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[Lean School] Difficulties in lean implementation

I. Q: Toyota’s operation has a tight schedule. What if the workers get sick? brass valve
A: When employees are sick, their work is generally replaced by their squad leader.

Second, Q: Our factory is a timekeeping system. It is found that some employees are lazy. Therefore, they want to change to a piece-rate system. Can they be?
A: The employees are lazy. The problem lies with the managers. Through the piece counting, employees may be nervous in the short term. However, there are hidden dangers: Because the standard of work hours for piece-rate can be continuously improved, once the piece is counted, there is no room for improvement. For example, the production efficiency is now 30 minutes a product. If you work 8 hours a day, then the piece count is 16 products. After piece counting, the worker may be able to do 17-18 pieces. If the production efficiency can be increased to 20 minutes a product, it means Workers can do 24 per day. This kind of improvement benefit brought by the company’s investment in technology or funds will not be reflected in the financial income of the factory, and it will cause problems in reducing costs. Instead, we propose to set standard work for employees, follow the timing of work, and increase the efficiency of some of the benefits, with a reasonable bonus to employees instead of wages. brass valve

Third, Q: When we imported water spiders, the material staff had only issued two batches of material a day. Now I have to send them to different stations every hour. The workload has increased a lot, and the complaints are relatively large. What should I do?
A: If the use of water spiders can actually increase productivity, it is necessary to subsidize some of the benefits generated as wages or bonuses to employees who have increased their workload. This is the principle of win-win in lean improvement; in addition, we must also think of ways to help. Water spiders improve their feeding routes, tools, and skips to ease their non-value added labor.

Q. What are the precautions for water spider feeding? brass valve
A: The purpose of adopting water spiders is to reduce the waste of workers’ access to materials. However, we have found that many production line water spiders only send materials to or from workers’ seats. The workers still have to turn or bend over to pick up materials, or they have to Mobile access to materials, so when designing water spiders, we must pay attention to the scope of the feed directly to the arms of the operator can reach, to minimize the action of waste.

V. Q: We see that the pace of the Toyota production line is quite fast. What should we do when employees want to go to the bathroom?
A: Every morning and afternoon, we have a 10-minute rest break, and lunch breaks at noon. Employees generally use these times to go to the bathroom. Outside this time, when employees have a request to go to the bathroom, they will pull the ropes. The squad leader temporarily replaces them. his job.

VI. Q: We dare not implement pulling and signage, because the production stopped at the first try, and everyone’s pressure was too great.
A: Some preconditions for pulling production are to be created first. If the conditions are not met and blindly driven, the whole production site will be confused because of the exposure of the problem. brass valve
These conditions include: quality stability, material supply stability, low equipment failure, rapid conversion in place, and personnel capabilities.
Therefore, companies should take the time to study the various constraints that currently hinder the pull, and take measures to eliminate them, and then implement the pull system. This process generally takes 1-2 years, and it cannot be used for quick success.

7. Q: Is lean production more suitable for assembly line operations, or similar to assembly line operations? At present, our company’s production processes are relatively independent of production processes, and many in-process products often appear. Products have a long cycle from input to output.
A: Lean production does not mean that it is suitable for streamlined operations. Lean can be used in manufacturing and service industries. There is often a lot of in-process conditions in the production processes of production processes. This is the place where lean implementation can be improved. Value stream management methods can generally be used to effectively link individual processes. brass valve

8. Q: What are the steps to implement the target cost in product design?
Answer: a. In the design, we must fully consider reducing the direct material fee and reducing the processing fee; b. The design should follow the cycle of “drawing the prototype of the painting → machining the prototype of the trial → estimating the cost of the trial part → carrying out the value engineering analysis”. The design meets both the quality and cost goals.

Nine, ask: How to determine the amount of customer demand is to determine the amount of production?
Answer (Mr. Lin Tian, ​​former senior manager of Toyota): The general factory is a predetermined prediction, and then the production quantity, daily production plan, and remanufacturing. The biggest feature of TPS is how much the customer needs, how much it produces, and how much the customer buys. Pre-engineering, post-engineering, and post-engineering projects are close to customers. How much is taken by the guests and how much is produced. How much the customer needs to pick it up, that is, the customer of the post-project. Need a little inventory, the excess is not. TPS is a supermarket, a market, a 24-hour supermarket, and a convenience store in the United States, and developed this production method. Every day, the customer purchases and replenishes the quantity purchased by the customer every day. This before and after project is equivalent to this purchase replenishment process. brass valve

X. Q: Can the equipment only have indicators of utilization and availability? Do you still need other indicators?
A: The result of the indicator is important, but we should pay more attention to the process indicators. The two process indicators of the number of failures and the time of failure are very important. Furthermore, data collection and statistical methods such as equipment utilization, availability, failure rates, failures, and failure times all require scientific and objective methods. For example, the failure time should be understood in a broad sense, and it must include the time of communication and feedback, as well as spare parts purchase time. brass valve

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