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How did the cow die? (having read the mind for at least 30 years)

How did the cow die? This story is very classic, the moral is very deep!

The cow came back and lay in the barricade, gasping wearily, and the dog ran to see it. centerless grinding service

“well, old friend, I’m so tired,” the cow complained of suffering. “I really want to take a day off tomorrow.”

After the dog said goodbye, he met the cat in the corner of the wall. The dog said, “Man, I just went to see the cow. The big brother was so tired that he said he wanted to rest for a day. No wonder the owner gave him too much work.”

The cat turned to the sheep and said, “the cow complains that his master has given him too much work. He wants to rest for a day and not work tomorrow.” centerless grinding service

The sheep said to the chicken, “the cow doesn’t want to work for its owner. It complains that it does too much work. Well, I don’t know if the other owners are any better for his cattle.”

The chicken said to the pig, “the cow is not ready to work for its owner. It wants to see the other owner’s house. Indeed, the owner doesn’t care about the cow at all, and makes him do so much heavy and dirty work.” And slap it brutally with a whip. ”

Before dinner, the housewife fed the pig, and the pig took a step forward and said, “Housewife, let me tell you one thing. The cow has a problem with its mind these days. You have to teach it well. It doesn’t want to work for its master any more.” He thought the work he had given him was too heavy, too dirty and too tired. He also said that he would leave the master and go to another master. ” centerless grinding service

Getting the pig’s report, the housewife said to her master, “the cow wants to betray you, it wants to change the master. Betrayal is unforgivable. What are you going to do with it?” ”

“treat the betrayer, kill without pardon! “said the master, gnashing his teeth. centerless grinding service

Poor, a hard-working and real cow, was thus rumored to “kill” dead.

— Don’t complain to anyone else, or you don’t know how to die! Are you complaining before you read this article?

— Don’t easily believe the rumors, unless you confirm them in person, you will make the wrong judgment.

A level of handling:


learn silence

Sometimes you are misunderstood, you don’t want to argue, so you choose silence. Not everyone has to know you, so you don’t think you need to shout to the world. But sometimes you are misunderstood by your loved ones. You are too sad to argue, you have to choose silence. The world can not understand you, but he should understand, if he can not understand, what else to say? There are moments in life when even Schubert is speechless. After all, not all right and wrong can be sorted out, or even there is no real right or wrong. Then, if you don’t want to talk, don’t say it. Perhaps silence is the best explanation when it is useless to say more.


Learn to be calm

When you fall to the bottom of your life, everyone around you tells you to be strong and happy. Being strong is absolutely necessary, but happy? In this case, I’m afraid it’s too difficult for you. After all, who is happy when his head is bleeding? But at least you can be calm. Take a calm look at this, calmly handle the rest of the matter. Calm, there is no happiness, there is no unhappiness. centerless grinding service


Learn to bend, this will be my unexpected harvest

Dissension with others can cause verbal conflict, so you are depressed because you feel malevolent. Don’t worry about it. Go home and clean the floor. Carry a rag and bend over. Put your knees on the floor and wipe every corner of the floor in front of you. Then rethink everything you said in the conflict. Now you find yourself in the wrong place. Isn’t it? centerless grinding service

You’re getting calm, aren’t you? Sometimes you have to learn to bend down because it makes you humble. You polish your mind while you work physically. And you have a clean floor. This is your second gain.

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