of SMEs is private or private. The major decision-making of such enterprises is arbitrarily determined by the owners, and the risk is very high. Therefore, after the SMEs have developed to a certain scale, they should speed up the rationalization of the property rights system, change the monopoly of property rights into diversification, establish an appropriate governance structure, and solve the problem of insufficient owner operating capacity, so that people who believe in the company’s long-term strategy can run the company.

2. Strengthen basic management and continuously improve quality.

In China’s SMEs, the reason why lean production cannot be implemented is that basic management is poor and cannot be continuously improved. It is very important that without good basic management to stabilize production and quality, we cannot accumulate improvement and continuous improvement, and we want to leapfrog the foundation. The result of management and management innovation can only be a second time. In this regard, SMEs should adhere to the following principles:

(1) Pursue the work style of “three adventurism”. “Three-emergenceism” means that we must proceed from the actual conditions of the scene, the real thing, and the reality when we push forward the work, and grasp and analyze the true phenomena and original data of the incident. First-hand data such as the occurrence ratio, samples, and so on, so as to find clues to solve the problem. brass fittings
(2) The quality management system, like Toyota, insists on being “inflexible”, with particular emphasis on establishing and maintaining standardized quality management systems and operational mechanisms, and on the actual implementation of excellence, leaving no room for change.
(3) Continuous improvement in quality. The idea of continuous improvement is also applied to quality management. It forms a three-step quality improvement in quality maintenance, quality development, and quality breakthrough. It constantly pushes PDCA to a new level, allowing zero. Defective quality goals become the driving force for all employees in actual work.

3. Pay attention to the development of human resources and strengthen the training of employees.

Small and medium-sized enterprises should focus on the long-term lean manufacturing enterprises necessary for the development of enterprise talent, while training the company’s culture, the company’s goals and employees’ goals together, care about employees, so that they have a sense of belonging in the enterprise, establish Be responsible for your position. At the same time, the basic quality awareness education for all staff is carried out. Establish a “Quality First, Customer First” quality awareness among all employees, a sense of responsibility for their own work quality, and focus on the upper and lower processes. Educate and train all employees, and managers and managers. Quality education.
4. Implement Kanban management and equalization of production. brass fittings

The first Kanban management that can be done in SMEs is the traction of the production process and the signification of the control process, but it is difficult to quickly achieve the standardization of operations and the equalization of production, because these require certain software and With the accumulation of hardware conditions, SMEs should begin to fully implement balanced production, based on continuous improvement, and gradually have the conditions for implementing software and hardware. In terms of hardware, there are the following conditions:

(1) Establish a production line based on flow production and mass production;
(2) Gradually improve the stability of equipment and tooling, and strengthen the preventive maintenance and repair of equipment and tooling to ensure the stability of product processing quality;
(3) Improve logistics infrastructure, standardize, generalize and standardize containers, establish an efficient and efficient logistics system, and ensure continuous normal production under low inventory conditions; brass fittings
(4) The supply quantity and quality of raw materials and external parts are guaranteed, and effective measures can be taken to motivate suppliers to fully support internal production.

In terms of software, there are the following conditions:

(1) Establish a set of fast, rigorous, and scientific order scheduling systems to convert market orders into relatively stable production rolling plans within a certain period of time to ensure a balanced and stable production organization.
(2) Establish a continuous improvement of quality and technical systems to improve the stability of process quality.
(3) Establish a site-centric management system that requires all service personnel to be on-site at any time to ensure the continuity of production.
(4) All related employees should have the necessary quality and responsibility for Kanban management, be familiar with and strictly abide by the operation mode of Kanban management, and management personnel, especially senior management personnel, should increase their attention to provide strong support for Kanban management. brass fittings
5. Establish long-term strategic cooperation relationship with suppliers

In terms of suppliers, implementation of lean production methods requires balanced production and synchronized production, and it is very important to establish a close cooperation relationship with suppliers. Businesses prefer suppliers to suppliers who have a long-term cooperation relationship and price competitive advantage. By signing long-term contracts, suppliers are encouraged to maintain a relatively small and stable output rate, and they are packaged and delivered according to the determined single-batch quantity. goods. In the lean concept, the supplier is actually the former process of the company’s production, so the supplier often restricts the operation and development of the company. If you are ready to implement lean production, the following steps should be taken to manage the supplier:
(1) Investigate whether the supplier satisfies the conditions, the supplier must have a complete production and operation management system to ensure the stability and continuity; the manager’s strong sense of quality and quality assurance system to meet the requirements to ensure the incoming quality: to meet the development of the enterprise The required manufacturing capacity and development potential; reasonable cost price: supplier diversification and localization, localization; a certain procurement radius to give priority to suppliers. brass fittings
(2) Regularly supervise and inspect suppliers, provide necessary guidance and assistance, and urge suppliers to continuously improve their quality standards, reduce costs, and achieve the management level and management level that companies want.
(3) There must be a set of strict evaluation and evaluation systems for new suppliers; regular review of old suppliers will increase the pressure for improvement.
(4) Regularly convene meetings, exchange information and related information, exchange advanced technology methods, etc., help establish and transform the management system, and instill advanced management ideas such as JIT. brass fittings

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