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[HR] Performance feedback and interviews (3) What do employees do not agree with the feedback results?

A manager’s sales department manager Zhao encountered a very distressing thing: this is not, during this month’s performance feedback interview, Manager Zhao used a variety of performance interview techniques HR coached, such as “hamburger” principle, “BEST” Laws, etc., but the salesman Xiao Wang does not buy it, think that Mr. Zhao said that performance problems, he did not do a bad job, on the surface although the performance improvement plan, but in fact he does not recognize. So, please ask: bronze bushings
1. Is there any similar situation in your company?
2. In such a situation, how would you handle it properly? bronze bushings

Reference resolution:

This should be regarded as a normal phenomenon. If the other parts of the communication link are particularly smooth, it seems that it is basically impossible. After all, there are too many people of all kinds. If there are such enterprises, it would be too embarrassing. . bronze bushings

Inconsistent views and disunity, then find the reasons:

1. Is the performance indicator an output of job descriptions and job objectives? Occasionally, there are inconsistencies between job descriptions, job goals, and indicators for performance appraisal, which are prone to inconsistent situations. Employees may feel uncomfortable in their hearts, and communication in such situations is not easy to form.
2. Is there a data description or sufficient factual explanation? To find out whether the assessment index is quantified? If it is quantification, it is relatively simple and direct data speaks; if it is not quantified, it is descriptive, then the qualitative content is effectively analyzed and output. Whether quantitative or qualitative, there must be sufficient and accurate data source material. The so-called “facts and reasoning” make it possible to speak facts first. bronze bushings

3. Understand if employees have other emotions? At this time, we can use third-party channels. Sometimes employees may be dissatisfied with their superiors or find other unfair points. They can’t find a suitable “venting” channel, but only vent their channels through performance communication. It is suggested that the HR department can timely Conduct individual communication to understand the true ideas of employees. Before this, HR can communicate with department heads first to understand the staff’s work content, performance, personality, cooperation with colleagues, etc., so-called “know-it-all”.

There are always difficulties, we are going to fight more and more courageously, to overcome one is one. bronze bushings

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