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Inamori Kazuo: Management is a matter of management, leadership is the heart of leaders

Zhang Ruimin said: Haier is an “autonomous management body”. Everyone is a CEO. We are adopting the “inverted triangle” management model. Inagi Kazuo stated that his company is “Amoeba management” and it is necessary for every employee. It slowly becomes God. Both entrepreneurs are also regarded as gods by their employees, and their employees are constantly turning into gods. carbon fiber molding

Whether it is “self-management”, “everyone is a CEO”, “inverted triangle” of Haier, or Inamori Kazuo “Amoeba management”, a rejuvenated JAL, all employees are gods. Employees create myths by solving the problem of “doing better” in the enterprise. Entrepreneurs create myths because they are leaders of enterprise spirit leading a group of gods to create more myths…

Zhang Ruimin said: “The myth of entrepreneurs is heroism. Heroism leads by innovation and boldness. Its essence is human governance. The staff myth is institutional culture, and culturalism depends on mechanisms and system norms. In the final analysis, it is the legal system. Both groups are To create myths, entrepreneurs must solve the problems of enterprises from scratch, and employees must solve the problems of enterprises from more to better.In order to realize this leap, entrepreneurs should have ideas, ideas, courage and breakthroughs. Courage and perseverance; and the workforce must have the ability and value to carry the creation myth.” carbon fiber molding

Inamori Kazuo: “Either it is implemented or reflected in the terminal market, it focuses on the employee’s two words. How important the employees are, how important it is to say how important it is. Let’s make an analogy: If you put everything in one circle Everything is in a circle, everything is related to each other, there is no individual importance, there is no important independent.The starting point of the circle is the entrepreneur, the end point of the circle is the employee, and then the entrepreneur.People have always said that entrepreneurs As a myth, in fact, it is employees that are more mythical.”

Management is the management of affairs, and leadership is the heart of leaders. Therefore, helping you to know how to communicate with others is actually the time to lead others. At this time, your management method is different and the effect will be different. If you only emphasize too much autonomy, of course, these are very important, but you have to remember that people are not machines, people are emotional animals. Be a successful manager, a good leader, a top world-class influential person, and they use leadership. carbon fiber molding

What is a good company?
————————————————– ——————————
A company that is dedicated to the sake of its employees is a good company.

What is a good culture?
————————————————– ——————————
It is a good culture to be able to imperceptibly and immersed in the “one-minded, dead-hearted” staff.

What is a good system?
————————————————– ——————————
It is a good system to be able to constrain and guide employees and create a “one-hearted, dead-hearted” staff.

What is a good employee? carbon fiber molding
————————————————– ——————————
Employees who are single-minded and desperate for the sake of the company are good employees. A good employee is the source of all motivation. The root carrier in all carriers is the “everything” in everything.

Companies, culture, institutions, leaders… are all “0”. “0” has no size or precedence, but the staff is Arabia before “0” and his energy determines the energy of the entire team. His size (quality, ability, innovation, risk, etc.) determines whether the size of the business and everything is effective, and it has veto power.

What is a good leader?
————————————————– ——————————
Being able to manage the future and nurturing employees who are “sincere and committed” is a good leader.
A good company has a good culture, a good system, a good leader … and everything is good. It is the carrier of everything.
A good culture is the centripetal force of “not doing well, not working hard, and being embarrassed”;
A good system is the impetus for “want to learn bad, want not to learn, and it is difficult to get to heaven”;
Good leadership is the source of “company development, institutional design, and cultural development.”

How important is the employee? carbon fiber molding
Let’s take a look
————————————————– ——————————
To understand a company, you don’t need to understand the “him” strategy and plan;
To understand a leader, you do not need to understand the “he” thought and statement;
To understand a system, you do not need to understand the concept and framework of “him”;
To understand all this, you only need to look at the “he” who is called an employee.
In a planned company, employees have goals and plans;
With a culture of innovation, employees have passion and motivation;
With leadership for subordinates, there must be employees who are always thinking and thinking for their customers.
With a positive energy system, the “him” employees are bound to be compliant and polite.

Employee satisfaction is the prerequisite for customer satisfaction
————————————————– ——————————
Employees are not satisfied, this company is not far from implementing;
Employees are not satisfied, this leadership management is not perfect;
Employees are not satisfied, corporate culture design has drawbacks;
To satisfy employees, all this must be done with care.
Sad chefs can’t burn sweet foods; employees with grievances can’t produce satisfactory products.
Employees can create myths. Prerequisites and basic conditions are that companies and leaders must first achieve: “Let the employees wholeheartedly and desperately!” carbon fiber molding

How to do it for employees
Single-minded, dead?
————————————————– ——————————
To enable employees to “single heart and soul”, we must be clear what the purpose of employee work is? what do you want? Solving these two problems can be achieved with the aid of artistic processing. What is the purpose of employee work? Didn’t even many employees think clearly about themselves, is it for making money? Not only is it. Is it for capacity improvement? Is it to support the family? Still seeking a luxury life? Is it worth for life and ideal? No matter what it is for, it will not be separated from the reality.

But all this does not affect the purpose of clarifying the employees. (Clearly targeted employees are not ordinary employees; leaders who can analyze the purpose of employees and manage them are not ordinary small leaders. Many employees are not for many years. Knowing what you want and what is suitable for it, many managers, who have experienced many things, and who have been in control for many years, do not know how to manage people. Management must be mindless, not having this consciousness is the most terrible, and has nothing to do with competence.) carbon fiber molding

What is the purpose of the staff? Bad answer, what does the employee want? It also becomes blurred. Employees want comfort. In fact, “a hot bath after work, a cup of coffee at noon, and a room for anger” are a kind of comfort. It is not difficult to understand that employees want many things:

They want to work freely, rest when they want to rest, work hard when they want to go to work, employees want to travel on holiday, employees want to bring children while working, and employees also want houses and cars and women or husbands. Employees want to “take less and less.” In fact, “high quality, high efficiency, free space, and setting goals” are much less work in disguise.

What is the purpose of the staff? What do employees want? In fact, our managers also want it. We have also experienced the process of employees. However, the manager is “unforgiving and has just lost the rice stick and turned to snoring”. What is the purpose of the employees? What do you want? It is really necessary to think about these issues and refine the specific answers. No one knows them clearly. However, all phenomena that cannot be explained by “subtleties” can be traced from the macro perspective.

The “purpose” and “want” of employees can be known by the manager’s empathy. In fact, all things are derived from the “heart.” The difference between Chinese and Western management lies in the grasp of “people’s hearts.” In this way, all employees’ wishes are well understood: Once employees fall in love with the company and fall in love with the boss, things that are difficult for the company will be easier to handle. carbon fiber molding

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