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The Chinese made in the difficult situation: “the world gives me a move!”

“made in China has many advantages, such as vast inland development hinterland, complete industrial supporting conditions, huge consumer market support, and angry manufacturers, and so on. Made in China can exchange space for time. Be able to breathe and continue to develop, “said Liu Chengyuan, an expert blogger on world manager management. heat treating copper

But now, the shortage of manufacturing personnel, increasing production costs, insufficient market demand, ushered in a weak period, these competitive advantages have not been fully utilized. The prospect of making in China is not optimistic. heat treating copper

China’s huge trade surplus with the United States and Europe has led to a rise in trade protectionism against the United States and Europe, anti-dumping measures against China and unabated trade barriers, all of which are problems faced by “made in China”.

Pressure on India: “World Factory” in jeopardy

India has similar conditions with China, huge potential consumer market, rich and cheap labor force, there is a huge agricultural labor force to transfer to the second and third industries, need to vigorously develop the manufacturing industry. heat treating copper India has the potential to challenge China’s position as a world manufacturing centre.

Unlike China’s labor-intensive, capital-intensive manufacturing development model, India is on the rise of a high-end knowledge-intensive manufacturing industry, giving full play to the “spillover effects” of high-tech industries. heat treating copper This will bring huge impact to Chinese manufacturing industry.

After Foxconn set up factories in India to build Xiaomi, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Vivoo and Coolpie, a group of Chinese handset makers followed. heat treating copper A manufacturing center was opened in India.

Where to go when made in China? In this era of competition and cooperation, we have to learn from them.

Learning from the United States: scientific and technological Innovation

As far as possible, the product carries high-tech content and innovation capability, which is known as “made in America” the most prominent core competitiveness.

The biggest characteristic of its innovation system is that the role of the enterprise as the main body of innovation can be brought into full play, the market can adjust the cooperation between enterprises, the innovation ability of the enterprise can be brought into full play, and the scientific and technological content of the product is higher. heat treating copper

2, focus on practical performance appraisal, support the whole enterprise through individual heroism and management innovation. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and car King Henry Ford. Are relying on their own strength to support the entire industry.

Third, attach importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and encourage technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises. The United States regulations allow small and medium-sized enterprises to co-fund research with the Government and obtain patents. Encouraging the registration of intellectual property rights with SMEs, requiring national laboratories to promote the transfer of results to enterprises, and providing some capital to support scientific and technological research in small and medium-sized enterprises. The NASDAQ market has also been opened up in the stock market. For small and medium-sized technology enterprises to provide direct financing. heat treating copper

(4) the R & D investment should be concentrated in the high-tech field, so as to ensure the innovation and development of high-tech. Every year, the United States will invest a lot of funds in the high-tech field, which is still lacking in our country. heat treating copper

Two,Study Germany: technology + quality

In the 70s and 80s of last century, “made in Germany” was sneered at by the British “world factory” at that time. Now, Germany has created numerous famous brands, but it put forward the “industrial 4 plan” two years ago.

1, has its unique mechanic system. Former German President Herzog once said, “in order to keep the competitiveness of the economy, Germany needs no more, but more technicians.” although it is to say, but also shows the special importance of high skilled talents in Germany in the real economy.

2, the German technology embodied in the research and development, the concentration of superior forces, in-depth study of finite fields, resulting in remarkable originality and uniqueness. Technician system and research and development of originality is the two commonly used methods of German business, Germany is one of the basic reasons for the lasting economic strong. heat treating copper

3, do anything must be rigorous. The German rigorous character created today’s Germany. German enterprises attach great importance to product quality, a strong sense of quality has become the core of enterprise culture, deeply rooted in the minds of employees. The company and SIEMENS company are required for workers to establish strict quality consciousness, establish the concept of quality excellence in the enterprise. heat treating copper

4, the technicians are sent to Germany to train them to enjoy the nurturing of the German national culture at the same time of strengthening their skills, and to cultivate a group of high quality consciousness and high quality people.

Three, learn Japan: team + training

1, pay attention to the collective, emphasizing the team. This is caused by a single nation of Japan, Japanese companies emphasize team, in a relatively short period of time the whole enterprise into a new stage of development, make the enterprise to improve the level of understanding, agreement, and makes the whole organization efficiency.

Every employee is likely to participate in every aspect of the company’s work, so that every employee can join in the organization to form an overall coordination and cooperation. They want to emphasize the success of team and organization as a whole, and sacrifice individuals for the sake of organization.

2, pay attention to employee training, pay attention to internal promotion. In Japanese enterprises generally have abroad training opportunities, to enhance the skills and the overall quality of the staff. And in the recruitment of personnel, is preferred by internal adjustment to meet the demands of the job, it will save a lot of unnecessary time to start as soon as possible work.

“China made 2025” sail and sail

Although the pressure is huge, but the direction of the road or forward. The current and future periods, to seize the new round of technological and industrial revolution. Life brought about a historic opportunity to implement more conducive to real economic development policies and measures in the new environment to reshape the “China manufacturing” comparative advantage.

“Chinese manufacturing 2025” strategy, further to the manufacturing industry of our country in the next ten years of planning the development road, pointed out the direction, adhere to the “innovation, quality first, green development, structural optimization, the basic principle of people-oriented, adhere to the” market-oriented, government guidance, based on the current focus the long-term, overall progress, key breakthrough, independent development, the basic principles of open cooperation “, through the” three steps “, the China build a manufacturing power. (the transfer from the manager of the world)

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