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CNC Machining and CNC Machine Tools, Industrial enterprise management

I’m sorry, I’m not taking orders from these four customers! I suggest you don’t answer it!

China's manufacturing industry is a service industry, all trades and industries will deal with people, although customers are God, but sometimes some individual customer behavior is really another factory owners and sales resentments. Especially...

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CNC Machining and CNC Machine Tools, CNC machining center, Industrial enterprise management

The factory that devoted six years of hard work has gone bankrupt today!

I returned from the United States and started the factory in Shenzhen Shajing, mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of electronic circuits. The factory that has been devoted to six years of hard...

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CNC machining center, Industrial enterprise management

Es gibt eine Art Drehmaschine namens Herzmaschine!

Nehmen Sie Schmerzen - alle bekannt als CNC-Drehmaschine beherzigt, die auch als Spindelstock automatische CNC-Drehmaschinen, Fräsmaschinen oder Economy-Wagen Längsdrehmaschinen bekannt. Eine Präzisionsbearbeitungsmaschine, eine vollständige Auto gleichzeitig sein kann ﹑ Milling boring drill  ﹑ Angriff,...

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R&D | Apple employees steal unmanned vehicles to develop secrets and are arrested before returning to China

A former Apple engineer, Zhang, faced criminal charges of being accused of stealing Apple’s trade secrets in self-driving car projects, facing up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000. precision metal fab On...

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Industrial enterprise management, Mechanical Manufacturing Technologies

The first domestically produced car was in Japan, and it became the world’s number one car brand 80 years later!

What is the first domestic car? assembly automation Many people will say "red flag" and "dongfeng" Not~ Zhang Xueliang as the son of Zhang Zuolin a veritable rich second generation Like cars and collect cars Old man Zhang Zuolin is less...

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Industrial enterprise management, Technology of mechanical manufacture

The three departments of production, quality and technology, who is big and who is small?

In general, all departments at the factory site have mutual push and squash, which not only affects the output and quality, but also affects the harmonious working relationship between departments. The root cause is...

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