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What is the harm to the human body from machining fluids?

Any chemical product may have potential harm to human health! The chemicals in the cutting fluid may enter the body through skin contact, breathing, drinking by mistake, splashing into the eyes, and other ways. China CNC Precision Machining

The best way for a friend who works in machining is to check the MSDS file for your product! Any formal product will have such a document detailing the possible harm to the user of the product and the corresponding countermeasures. China CNC Precision Machining

The current machines are all high pressure, and the cutting fluids that are sprayed out are atomized and can be easily inhaled into the lungs without protection. So high-end machine tools are equipped with a smoke recovery device. If your machine tool is not installed, it is 5 seconds after the security door is opened.

The most typical example is nitrite as a strong carcinogen and cheap anti-rust additive, which can be detected in the cutting fluid used in most factories in China. Our country has so far no corresponding regulations to prohibit it! China CNC Precision Machining
The harm of mineral oil to human body is definite, and developed countries do not use emulsified oil containing more mineral oil, and its content is about 35%. Synthetic cutting fluids do not contain mineral oil but have poor lubricating properties. In order to solve this problem, microemulsion cutting fluid emerged, containing about 17% of mineral oil, which greatly reduced the harm to the human body. Some additives are harmful to the human body. Some developed countries have banned certain additives, such as sulfur and chlorine additives. Therefore, it is recommended to use green cutting fluid. The EU’s environmental standards are tested by SGS. Shenzhen, China has already made this request.

Simultaneously. The pollution of the cutting fluid to the environment is also very serious, and the recovery cost of cutting fluid is even more expensive than his own purchase price. For your own physical and mental health, it is necessary to wait a moment to enter the security gate.

Luoyang Xincheng has developed an oil-water separator for this industry problem. It specifically addresses the challenges of cutting fluids in CNC machining centers, and separates oil and water from cutting fluids to achieve reuse of cutting fluids. Not only improves the utilization of cutting fluid, but also solves the difficult problem of cutting fluid. China CNC Precision Machining

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