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Inamori Kazuo: The essence of ten business philosophy

[Introduction] In the Japanese economy, there is a legendary local legend who started from scratch and is one of the founders and an important witness of Japan’s post-war economic miracle. He is Kazuo Inamori. His standards of business ethics and his philosophy of business philosophy have made him a representative of Japanese entrepreneurs. brass pipe fittings

One, an origin, a formula, a standard

1, respect the love of the sky. Motivated and selfish.

2. Life Equation: Life or work outcomes = Way of thinking × Enthusiasm (effort) × Ability. brass pipe fittings

3. What is correct as a person? Judging from good and evil, it is not based on gains and losses. Good is gratitude and altruism. Evil is selfish and selfish.

Two, two concepts

1. Pursue the happiness of both employees in both material and spiritual aspects, and at the same time contribute to the progress and development of human society.

2, the operator’s mission is to protect employees and their families.

Three or three secrets

1, personality charm. Operators must be personally attractive.

2, proficient in finance. Operators must be accountable to understand the financial statements. brass pipe fittings

3, philosophy is common. Let employees have the same standards for judging right from wrong and good and bad, and implement it in every person, every day, every job.

Four or five measures

1, full marketing.

2, to develop new products.

3, completely cut costs.

4, to maintain high productivity.

5, to build a good relationship.

Five or six refinements

1, pay as much as anyone’s efforts. Make every effort to work hard.

2. Be humble and don’t be proud. Full loss, Qian benefit.

3, to reflect every day, continuous improvement.

4. I want to thank you for living. Unconditional thanks.

5, build good deeds, think of him. Accumulation of good people must have Yu Qing, poor accumulation of people will have extra time.

6, abandon emotional troubles. brass pipe fittings

Six and seven principles

1, the principle of the pursuit of the essence.

2. Cash-based operating principles.

3, the principle of one-to-one correspondence.

4, the principle of matching revenue and expenditure.

5. The principle of double confirmation.

6. The principle of improving efficiency.

7, the principle of transparent management.

Seven or ten duties

1. Define the purpose and significance of the business and express it to your subordinates.

2. Reveal specific goals and work out plans with subordinates.

3. We must maintain a strong will in our hearts.

4, to give more than ordinary people’s efforts. brass pipe fittings

5, have a strong will.

6. Outstanding personality.

7. Regardless of any difficulties encountered, never give up.

8, to treat subordinates to love the heart.

9, continue to encourage subordinate morale.

10. Always be creative.

Eight, operating twelve

1. Define the purpose and significance of the business. Set lofty goals that are bright and righteous and meet the righteous name.

2. Set specific goals. The set goals communicate with employees at any time.

3, with a strong desire. Have a strong and long-lasting desire to penetrate the subconscious. brass pipe fittings

4, pay as much as anyone’s efforts. Step by step, solid, and persistently do concrete work.

5, the pursuit of maximizing sales and minimizing funding. Profits do not need to be forcibly demanded, and the profits will follow.

6, pricing determines business. Pricing is the responsibility of the leader. The price should be set at the meeting point where customers are willing to accept and the company can profit.

7. Business depends on a strong will. Business needs to penetrate the rocky will.

8, lit up fighting spirit. Operators need high morale, as much as fighting.

9, take courage and work. There can be no timid behavior.

10. Constantly engage in creative work. Yesterday was better than yesterday, today is better than yesterday, constantly pondering, continuous improvement, and excellence.

11. Treat people with love and honesty. Both buyers and sellers are profitable and happy.

12. Maintain an optimistic attitude. Holding dreams and hopes and doing things with sincerity. brass pipe fittings

Nine, three steps

1. Optimistic conception

2, pessimistic plan

3, perform happily

Tenth, important idea

1, when the ability to use the future.

2, due to good results, good fruit. Firmly believe in the law of cause and effect.

3. One thing that can be done if you can clearly visualize the program and the results in your mind.

4. The formation of subconsciousness is based on “incidents” and on the other hand, “repetition and accumulation.”

5. A job, as long as we have strong desires and unremitting efforts, we can produce inspiration. In fact, this kind of inspiration is originally the wisdom that exists in our cells.

6. The goal is common and the philosophy is common. brass pipe fittings

7, Good = Thanks + Altruism. Goodness is two things, thanks to heart and altruism.

8. What we have encountered is what we have attracted. (Dharma is called: Inspired).

9. One thing, as long as the motivation is good, the method and process are good, and with unremitting efforts, there is no need to worry about the result.

10. The determination of “work hard” and the conviction that “will succeed” will continue to pay as much as anyone else’s efforts. It will certainly succeed!

11. When it is considered that it is not working, it is the beginning of work.

12. Two conditions for happy results: Be a good person and pay no less than anyone else’s efforts! brass pipe fittings

13, the only secret to success is: continue to pay as much as anyone’s efforts! Do your best and work hard!

14, to do “heart-oriented” business, improve the heart, expand business. To improve the mind, to unite the beautiful souls together, to form a strong, positive energy, and to carry out altruism.

15, in the right way, do the right thing as a person.

16, small good is evil, great good like ruthless.

17. Those who are self-ignited, who are the centers of work whirlpools, are driving people around to work together.

18. A seemingly complex phenomenon is actually just a projection of simple things.

19. The mother of successful business is a strong desire. brass pipe fittings

20. Today is better than yesterday. Tomorrow is better than today. Every day is devoted to hard work, working tirelessly, and acting in a down-to-earth manner, sincerely pursuing the Tao. In such a process, it reflects the purpose and value of our lives. .

21. The principle of life: It will be the right thing to do, and it will be carried out in the right way.

22, concentration, diligence and dedication to work every day, this is the noble practice, you can temper the soul and enhance the ideological realm.

23. Positive thinking: always positive, constructive, gratitude, coordination, good at working with people, cheerful, positive about things, full of good intentions, compassionate, caring, and hardworking. Contentment, selfishness, greed, etc.

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