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Boss Wisdom: Fighting for 50 RMB, No Fighting for 200 RMB

On one occasion when I was eating in a Western restaurant, I suddenly saw a bottle of wine flying in the air. China CNC machining Center | All In House Machining Service‎

As a Cantonese who has never seen such a world, I naturally yelled and screamed. The chickens and dogs jumped and tried to escape from the place of right and wrong. Continue to drink and guess the punch, let me wait for shame and ashamedness, awe-inspiring: like a “swordsman.” China CNC machining Center | All In House Machining Service‎

How to manage drink behavior?

After knowing that the owner of Liu in the restaurant was determined to stunned me, he asked me to eat. During the meeting, he consoled me that the people in the Northeast had a good drink.

“Internal employees are easy to manage, but how do guests manage?! The restaurant happens from time to time like this. This is where I am most worried…” China CNC machining Center | All In House Machining Service‎

Talking about it, Liu boss got a little excited and began to complain that the bad guys in the northeast broke the number of dishes in the restaurant, scared away the number of guests, and caused some losses…

Finally, I asked this “management expert” to give a good idea – to strengthen the Northeast’s “Virtue” education, management of their drink behavior, to eliminate drunken drinks drunk phenomenon, “Otherwise, this day can not be over!” .

I waited for “management experts” to be completely foolish after listening. The first reaction was “Xiu Cai met with soldiers.” I am very embarrassed to bow my head (afraid to meet the look he expected), and then care about him. I thought to myself: How do you manage the behavior of drunkards? ! This is death! It is best to close the restaurant and change course. China CNC machining Center | All In House Machining Service‎

Later, I seldom went to this restaurant to eat. I was afraid that I would get a fight again. Second, I was afraid that Boss Liu would “request” me.

Do not fight! If you fight it, hit it together!

One day a few months later, I received a phone call from Liu Bo in Shenzhen and I kindly invited me to visit his restaurant. When I returned to the northeast with a “serious frustration”, I heard a “rumor of rivers and lakes”: China CNC machining Center | All In House Machining Service‎

On one occasion, the two new male waiters in the restaurant had a big fight with the customer (naturally drinking high). In the early morning of the next morning, when Liu boss rushed to hold a staff meeting, he read a company’s business philosophy, such as: The customer is God! You can’t quarrel with your customers, just fight, and so on, and then say fiercely:

Yesterday, I took part in the fight to stand up!

First the two perpetrators came forward, and Liu boss yelled again:

Give me all the stops! !

There are also several employees standing upright. Boss Liu cleared his throat and announced loudly:

Everyone who participates in a fight will be fined 50 yuan per person! Those who did not participate in the fight were fined 200 yuan each!

When everyone listened, they asked with stunned eyes: Why? China CNC machining Center | All In House Machining Service‎

Liu boss replied:

I have always stressed that we are a service industry and we must be absolutely humbly and give customers the feeling of God. We must never have any conflicts with customers! However, if you really meet with more unreasonable customers, if you really have to fight, remember: What I stress here is “in case” – then everyone must fight with him. How many people dare to trouble here in the future? ! Afterwards, everything came to me. The company was not only responsible for medical expenses, but also praised and rewarded for all work injuries that were caused by glorious injuries.

The good man does not eat the loss

There was an incident of gangbang among all employees and savage customers (with triad background) and was exposed by the media. It was fined and it was suspended for three days. However, the good news is that the restaurant has been known for a long time. It is said that the restaurant does not know what is coming or what background it is. It is anxious that even the little girl dares to take the plate and groan on you. China CNC machining Center | All In House Machining Service‎

It is said that afterwards, the number of drinkers caused a drastic decrease. In fact, even if you drink too much, many people will be struggling with a string: it is best not to throw wild here, after all, the hero can not eat the immediate loss.

After hearing this “rumors of rivers and lakes”, my greatest feeling is that a clever boss is one who can turn bad things into good things and make impossible things possible. China CNC machining Center | All In House Machining Service‎

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