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[career Story] A resume of unsuccessful winners

This is a great man’s resume. 22 years old, business failure is 23 years old, running for state councilors fails to be 24 years old, business fails again at 25 years old, elected state councilors are 27 years old, mental breakdown is 29 years old, competing councillors are 31 years old, and electors are losing to 34 years old. He was 37, 39, 46, 47, 49, 51 and 51 years old. cheap CNC machining service

He is the President of the United States, Lincoln.

It can be seen that in Lincoln’s life, failure was the majority, but eventually he became one of the greatest presidents in American history. Wechat ID: lean production Promotion Center. cheap CNC machining service

The philosophy of the Story

Anyone’s life is full of ups and downs and opportunities. The key to success is whether you can get over it and seize it. cheap CNC machining service

And whether we can overcome the inevitable failure depends on whether we can treat failure as the process of our struggle from the mentality. Only in this way can we succeed. cheap CNC machining service

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